Monday, August 31, 2009

31st August, what is it?

Most of you might think it's Malaysia 52nd Independence Day. Actually there is MORE from what it is. On 1997, Diana, Princess of Wales and her companion Dodi Al-Fayed and driver Henri Paul died as a result of a car crash in Paris. But since we are in Malaysia, who cares about Diana? This is a good question. But what if your family member died and I say who cares, as long as mine didn't. That's harsh, right? Well of cause, what I said earlier was just mere crap. Personally I don't really like Malaysia politics ( but I do like the foods ), especially Beng Hock's incident. Okay, my topic today is not about Beng Hock ( not bringing up any sensitive issue ). As we all know, 31st of August is a memoriable day for me, you,us and all Malaysian. Then, let me say MERDEKA to all Malaysians, for all Malaysians from one Malaysian.

P.S Bottom of this is just some extension of this post :)

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Chapter 3 : The Truth

Dimitri keep on sweeping his sweats on his forehead. He looked around, left and right, but nothing suspicious can he see. Everyone was sleeping on their own, some were snoring, some were scratching their back. Dimitri turned off his table lamp. He started to get some sleep even though he know that he felt something. He then, felt asleep. Peacefully – untouched.

The next morning, Dimitri was going to be discharged from the hospital. When he woke up, he realized that the book borrowed from his neighbour was gone. “ Sorry, pal. But the book I borrowed from you was gone!! I remember that I left it on my table but this morning I didn't saw it anywhere on my table. “ explained Dimitri. “ It's okay. I know that you are not telling lies. Maybe someday me or you will find the book again, hopefully. “ said the man. Jenna, Peter, Kelly and David went to visit him to see if their helps are needed. “ So how was your night? Do you find it pretty “SURPRISING”? “ said Kelly. “ Hahaha, in fact I did. And I almost wet my pants “ said Dimitri. Everyone was entertained with Dimtiri's joke. David and Jenna packed Dimitri's stuff while Peter was helping Dimitri settling the bills. Kelly was chatting with Dimitri. “ How are you now? Comfortable? “ asked Kelly. “ Yeah, after wearing my shirts back. Hospital outfits seriously sucks. “ said Dimitri. “ So what really happened last night? You're not joking aren't you? I saw your face was a bit pale this morning . “ said Kelly. “ Well.... To tell you the truth, last night …. “ “ Hey! We are done packing your stuffs here, Dimitri!” said David. “ Oh okay. I think we'll talk later, alright Kelly? “ said Dimitri. “ Sure, I'm worried about you. “ said Kelly. After Peter done settling the hospital bills, all of them finally get out from the hospital. In Dimitri's mind, he was still thinking about the woman.

All of them had breakfast in somewhere around Ampang. They arrived in a Dim Sum restaurant and grabbed a sit. Everyone start ordering their own favourites.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Clon's Post

Greetings, fellow visitors..

Sorry for my laziness and busyness for not writing for quite some time. Well apparently there's over 70 patient died of Influenza A H1N1 and each day is increasing. There are over hundreds of confirmed cases in Malaysia reporting. When you're out to somewhere, wear a surgical mask. Works good for you and the public against H1N1. There are several confirmed cases in Pandan Mewah school and is closed for one week last week. Despite the quarantined period, there are still a number of students from that school came to tuition. From what I've experienced, don't ever go to tuition without a mask. More than 5 with the symptoms of H1N1 but are not confirmed. The prices for each mask is submitted in the newspaper today, you all should take a look. Thats all for the H1N1 news~

Next, congratulations to those who signed up for the BTP ( don't know if this is the spelling ) activity. There are 22 persons or more who signed up, pretty good offers from BTP. Two days of shooting with certificate and a token is what we all need to boost up our "relax days" before PMR. Hope to "work" with you all soon.

Then, for the following holidays, I hope that all of you could go for outdoor activities ><. Its good for health and may even help reducing your stress. Even though, don't forget to do your homeworks :)

Thats all for today.

P.S Kah Wai I don't serve porns here so don't beg me to post something blue XD!

Monday, August 3, 2009


Well I think I will start off by saying congratulations to those who got good results from the last PMR trial. For those who got less good results ( like me ) , don't get upset of this since this is just a PMR trial. There will be another PMR trial ( I think ) in the coming September and there will be " Gerak Gempurs " during these two months. Our purpose to study is to gain knowledge, not just marks which will make no difference in our life. And yet, I'm not saying the certificate are useless.

Next, I just received some news today from Nicholas. Frankly speaking, it is not a good news at all.