Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Clon's post

It doesn't seem better after the mid term past. Everyone are stressing for their papers as well. What I can say, what's pass is past, get over it! It's not like you cry and commit suicide would bring back your marks back or something. There's always a " Try again " button after you failed, like in video games! ( or maybe " Retry " haha) Although you may have the risk of dropping class but it doesn't mean that it's a bad thing. Enjoy new environment and new friends, but truthfully you will feel a little sad. From what I've felt last two years, it's indescribable. Throughout years in Form 2, I've felt regret for not studying well in Form 1. So I tried my best in the year end, and succeed :). What I want to say about today is, believe me (:. I'm not that kind of person but sometimes I am. I admit that I was, but not always. Everyone have that kind of feeling lies deep under. I'm glad that most of my results so far for me, is satisfied. I don't request for more, just at least 5 A's is enough. There's someone who I really feel like strangling. Maybe it's just luck for you, although I don't think that's true because most of YOUR result is the same standard. I should have know it. You're just acting over me. Do notice this is not who you think he/she is.

Anyway, off topic, this coming Saturday, parties at Brian's. Not confirmed, but quite sure of it. You can either come after the kursus, or you can go back and drop by later. I suggest girls bring something to play or fill up your time, but don't worry..many guys will accompany you girls. As for guys, there's no need to say for it. But, please, I want to GAMBLE! Can't lose it after last Chinese New Year. Shh.... Next, next Wednesday, Nicholas WILL book three ( 3 ) courts for six
( 6 ) hours at MPAJ court. The sum of money will be divided to the amount of people going, most probably around 10-15.

P.S. Remaked and ghost story is postponed until further notice XD! It's GAMING TIME! < my style, do things half and leave it there. Haha! That's all for today, enjoy your evening!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Earth Hour Contest 2009!

On 28th March 2009, over 1500 cities voted for Earth and switched off their lights for one hour - Earth Hour TM. Earth Hour showed that it is possible for each one of us to take action on global warming.

Have you been saving energy? ( and money!) since then? Send us your short story, picture or video on how you reduce energy consumption. Selected entries will be posted on our new Earth Hour blog to inspire others to live greener. The two entries with the most votes will win an exclusive, money can't buy Earth Hour bag!

HURRY! Last date for entries is 26th May 2009.

For contest details

To submit entries

Picked in my Inbox from WWF Malaysia with the title ' WWF May 09 Earth Hour Contest '

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Today, I kinda learned a new lesson. Never say Fuck you in front of PUAN Thong. I would admit it, but I am surprised to hear what's the punishment, XD! To say the truth, it's not the first time I've said Fuck or any other bad words out loud in front of teachers. I'm so lazy to go any tuition classes or even study. Just can't get my heads straight. It was raining heavily at Pantai Cheras Hospital just now. The big longkang ( the width is almost two cars and the height is about times two of me ) near the hospital was flooded. My mother's car almost kena air, but luckily she drove the car to somewhere else. Doctor claimed that my ears was infected, most likely because of sweat. Urea do cause you big troubles sometime. He gave me some medicine and cream to apply. His face was 40% like Mr.Bean and 60% like my grandfather, but he's a INDIAN!

Exam is just right around the corner, again. Wouldn't you hate examinations? I mean, if it's just a normal one, fine, I can deal with it. But please don't stress me with the shuffling. Everyone is study like crazy, for instance Kah Wai, Brian and Weng Kai. God bless Malaysia lah. Maybe sometime you guys will think I'm arrogant or something, but I'm just trying to cheer myself up. Learning and revising is fun with jokes. Special technique is required if you are revising a lame subject. For instance, play hit pen and think of a question for the loser to answer.

If you guys didn't know, there's a house selling for only $1 dollar in The Star newspaper today. But there's something you have to accomplish in order to get the home. It's a two-storey farmer house. Unbelievable? Believe it.

Friday, May 8, 2009


This is so-called 'Wawasan 2020 Malaysia Berjaya' followed by broken street lamps. On that same night, an accident happen. Lorry langgar motor. With the mirror glasses on the road. Well, I can't fully blame the government because they did contribute to us, but at least fix the street lamps la? It's like the second or third time this had happened. So, if you are driving a car, don't forgot to open your lights if you are driving in a DARK street. It might cost you your life :)

Other than that, THIS is Malaysia ( Malays, Indians and Chinese ) See the video below

This is how a tuition class could go without teacher in 1 minute. Malays behind sounds like 3 years old, jing ween kao-ing guys :)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Chapter 1 : The Fear

It was a fortnight when Dimitri went back home late at night. The time shows 12.01 a.m. when Dimitri took a look at the luxurious clock and he started to take a nap at his comfortable couch. He was a young man aging 21 this year. He worked as a IT programmer in Digital Arts. His apartment was near a cemetery, so the environment is very quiet no matter at night or even at evening. Dimitri's parents live at Canada, so he is living alone in his apartment. He was never to believe in ghost and spirits until tonight.

Dimitri woke up in all of sudden with a fear bearing in his mind. He was looking for the source of light to decrease his fear level. When he wanted to turn on the lights, he felt a sudden chill around his body. A indescribable chill, that makes you shake. He looked behind him and guess what he saw? He saw his refrigerator was opened. He exhaled his air out with this calmness and close the refrigerator. He looked back, wanting to turn on the lights. He saw a white-dressed with a black and long hair woman. He was so scared, he passed out immediately.

He woke up and look around, it's was just a dream...or maybe not..

The next day, he went out to meet his high school friends. His friends asked him to go to the Times Square before 1 p.m. When he reach Starbucks, he didn't saw any of his friends there so he went to toilet to do his business. When he reached the entrance, he was wondering why the men's toilet is at the right where as the women's is always at the right. He didn't gave a damn because he was quite in a hurry. He went in and start doing his business. Suddenly, he heard footsteps walking pass him. He didn't care and continued. Then, he felt the cool chill like what he felt this morning. He looked back and there was no one! He quickly zipped up and ran out. He went back to the Starbucks while taking his breath. His friends were there that time. " Dimitri! You're late by 15 minutes. Where have you been? I thought I called you to come before ONE! " said Jenna with a anger. " I'm sorry, I didn't see you guys here so I went to toilet. " said Dimitri in a low tone. " Never mind, since you said sorry. Let's have a seat. We didn't talk since last met in Kelly's house. " said Peter. There were five of them. Jenna, the violent one, Peter, the smart one, Kelly, the cheer one, David, the quiet one and Dimitri himself. In the middle of the conversation, Peter asked Dimitri to show him where is the toilet. " Dimitri, where is the toilet? Could you show me? " asked Peter. " Sure, sure. Let me bring you go. Excuse us, guys " said Dimitri while trying to stand up. " Do we look like guys? " said Kelly while smiling. Dimitri and Peter smile and went to the toilet. During the journey, Dimitri noticed that someone is following him. He ignored it and continued his walk with Peter. " There it is, Peter. I will be waiting outside " said Dimitri. " Thanks Dimitri " said Peter with a smile on face. Dimitri was surprised to see that the men's toilet was at the left but not the right! He was terrified and started to sweat. He now remembered that someone was following him. He looked back, he just saw crowds walking and shopping around the shops. Suddenly, he saw a woman with white dress and long black hair walked pass him at the corner. He was shocked and stunned. He looked for her at the corner but couldn’t find a trace of her. He’s sweating all over and his face was very pale. “ Dimitri, are you ok? You look so like you saw a ghost! “ said Peter while laughing. “ Er..No..I’m fine..Let’s go…” said Dimitri slowly.

Both of them went back to Starbucks and it’s almost time for them to go to watch “ Fast and Furious 4 “. They went to the cinema on second floor and bought some popcorns, hotdogs and nuggets. “ I think that we can go in already since many people is going in now. “ said David. They went in and grab a seat of theirs. Kelly sat on the first from the left and Dimitri sat at the end of them. Beside Dimitri was a empty seat but that is the only empty seat for the whole row. Dimitri was scared and wanted to change his seat with David. David refuses to because he wanted to sit beside Jenna. Dimitri can’t do anything but to remain on his seat. Then the movie begins. Throughout the 30 minutes, there are no sign of the mysterious woman yet. Suddenly, the air conditioner blows colder and colder. Dimitri didn’t care about it and continued watching his movie. Then…..he felt that someone is sitting beside him!