Saturday, June 27, 2009

Clon's post

Sorry for the long wait for my update. Didn't get any thing to update just yet although there are still some unrevealed pictures in my phone. First of all, congratulations to those who came up wawasan and thank god no chinese dropped from wawasan to lower classes. As for today, Hari Bicara Akademik. I didn't get the chance to take my camera with me this morning. So there are no photos but I'm afraid there are some in lik hui's camera. A few gay photos and yong sui photos.

It's gonna be a struggling battle for us now. It's already June, and it's going to July. Three more months and we will be having our PMR, as awaited for three years. Well, today I drove for my first time. Didn't get too well when there's a lorry moving infront of me. Got panicked and BAMP! hit the divider. Luckily the front bumper only scratch a little. Hehe. Truthfully, driving is full of COMPLICATENESS ( you can't find this word in any dictionary except mine ). My mom say my face was pale white when I got back. Haha. Rough ride.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Clon's Post

Well well well, holidays' finally going to be over. Time had passed so fast. It's time to face the reality again. Knowing how "pretty" my result is, I'm quite ready to be shuffled to Setia. This mid term test had really ruined a lot of people's life. Despite my marks on KH, I don't think it could cover up my BM, BI and also Geografi. What is destined, is destined. What has been decided, was decided. I can't do anything about it. There maybe some arguments and misunderstanding between us, but there's only arguments and misunderstanding because we cared about you. We're still small, physically and mentally. So there's a lot of things for us to learn and experience. From time to time, I've seen a lot of "incidents" which brought my mind up. I kept thinking and thinking, what should I do. But finally, I realised that I was wrong from the start. Decagon, I suppose.

Perhaps my holiday was spent too much on my computer, my motherboard seem to encounter failure. Not quite sure if it is my motherboard or any other hardware's but I think I'm going to take it to PC store and fix it. The cause of it most probably because my pc fell down. The motherboard could be cracked, or any hardware's connection loosen. Yesterday I had two times Blue Screen of Death in an hour. This might categorized as critical stake .

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Chapter 2 : The Search

Chapter 2 : The Search
Dimitri was terrified, he tried to call for help, or any kind of thing could rescue him from this situation. He tried to lift up his body and yell, but he couldn’t. His body was paralyzed. He tried to call David, but his lips were locked tight. He then felt such incredible chill beside him, a death-cool chill. In that second, a powerful force made him turn to his right. Dimitri tried to struggle but the force was too powerful he had to give up. He saw a long black hair woman with a white dress. The woman moved her lips just like she was talking but Dimitri didn’t heard a word. After the woman stop speaking, Dimitri fainted.
When Dimitri regained consciousness, he looked around. The movie ended, he saw everyone was leaving. “ Hey Dimitri! It’s so hard to wake you up just now, you slept like a pig!” said Jenna. “ Yeah, Jenna shake you until the chair almost went off, hahaha!” said David. “ Oh, I guess I’ve really slept, and had a bad nightmare.” said Dimitri while sweating. Peter, Jenna, Kelly, David and Dimitri finally got out from the cinema and went to shopping. As usual, girls would go to all kinds of fashion shops. Dimitri, Peter and David went to the Sony shop on second floor. Peter went to the laptop booth, David went to the PlayStation booth and Dimitri went to the camera booth. Dimitri grabbed a Sony Digital X912S camera and tried the features. He took a picture of himself and had a look. He dropped the camera and fainted again. The camera shows a woman standing beside him with an evil smile.
David and Peter quickly reach him and call him. The shopkeeper called 911. After a while, ambulance came in and brought Dimitri to hospital.
Dimitri woke up in his room, sun shining up in the sky. Light rays pointing into Dimitri’s room. Heat can be felt everywhere. He saw himself reflected on the mirror. He thought what happened was just a dream. “ Phew…” Dimitri whispered. He clean himself and get dressed with a pair of jeans and a black green striped T-shirt and a Nike cap. He took his briefcase which contains his laptop, few important documents for meeting and some Hacks sweets. He wore his white Addidas sneakers with green shoelace. When he wanted to open the door, he remembered that he forgot to eat his breakfast. So he quickly rush for his Milo cereal in his refrigerator and a cup of milk which was placed in the refrigerator days ago. Then, he started off his journey.
He went back to his office like the woman didn’t exist. He could humor and concentrate in his work like never before. During his meeting, he wanted go to toilet, so he put the meeting off a while. With his daring face, he step into the toilet even though the toilet was empty, as quiet as in cemetery. After he done peeing, he went to wash his hands. When he was styling off his hair on the mirror, suddenly the lights went out. He called for help and then suddenly the light above him was lighted, he saw the woman behind him on the mirror. The woman was facing backward and turned slowly. Dimitri was completely stunned. The woman laugh and laugh. Dimitri was awaked. Dimitri breaths heavily while he looks around him. He was in the hospital. He could see patients and nurse around him. Kelly and David was beside him. “ Hey! Dimitri! Can you hear us? “ said David. “ Huh? Oh…yeah…what happened? “ said Dimitri. “ You passed out in the Sony shop, remember? David and Peter ring our phone while we are shopping! You’re going to pay for this! “ said Kelly with laugh voice. “ Shhh! “ said one of the nurse. Kelly apologized to the nurse. Dimitri was confused of what happen, he doesn’t know what is reality and what is dream. “ How long have I fainted? “ said Dimitri. “ Err, it’s around 2 days 4 hours 53 minutes and 34 seconds. “ said David while looking at his watch. “ don’t have to be so detailed next time. You’re making me even confused of what happened. “ said Dimitri. “ What did happened? Your face is always as pale as snow, like a HIV patient. “ said Kelly while checking on her phone. “ You don’t wanna know. “ said Dimitri in a rhythmic voice. “ Fine. Oh look, it's already 6! I have to go now. I need to fetch my son. “ said Kelly. “ YOUR SON?!?! “ said Dimitri and David loudly. “ One more sound I heard, you guys are OUT! “ said the nurse again. David and Dimitri apologized and continued on their conversation. “ Just joking, I have to fetch my parents for dinner at Tai Thong. “ said Kelly while laughing. “ Oh I see, say hi to uncle and auntie. “ said Dimitri. “ Okay. Get well soon ya. “ said Kelly while leaving the ward. “ Seem like someone is jealous, hahahaha! “ said Dimitri. “ Who is? It’s just a farewell. “ said David. “ Fine, if you don’t want to admit it. It’s still not too late to chase her at the elevator. “ said Dimitri. “ Okay, bye. Take care. “ said David while running out of the ward.
Dimitri spend his night in the hospital for some medical checkup. He never thought that he was in such great danger. He borrowed some books from his neighbour. He wasn't paying attention to his surrounding as he was reading one of the book, “ Phantom of the Opera “ astonishing. He felt a quick and cool breeze so he put the book aside and pulled his rough blanket. When he tried to reach out for his book, he can't get it. He look around, then he found out that his book was placed on the left side, but he remember that he put the book on the right side. He didn't care much for it so he continued reading where the part Raoul and Christine are running from the Phantom which is Erix. When he saw other patients ate their medicine and resting, he gave back the book to his neighbour and rest his eyes. The nurses have gone outside since all of the patients were sleeping. Dimitri couldn't sleep because it was his first time spending night in a hospital. So, he woke up and turn on the lamp. He “borrowed” the Phantom of the Opera again from his neighbour and continued where he left out. He felt thirsty so he served himself a warm cup of water which was prepared by David. There was a note there.
“Dear Dimitri,
We was hoping you to get well soon not because we are your friends, but your best friends. Take care of your health always since you know that you are a weak person. We prepared some tuna sandwiches and a few bottle of SeaMaster mineral water. Remember! You have to pay us back the money once you got out from that freaking place.
Signing off,
David and your friends
Dimitri kept the note in his wallet and ate some of the sandwiches before it become rotten. Suddenly, a tremendous wind blows his book pages. The wind stopped, and so does the book pages. He saw the picture in the book. He was terried. He saw a guy lying on a bed in hospital eating sandwiches and was reading a book. He was stunned and was sweating all over his forehead. He breathes deeply and
wiped out him sweats. He put the book away. “ Okay, I'm just night dreaming. It was just a picture, I don't have to be so scared. “ whispered Dimitri himself. What Dimitri didn't know, he wasn't alone.