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Romance 3 6/6 The Ending

In Brittany,

I packed up my stuffs and went to my mother's house..Phew...Home Sweet Home. My mom, Diu Lan Jiao and my father, Wong Chi Bai has been living here since I moved. I send some money to them every month for their living.

Milk: Hey! I'm back!!
WCB: Welcome back sweetie!!
DLJ: Sweetie come here come here. I want to see have you been slimming or not. Hmm, seem that you become fatter now!
Milk: Yeah, anyway, this time I come back is to tell you that I am going to marry 2 more weeks later. So I hope you two can attend my wedding.
WCB: Wow! That is fast, don't you think? We haven't meet this guy.
DLJ: Yeah, he has a point, sweetie. Can you at least bring us to meet him?
Milk: know this guy. He is Daniel Lum from our old neighbourhood!!
WCB: Oh! That little kid that play with mud when he is 3 years old. He is a good boy.
DLJ: Yeah! That little boy. How is he now?
Milk: He is fine. He work as a cameraman in my studio. He is a gentleman now. XD
WCB: I see. So did you come back just to inform us this?
Milk: Of cause not. I need to tell our neighbours and invite them to our wedding and something else...
DLJ: What is that thing?
Milk: Something that I have to solve it before I go back.
WCB: Will you be OK?
Milk: Yeah. Don't worry. Your sweetie is already 23.

Milk goes to Suki's house and try to find Suki.

Milk: Hi Auntie Ma Hai! How are you?
AMH: Oh Hi sweetie!! I'm just fine!! How are you?
Milk: Fine too. Where is Suki?
AMH: She went to the old place where you two always hang out. She seem very sad since she came back. What happen between you two? I ask her and she never answer me.
Milk: I see. It's nothing actually... I will find her later. Anyway, I am going to marry 2 weeks later. So please go to this hotel and attend my wedding.
AMH: Oh. You are going to marry already!! How romantic... Let me give you something as a wedding present.
Milk: There is no need for that.
AMH: No No. This is a must. Take this necklace. My dead husband gift it to me when he proposed to me. Let me help you.
Milk: Then, thanks. Remember to be at there in time. I go find Suki first.

Milk went to the seaside where they usually hang out back then. They always walk along the seaside and watch the sun sets. She remembered that they have their first kiss there.

When Milk reaches there, she saw Suki is walking to the sea and was going to commit suicide.

Milk: NO!! Don't do it Suki!! Come back here!
Suki: Why did you come back? I want to die!!

Milk ran to her and grab her back to the seaside.

Milk: Why did you do that!! Auntie Ma hai is going to be sad if you died. She also need you to take care of her. She doesn't want you to die.
Suki: ..... I.... I.... I .... sorry....I didn't realize what I am doing...
Milk: You should not say sorry to me! You should say sorry to Auntie Ma Hai!! She raise you with tears and sweats.
Suki: Sorry....
Milk: Haiz, anyway, I am going to marry next 2 weeks. I gave the wedding invitation card to Auntie Ma hai. Please be in time..
Suki: You are really going to marry that guy?!?! How could that be! You two has just be together not more than 3 months!!
Milk: Love cannot be judged by time. We loved each other. And I am inviting you because I still take you as a friend. Please attend our wedding.
Suki: Then...Then...Then...I two happy...
Milk: Thank you. Here, let me help you walk back to your house.
Suki: Ok...thanks..

Then, Milk inform every neighbour that she knew and went back earlier. Daniel was very surprised that Milk come back 1 week earlier.

Milk: Hiya, darling I'm back!!! SURPRISED?
Milk: Haha.. so how is our wedding?
Daniel: Everything is almost done.
Milk: Good!!

After 3 weeks later,
Their big wedding,

Milk: I'm nervous, darling!!
Daniel: Don't be!! This is our big wedding !! XD
Milk: Here we go!!

Nicholas:Now we welcome our couple tonigt. Mr Daniel Lum and Miss Milk Wong. After tonight, she will be Mrs Lum so give them a warm applause!!

After Nicholas give a speech. All of them congratulates the new couple.

Nicholas: Hey, how are you guys?
Daniel: Just fine. So how are you?
Nicholas: Just dating with Sherry lately..
Sherry: *Showing shy face expression* Please don't...

Nicholas and Sherry stood on stage and the crowds force them to kiss. Both of them are shy and in the end, they kissed. The situation was full of love and romantic...

Milk and Daniel look at their friends...An, Ragean, Brian, Nicholas, Sherry, Shawn, Mun Kiet,Tuck Pin, Joey, Suki and Chris. All of them are so happy that Milk and Daniel are marrying. Both of them are happy to get such friends that are so caring about them.

They have fun all the night and Daniel and Milk thank them all for coming.

Milk: Thank you for coming tonight. Hope you have fun.
Suki: Yeah, I did. He is a nice man. Treat him well.
Daniel: What were you girls talking?
Milk: Nothing... just craps xD
Suki: Yeah, bye now. I have to go back to Brittany tomorrow morning.
Daniel & Milk: Bye!

Daniel and Milk go back to their lovely home and have ( I don't have to explain in details, but you will surely know what they did in bed that couples do after marrying)

After 4 months,

Milk went to hospital to check because recently she vomited and has pain under her stomach.

Milk: Doctor, I'm vomit and I feel very pain under my stomach.
Doctor: Congratulation, you have a baby, Mrs Lum.
Milk: What?!? I have a baby?!?!
Doctor: Yeah! 3 months.
Milk: Oh my god!! I must give surprise to my husband!! Thank you doctor!
Doctor: You are welcome.

Milk: Darling, we have a baby!!
Daniel: Oh my!! How many months?!
Milk: The doctor say 3 months!! I'm so happy!
Daniel: I am too!!

Soon, after 7 months. The baby boy/ boy baby is borned. Daniel and Milk named him Martin Lum Cheok Ming. They took good care of him and who knows...maybe there are another baby in 1 year time.

And they live happily ever after.....

-The End-

Milk and Daniel


Nicholas, Tuck Pin, Chris and Daniel

Chris and Joey


Mun Kiet

and the author of this story....
Sorry no picture of the author. He ran when he finishes this story.

Happy Reading xD!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Romance 3 5/6

Daniel: What happen? Why she left with an angry face?
Milk: It's nothing...

After 2 months,

Daniel and Milk are in the Tuileries Gardens holding hands and walking through the gardens together.

Daniel: Why are you going to Brittany? I will be worried if you go there alone.
Milk: I'm going there to visit my parents to tell them I have a fiancee now. And to solve some problems there.
Daniel: When will you come back?
Milk Around 2 weeks.
Daniel: Haiz, when will you leave?
Milk: Tomorrow.
Daniel: But I love you, I can't leave you go alone...
Milk: No, shh. Listen to me, Daniel, I will be back. Don't worry.
Daniel: But our big wedding is another 1 month!! I hope you can come back in time. In case your plane delayed or Brittany's airports all been blow up by terrorists or etc.
Milk: Didn't I told you, don't worry, be happy. :D
Daniel: Ok. I trust you.

Milk went to Brittany and Daniel is planning for their wedding. Maybe some customize he is thinking.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Romance 3 4/6

After the lunch,

Milk: Hey, do you want to eat dinner today?
Daniel: Err, okay. I meet you at the entrance of the set later around...8.
Milk: Ok.

When the clock reaches 7.45. I pack my stuffs and going to meet Daniel. But before that I went to toilet. Then suddenly, I saw a guy coming towards me very fast and put something in my mouth and I...

Daniel: Geez, where is Milk?! It's already 8.30!

After 30 minutes,

Daniel: Where could Milk be! It's already 9.00 and she haven't shown up.

*Now suddenly a song has been played. Please wait for the song buffering below this message*
I Will Be Right Here Waiting For You - Bryan Adams

Daniel: Hmm, where could she be? Maybe she got problem or ... I think I will call her now!

* Daniel took his handphone from his pocket and called Milk. *

Tut...Tut...Tut...The number you have dialed cannot be reached...

Daniel: Shit! She is really in trouble! I better go back in the set to find her!

After minutes of searching, Daniel found Milk in the woman's toilet and she was naked! Daniel quickly use his clothes to cover her body and called 999.

Then, Milk was sent to the hospital and Daniel is talking to the police.

Daniel: I actually have a date with her today and we will be meeting at 8pm but she never shown up. So I got worried and find her. Then, I found her naked in the woman's toilet. So I called the police.
Police: Ok. You can go back home rest now. Any further investigates, I will contact you.
Daniel: OK.

Suddenly Suki come in and ask the nurse about Milk.

Suki: Nurse!! I have a friend that just came in this hospital!! Her name is Milk Wong Tsu Ann.
Nurse 1: Please wait for a moment...... She is in the emergency ward.
Suki: Thanks!
Daniel: Hey, are you Milk's friend?
Suki: Yeah.
Daniel: I'm her boyfriend. I think she just got raped!
Suki: HUH?! What the heck? I want a explanation as soon as she gets up!!
Nurse 2: Who is Milk Wong Tsu Ann's family?
Suki: I am her friend.
Daniel: I am her boyfriend.
Nurse 2: OK, we checked her vagina and found a trace of sperm. We sent the DNA to the police. They will catch the raper.
Daniel: Oh my god...thank you nurse...

Suki had nothing to say but looked pale.

Then Milk is sent to a room.

Suki: Hey are you alright?
Milk: Yeah, I'm fine...what happen just now? and why do I feel pain in my lower part of my body..
Daniel: That are just reaction of the medicines... * cheating Milk and doesn't want to tell that she has been raped*
Milk: Oh, but I saw a guy put something in my mouth and then I slept.
Daniel: Yeah, then I came and beat the crap out of him.
Milk: Phew...thank god I never get raped.
Suki: So, when did you get a boyfriend?
Milk: Err, Daniel can you go buy a porridge or lemon juice for me?
Daniel: Ok...

*Daniel went out*

Suki: So? is our relationship ended?
Milk: I don't know... but Daniel is...
Suki: Charming, huh? It's over between us. I am leaving.
Milk: Please don't.
Suki: Sorry, I have to.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Romance 3 : 3/6

At the canteen,

Daniel: Hey! Here!
Milk walk towards the table that Daniel is sitting.

Milk: Yo. So who is buying?
Daniel: Perhaps, me?
Milk: Just joking! Haha! I will pay for myself.
Daniel: Ok...

Both of us have nothing to talk. So we just finish our lunch. I pack my things and ready to go back to work and…

Daniel: Hey, what about dinner tonight. This one on me.
Milk: Err… I think that will be fine.
Daniel: Ok then. What about 8? At Tinker Bell?
Milk: Ok…

I was getting nervous as the time when the clock turns from 3 to 4… 4 to 5… 5 to 6… 6 to 7… and lastly 6 to 7.30… I am looking forward to our dinner and this feeling…I never had it with Suki. It’s so special. I don’t think much after that. I went to Tinker Bell and I’m already late!

Receiver: Hi. Are you looking for your friend(s)?
Milk: Ya. His name is Daniel Lum.
Receiver: Wait a minute.

*Looking in a some kind of book and found his name*

Receiver: Here it is table 88. I will take you there.
Milk: Ok.

*Daniel is waving towards Milk and Milk is waving too.*

Milk: Hi, sorry I’m late.
Daniel: It’s ok for girls to be late.
Milk: So, what’s on the menu today?

*Both of them ordered food and talked a lot till the clock reaches 10*

Milk: It’s getting late. I should go back now.
Daniel: Let me send you home.
Milk: Ok.

*Milk fell down and suddenly Daniel grab her and they have a special eye contact* 0.0”

Daniel: Are you ok?
Milk: Ya…
Daniel: You should be careful next time.
Milk: Ok…

Daniel drives her back and during the ride, Milk accidently drops her lipstick. Daniel stops his car beside the road.

Daniel: Let me take that for you.
Milk: Thanks.

*And again, both of them have the eye contact again that they had in the restaurant. Daniel can’t stand anymore and kissed Milk. Both of them rents a room at a motel and (you know what they did. I don’t have to explain so details here)*

The next day,

Both of them wake up and kissed each other and Daniel drives her back to her apartment.

Daniel: Bye. See you later in the set.
Milk: Ok.

Milk went back to her apartment and Suki was worried sick.

Suki: Where did you go last night!! I was worried!!
Milk: I…I…just…working late yesterday… and I slept in the set.
Suki: Don’t ever do that again!! Go bath and eat the breakfast on the table.
Milk: Ok…sorry.

I finish my breakfast and went to the set and meet Daniel.

Daniel: Hi.
Milk: Hi.
Daniel: So, how are you last night? You seem great!
Milk: Fine. You are great too.
Daniel: Well, will I see you later?
Milk: Ya. What about lunch?
Daniel: Ok.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Romance 3 : 2/6

The next day,

We sleep so sweet until it is already 1pm!! We quickly dressed up and ate our breakfast-lunch.

Milk: Relax. Be positive.
Suki: You be positive. I will be realistic. Only left 15 minutes and the highway will be full of wheels. ITS SUNDAY!!
Milk: Yaya, whatever. Concentrate on your driving.

As always the highway is under-going-traffic-jam. Personally, I hate traffic jam because it is BORING and it gives me a headache. I hope that we arrive there in time.

After 12 minutes,

We actual arrive in time!! God bless us. We saw a crowd inside the church. We walked in.

Milk: Wow, can’t believe majority of CL’s friend is here. Even his secondary school friends are here! Kim seng, Mun kiet, Siew, Mun Lok and Nicholas are at there. Let’s greet them.

Suki: Ok, Ok.

While walking towards them, I saw Chris and Joey and greet them.

Milk: Hey, long time no see you two.
Chris: Yeah, since 2010.
Joey: Yup, so you’re here.
Milk: Yeah, I’m with a new friend of mine. Suki meet Chris and Joey. Joey and Chris meet Suki.
Suki: Hi, *shaking hands*
Joey & Chris: Hi.

* The crowds suddenly stop talking and looked at the stage *

Priest: Please, have your seats. We’re here to send our beloved friend, CL, to the heaven. So that he could sit beside God and help him. We shall not cry on his death because death will arrive to us sooner or later. Let us send him with a big goodbye. Amen.
Crowds: Amen.
Mun Lok: So, how it’s going ladies.
Joey, Chris, Milk & Suki: Just fine, thank you Shawn.

*Mun Lok replaced with Shawn*

Shawn: Wow, I can’t believe you all still remember my nickname. Guess you all aren’t retard YET.
Joey: Anyway, Chris and I are going to visit my mum because she is sick.
Shawn: Oh, ok. Drive safe.
Chris: We will. Thanks.

*Joey and Chris walked away from the church. Shawn walk back to his group.*

Milk: Hmm, I think we’re finish here. Where you wanna go?
Suki: *Is not replying Milk because she is looking towards a guy*
Milk: Hey, are you dreaming? Who are you looking at?
Suki: Oh, I’m sorry. Who is that guy? He seem very wealthy.
Milk: Brian, Brian Ong. He was the richest man in our school back then. Can’t believe he will attend CL’s funeral.
Suki: I see. Umm, let’s go back home. I’m tired.
Milk: Ok.

We went back and straight away went to bed. But I can’t fall asleep because I was worried that Suki will be interested in Brian. I waked up and went out to have some fresh air and walk near the park.

When I was looking at the river, I bumped to a guy. I looked at his face and I feel like I recognized the face of his. He talked with me.

Guy: Hey I’m sorry. Are you alright?
Milk: Ya, I’m fine. Do I know you?
Guy: I think yes. As the matter of fact, I think I recognized you but I forgotten your name.
Milk: Ya so do I.
Guy: Umm…are you Wong Tsu Ann?
Milk: Ya. Who are you?
Guy: I’m Daniel. Daniel Lum.
Milk: OH, I almost forgot. The kid that play with mud when he is 3 years old. So how are you now?
Daniel: Just fine. I missed the old days when we play mud together. Too bad we split when we are 4 years old.
Milk: Ya. So where do you live now?
Daniel: Not far from here. Where you live now? Where are your parents?
Milk: I live across the street. I live with my friend now.
Daniel: Oh.*Looking at the watch* Well I have to go. *Taking out something from the pocket*. Here take this. This is my address and my phone number
Milk: Ok, I will call you later. Bye.
Daniel: Bye

I went back to the apartment and put the paper on the dining table and turn on the TV.

I slept for a while.

Daniel: Hey…hey…hey..
Milk: Huh? What is that voice? Sounds familiar.
Daniel: It’s me, Daniel.
Milk: Oh, HUH?!? WHY YOU ARE ON MY BED?!?!
Daniel: I’m coming…

I wake up. It was just a dream and it almost drive me crazy…

Suki: Hey, are you alright? I heard you shout “NO” just now.
Milk: I’m fine, just a nightmare.
Suki: Umm, how can you have a nightmare when now is only evening?
Milk: *=.=”..* Yeah…nice joke.
Suki show smile expression.

The next day,

I went to the set because I had works to do today. After finish my work, I saw my boss.

An: Hi.
Milk: Hi, boss! What’s up?
An: Just want to tell you that we are having a new cameraman here, replacing Bernard because he is going to retired soon.
Milk: Well, Bernard should retire earlier, he’s old. So, what is the new cameraman name?
An: His name is Daniel, Daniel Lum. 3 years of experience in the other set. I hope you can show him around since you finished your work here/

I was shocked to hear that Daniel is going to work here. But at the same time, I’m feeling happy.

Milk: O...Ok…Okay…
Daniel: Hey guys.
An & Milk: Hey.
Daniel: Wow. What a surprise. You work here too?
Milk: Yeah…
An: So, you two knew each other. Milk, you should tell me just now.
Milk: I was too shocked and I forgot to tell you, boss.
An: Okay, never mind. Take Daniel and show him around. Take good care of him.
Milk: I will…
Daniel: Let’s go.
Milk: Ok.

I showed him around and talked with him a little so that he won’t be bored. My heart was beeping so fast when I am beside him. I was thinking back when we are kids and was playing around with muds.

Daniel: Hey.

Such a good time back then…

Daniel: HEY!!
Milk: Huh? Opps, sorry.
Daniel: Are you day-dreaming?
Milk: No….
Daniel: Well, I have to go now. Thanks for showing me around. See you tomorrow.
Milk: Ok. Bye

He left while waving and smile at me. His smile was so sweet, so… charming.
But then, I looked my watch. IT’S ALREADY 5.30!! I HAVE TO GO BACK AND PREPARE DINNER!!

After 3 hours,

Suki: Ok, I’m full. *Take her dish and washes them*
Milk: Ok. Wow, today you ate really quickly I suppose.
Suki: Yeah, I didn’t eat since 11 morning!!
Milk: Why?
Suki: Our restaurant has many customers today, can’t even have a break.
Milk: Poor little thing. Let me give you a massage later.
Suki: THANKS!!


Joey: *Yawning*, what a boring day.
Chris: Yeah. Umm, what about we go to Brian’s house?
Joey: Hmm, good idea. Call all our friends meet at there. See some old friends.
Chris: Ok, I call them now.

At Brian’s house,

Brian: Hey, come…come in.
Joey & Chris: Thanks.
Joey: Where is the others?
Brian: They are coming.
Joey: Oh.
Chris: So, how are you lately? How’s Johan?
Brian: Ahh, fine. So do Johan.
Chris: I see.

*Chris went to the toilet*

Joey: Hey Brian. Switch on the television please.
Brian: Ok.

*TV is switched on and the controller is handed by Joey. She keeps changing channels*

Joey: *Yawning* Nothing special today. Any nice DVDs?
Brian: Yeah, I got one very nice show. It is called “The Shutter”
Joey: What is the story about?
Brian: The story is about a guy that dating with one girl and then his friends rape her and took a picture of her. Then she does not want to live anymore so she jumped off the building. Since then, she come back to haunt his boyfriend.
Joey: Wow… Seem scary.
Brian: Yup, it is. But it actually gives a warning to those boys outside so they don’t dump their girlfriend and didn’t settle it in proper manner.
Joey: Umm, Where is the DVD? I want to watch it.
Brian: Ok. Watch them while waiting for others.

After 30 minutes, Brian went to the kitchen to prepare some foods with Chris.

Joey: AHHH.
Brian & Chris: What happen?
Joey: Err, nothing…
Brian: Haha… are you scared?
Joey: Of cause not… I think I just saw a cockroach passed by.
Brian: Oh, is that so? Hehehe
Joey: Yeah.
Brian: Ok then.

*Brian and Chris went back to the kitchen*

Chris: Hehehe… actually she is scared. I can see her feelings through her action.
Brian: Haha. Let’s keep it a secret.
Chris: Ok.

Around 5 minutes later,

*Ding-Dong. Ding-Dong*

Joey: Hey Brian, open the door. They came already.
Brian: Okok.

*Brian opened the door and greets them*

Brian: Hi guys.
Shawn, Mun Kiet, Rage, Tuck Pin, Sherry: Hi!
Joey: Hey guys.
Shawn: Hey, nice to meet you again.
Joey: Yeah.
Rage: Nothing changes around here… same old stuffs.
Brian: Yup, you can say that again.
Mun Kiet: Is the food prepared? I didn’t eat since morning!
Tuck Pin: Yeah, I’m also hungry. This morning, I and Mun Kiet went to play basketball till 2pm!
Sherry: No wonder so smelly!
Mun Kiet: …, we bathe already la. Maybe it’s your fart that makes the smell.
Sherry: …
Joey: Anyway, today I called you all to come is because of one reason.
Shawn: That is?
Joey: Reunion.

* All of them showing a LAME expression. =.=” *

Rage: You called us…just to see each other?
Joey: Yeah, Do you have problem with that? * Showing angry expression *
Rage: No…
Mun Kiet: At last.
Tuck Pin: Yeah!!

*Chris coming out with a plate of unknown food…*

Mun Kiet: What is it?
Chris: My secret recipe food!
Mun Kiet: Details?
Chris: It is shrimp with mayonnaise and wrap with chili.
Tuck Pin: Let me try first…

* Tuck Pin put the shrimp into his mouth and taste it… and then swallow it *

Tuck Pin: Mmm, yummy!
Mun Kiet: Ok! Let’s eat!!

They have fun till the rest of the day. Each of them started to go back when the clock reaches 10. Although they are tired, but they are happy to meet back their old friends in SMKTS.


Milk: Too bad I can’t go to the reunion yesterday. I have too much work to do!!
Suki: It’s alright. You can go for next reunion. Don’t worry.
Milk: I hope so.

After finish my breakfast, I went to the set and find Daniel.

Daniel: Hey!
Milk: Yo! So, how is your first day of work?
Daniel: Fine, just normal.
Milk: Well, keep up the good work! I will be eating lunch with you. Ok?
Daniel: Ok, thanks! I will meet you at the canteen at 1.30pm.
Milk: Ok.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Romance 3 : Modern Love First Half

Romance 3 : Modern Love

“Hey”, the voice came from the bathroom.
“Yes?”, I said loudly.
“Did you wash the dishes? And the laundries?” the voice came from the bathroom again.
“Yeah, I did.”, I said.
“Alright.”, the voice seem to be somewhere in my room.

Let me introduce myself first. My name is Milk Wong Tsu Ann. I am 23. Well, for most of the girls of my age, it’s pretty normal to have a mate to live in apartment. But it’s actually different. Many people have mention, and is quite agreed with our doing. I am proud to be a lesbian. I have found my mate at the age of 19. We two were friends back then. But sooner and sooner, we found out that we loved each other so much, we can do everything for our love.

As for my mate, her name is Suki Loke Yee Yan. Likewise to me, she was one of a kind of girl that would give anything for love. We have been living with each other since 2017. Well, we sleep together, eat together, bath together, play together and kiss together. We feel no shame of our doing although was not agreed by our family.

I work as an actress. Not as a primary actor but just simple actors. I still can pay for our living. I earn about RM 2500 a month and my mate work as a waitress. She earn RM 9 per hour. We have holidays on Sunday and Saturday and usually we go out and see movies. But today it’s different.

“Hey, stop dreaming. Quickly come and bath with me. We are going to be late for CL’s funeral.” Suki said.
“Yaya. I’m coming”, I said.

After 30 minutes. We manage to get there on time.

“Phew, at last, we are here.” Suki said.
“Yeah, but where is the others?” I said while looking left and right.
“Hmm, you are right. Maybe they haven’t come or…” Suki said.
“Or?” I said.
“Or we went into wrong place!! Or the funeral already ENDED!!” Suki said angrily.
“Is that possible? It’s only 1.50 and the funeral starts at 2pm. And I heard that Joey said it is suppose to be here.” I said while looking to my watch.
“What’s the date?” Suki said.
“Err, 18th of September.” I said while wondering why she asked.
“The funeral is on 19th of September!! SUNDAY!! Today is Saturday!!” Suki said angrily.
“……, never mind. Let’s go to Timesquare and watch Romance 2 : World at Love. I’m buying it.” I said.
“Alright, alright. We come again tomorrow.”

Timesquare stands from 2006 till present. Although it contains many history, but most of the people prefer going KLCC or Pavilion.

After watching the movie.

“Aww, the movie sucks badly. Prince Clon should not die in the last and Princess Joey should not commit suicide too. Good starting, bad ending.” Suki said.
“Nah, I think it’s romantic. The Princess would die for the Prince although their love is not agreed by their parents.” I said.
“Whatever.” Suki said.

We went back to our apartment and bath. After that, Suki prepared dinner. We talked a little about the movie and about the funeral tomorrow. And so we talked about CL little.

“It’s too bad CL die too early. He was a nice guy.” Suki said sadly.
“Yeah, after the car accident, many of his friends were sad.” I said sadly.
“He was always happy. Even at the most difficult time for us, he tried to cheer us up. And now he’s dead, 5 feet underground SOON!!” Suki said
“You’re right. He didn’t manage to get a girlfriend and passed away too soon.” I said.

After eating the dinner, we watched TV and then we slept.

-Please Stay Tuned for Next Half-
Apa yang kurang dikeji jangan. ^.^