Sunday, August 24, 2008

Romance 3 : Modern Love Summary

This episode of Romance talks about two best friends that are lesbians. One of the friends was changed by a guy that she knew since they were little children. Both of them were seperated at the age of 4 and since then the boy started to miss her. The boy
do not believe that his friend has become a lesbian. So he tried to change her. With so much of failure, he did not stop trying. In the end, the girl has finally touched by her beloved friend.

Romance 2 : World at Love

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Once upon a time, there lived a handsome young prince called Daniel. He was the best choice in the world to make as a reliable husband. Other than handsome, he was magnificent. Thousands of girls will kill themselves just to meet the Prince or even talk to him. Being young, handsome and smart, an ugly girl was in love with him. But so does every other girl. She knew that she has not any chance of getting the Prince to even look at her.

One day, the Prince was so bored; he dressed as a peasant and escaped from the castle through the front gate by sneaking through the guards. He went walking to see the people around that were suffering of starvation. He realized that they were so pitiful so he reached into his pocket for some donation for them. He found out that he did not bring any money. He tried to go back to the castle, but it’s too late because the front gate was closed. Soon, he was getting hungrier and hungrier so he tried to steal a merchant’s food. The merchant found out and wanted to bring him to the guards. But the ugly girl shown up and helped him.

The ugly girl washed his face and woke him up. After the Prince wake up, he was shocked by the ugly face of the girl. The ugly girl was so scared to let him see her face, she quickly ran behind a stall.

“It’s OK”, said the Prince.

“No! My face is too ugly. You will vomit right after you see my face!”, said the girl in a harsh voice.

“It does not matter from the look of a person, what matters is the heart. You saved me and that means you are beautiful from the inside. A person should not be judge from the outside but from the inside”, the Prince said slowly.

The ugly girl slowly came out from the stall and gave the Prince some bread. “Here, take this and eat”, said the ugly girl.

“Thank you very much, what’s your name?” asked the Prince.

The ugly girl paused for a second and said, “My name is xxxx”.

“xxxx… what a nice name. I have a friend which is named xxxx too, but she passed away 2 years ago”, said the Prince sadly.

“I’m so sorry…” said the ugly girl slowly. “It’s OK”, said the Prince. They both talked till the sun rises.

“Thanks for everything, how I should repay you?” , said the Prince.

“You don’t have to”, said the ugly girl.

The Prince then walked away waving at her. He knew that he has a heart for her. This is call love at first sight. The Prince returned to the castle by sneaking through the guards again. A few days later, the Prince was starting to miss her. So he called his guard to find that ugly girl through announcing the characteristic of the ugly girl. The Prince wanted to marry her. There were many girls crowding in front of the castle gate hoping to be the ugly girl. The ugly girl was at there too.

The Prince was looking for her in the crowd but was unable to locate her. He started to give up but suddenly, one of the girls yelled Chris. The Prince quickly looked towards where the yelling came from. IT WAS HER. The Prince quickly ran towards the ugly girl and hugged her. The Prince ordered his guards to prepare a big feast because he wanted to marry the girl on that evening. The ugly girl was so happy.

In the end, they lived happily ever after…

Credits: CL,WTL,Milk