Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sudden Attack XD!


TRG-21 Skin - Black TRG-21
Sorry for the "nice" angle of shooting... I shot it with my phone

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Clon's Post~

Taman Muda - Duty

5 Star Hotel, Good Service. But no people come. And yes, that sleeping guy is Nicholas.

Our very first customer. Don't ask about the grey thingy down there. Corrupted

Book fair - SMK Taman Tasik

Buku berselerak. =="

All "aunties" reading Majalah

Bapak panjang line.

What so funny?

WK buy so many exercise book ><>
My cupboard.

After, struggling in my dream * WORLD WAR 3 *

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Romance 2 : Bleeding Love

Tsu Ann was a magnificent, gorgeous and young woman. She's aging twenty two this year. She was always in love with Mathematics since she was in primary school. When she was in secondary school in Taman Seraya, a lot of classmates of her often ask her for solutions in Mathematics. There was one guy who she admired since she was in kindergarden. His name was X. X is a reliable, trustworthy and strong man. Years have passed, when X was brought to another place because his father was assigned in another state. Tsu Ann can't forget about him. Despite their relationship were so complicated, X had never know that Tsu Ann admired him. X treat her just like his younger sister.

Tsu Ann got out from college last month and started to look for a job as an accountant. After many interviews, she finally got hired in one of the biggest company in Malaysia, Sapura Holdings Sdn. Bhd. On the first day of her work, she was brought into a big office containing more than 20 accountant in it. “ Here's your place, you can start working now. Any problems you can refer to Mr. X “ said the lady. “ Hey, it's you! Tsu Ann! Long time no see! “ said X in a surprised tone. “ Hi! Yeah! It's been a long time! “ said Tsu Ann happily. They both hugged and continued with their work. After some time, Tsu Ann had some problem dealing with a software. She asked X's help to fix it. “ I think you press a wrong button or something, but it's all fine now. You can continue your work. “ said X, “ Oh, thank you very much! What about we have lunch later? I'm buying it “ said Tsu Ann. “ Sure, but it will be me who is buying. Hehe. “ said X while smiling.

When the clock reaches 1pm sharp, a lot of people were packing things up and ready to leave for lunch. X and Tsu Ann packed their things too and left the office. Both of them chit chat about their experience during secondary school and forgotten what they have came out for. As they were speaking, the time flow very fast. It was already 1.30 and they only have 15 minutes left to eat. “ Don't worry about getting back late in your first day of work. There's a noodles shop just right across the street. Wait me here. “ said X with a comforting tone. Tsu Ann was dreaming of all the things she could do with him. Suddenly she saw X holding two plastic bags running across the street. She was smiling and walked step by step to him. There was a hon sound heard. A lorry crashed X and ran across his body. Tsu Ann was stunned and shocked at the same time. She couldn't accept the truth. “ AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! X!!! “ shout Tsu Ann.

It was the most suffering moments for Tsu Ann. She didn't have the spirit to do anything. She always looked at the picture of him when he was small. She cried every time she took out the photo. One day, she couldn't think straight and cut her wrist with a broken glass. Her parents found out and sent her to hospital. She lost too much of blood and died at 7.35am, 6th July 2009.