Saturday, April 22, 2017

For Malaysia

Two days ago, I met my lecturer who just came back from the UK about a month ago. We were pretty close because she taught us few subjects during our diploma times and she was very friendly to us. We talked about a lot of things, including her time at Oxford, her family, her PhD, my trip to Japan and things about our university. 

She then asked me what do I think about working overseas. I believe I have told some of my friends about this. I feel compelled to stay in Malaysia to contribute my skill and knowledge in making Malaysia a better place. I know that working overseas might reward me with a better life, with a higher currency rate and all, but my heart says that I belong here. 

My lecturer said "I told many people about this and many people don't share the same sentiment as I do". She agreed to my thoughts and said a colleague of hers have always wanted to come back (from studying overseas) but the environment don't seem conducive/convincing enough. Our currency is falling. Expenses are rising. Political scenes are a mess. There is a big dilemma when making the decision to come back. 

Personally, I believe that if many of us think that way then the talent pool will just keep decreasing and decreasing till there is no one left. No matter how green the grass is on the other side, I feel that we should always go back to our roots. Malaysia is my roots., and we are all responsible to make sure the roots grow deep.

If everyone leaves when things seem to grow difficult, then who's gonna make things better? Are we really just gonna let the foreigners mow our own lawn? Of course not! We should be the one taking care of our own backyard. Are we going to let the dirty politicians keep ruling our country? No! Don't let those fools continue to deteriorate our country, take charge and make the change ourselves! 

This is what I think. I feel that I should write this out so that Malaysians would think twice before moving overseas.

Saturday, February 18, 2017



Just being there, you brighten the atmosphere.

Just being there, you bring peace of mind to others.

It is you that I want to be.



Because your heart is beautiful, everything you see is beautiful too.