Sunday, September 27, 2009

Clon's Post

Hi everyone. As you can see since you clicked my blog, my blog skin has changed to the noobie one. The real reason behind this act is actually not really a reason. I just change it for fun. It doesn't really relevant since you all are actually enjoying my post, not the view of my blog. Approximately 10 days till we face our PMR. Not surprising that everyone is studying their heads out. Staying up late to study, waking up early to read book. Spending countless time even during eating time looking at the book. For me, you know me. I don't study much till the very last minute. Maybe. Perhaps. Not really. I still study a little just now. Thinking what to do when it's the last day before PMR. Perhaps study like crazy? Not my style. Just some tips bah, see whether you guys wanna follow or not. One or two days before exam, the best thing to do is relax. But don't relax TOO much. Revise a little. Rest your mind. Don't make it stress and you're ready to go on second day. Or you can choose the shitty way but also the quite effective way.

By the way, last two week's Thursday. When I finished my tuition lesson and got onto my father's car. I saw an incredible "phenomena" on my front window..

Amazing? I don't know what it is. But I captured it quickly with my phone.
It's the same one but from different angle so it's shorter.

The first picture looks like a penis. The second one looks like a penis with two balls! LOL!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Clon's Post Extension

As the titles mentioned, this is the extension of last post which I did not upload finish.

This was the movie they show that night. Ran after 45 minutes.
Can you see what is at there?
So many cars.
This is what they do. Deforestation.
Even more

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Port Dickson Trip 19/9

As you all know, I went to Port Dickson yesterday. For those who don't you can see the previous post. There were 20 peoples including me and my family went there. My three aunts, my uncle and my grandmother. The way there was quite long, around 2 hours till the resort. When we reach there, its almost 4pm. My other relatives already arrived there and was swimming already. We was the last one to arrive. The highway was quite crowded, but when we reach Port Dickson highway, there is only three or four. Below are some pictures I took from our activities. You may view from bottom.

From left, my uncle,my aunt's husband, my cousin's boyfriend and my cousin.

Same as top.
From left, Kyle, Yee Jian and Kah Mun

Big feast.

My mom.

Other charcoal burn so bright, ours only little. This was others not ours.

My aunt's husband

View from 5th floor of the resort

Inside the apartment

Swimming pool!

The master room of my apartment

Taking photo of myself in my room.
I saw...SEA!!
Sea..bored of it
Sea again?!


That's all. Hope you enjoy. There are more to come...! Still got a few pictures from my cousin's camera

Friday, September 18, 2009

Clon's Post

So how was your day? Guess everyone slept peacefully this morning without having to wake up @ 6 a.m. For me I did, twice. At first was at 6.05 where my alarm usually set off everyday. Forgot to turn it off last night. I thought I offed it after it rang but after 8 minutes, it rang again. I was pissed off. I close it again and slept on it ( the alarm was my phone ). Woke up 5 past 9. First thing I'm gonna do is open my computer. Play play play, until almost 11 my father asked if I want to eat anything or not. I said later. Soon after, I heard my sister said that my auntie ( my father's side sister ) had an accident. I was surprised. Now, my mother says she already sent to ICU. Pretty serious cause my aunt having a coma. Just hope she's alright.

On the other hand, I won't be around this saturday and sunday. I'm going to PD. Finally after 7-8 years without vacation. Going to pack things up. Underwear, shirts, pants, shoes and my HAWAII PANTS! =)

That's all for today, see ya ~

You decide fate, not fate decide you.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Clon's Post

A good job compliments to everyone, especially the ones having exam last week. Day by day past swiftly without hesitation, second by second past as we speaking. It's another 20 days officially before PMR. Basically, those who really want to get a full A for it really have to work it out real hard ( see how many real in this sentence? ). Nothing come free without working for it. What I like to say in forums. Myself doesn't really like to study, I rather do some "practical" thingy. Just being myself, far away from being a bookworm. Well as least until the PMR is over.

Back to business, this morning when I came to school, walked up stairs my sister suddenly say " Why like no people one? " cause Block C first floor classes all lights were off. I say, no electric gua. Moving on our seperate ways, when I passed by Bilik Disiplin I saw crowds there. Not surprise to me it's gonna be another assembly. I called Lum, he didn't heard me. I called Lik Hui, she didn't saw me. Oh well let's fuck up. Reached the classroom, saw Nicholas. He told me the assembly was about Hari Raya. I know that you going to Raya but don't pick it a BAD time like this. Most of us like last minute studying which kinda the trend now. After the announcements and all those kind of thing, Cikgu Rosnie in all of sudden say what minta maaf and salam. I was kinda surprise but soon after not. Worse thing is, we are the last. Luckily the exam was postponed 40 minutes. Pengetua say, 3 wawasan semua 7A 8A, and I say Yaya, takda 6A semua 7A. So, ladies and gentlemen, work hard =).

Now let's talk about Science paper 2.. It was quite funny when Pn. Siti Marziah came in our class. I signal teacher say Brian got bring phone on his left pocket. She show me two hands close her both eyes . O_O. Then I call Brian borrow me his iPhone, I call him throw. Then Pn. Siti Marziah keep block us go back go front. Then I don't want lor. Just joking to Brian anyway. When it's Azly period, she go and scold Azly for being so late hahaha! It happened last Tuesday too.

Well, seem pretty too long this post had gone. Might one or two of you don't really care bout what I wrote. But what the hell, I'm writing my post who cares. As long as got viewers I'm appreciating it!

Below is a video from my house area. Fireworks =) You can only start seeing it around 0.20 to 0.30. Last time I took a few pictures in front of my house, what they did but my memory card suddenly corrupted need reformat. Anyway, enjoy!

A leader will never be wise unless he had what it takes to be one...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sesi Pengambaran 2/9

Today was hella funny day. Almost 8.30, Puan Marziah called all 25 of us to go to Bilik APD ( behind library ) for the shooting. Then we start on with the introduction and Azrizan was like " Good Morning Modam ". Everyone lol. Maybe because he's nervous haha. Then continue on the poem " The Dead Crow ". The videographer name was Sharim I guess. There were 5 crews and I only remember one, Intan something. First hour was quite boring because they had to do the wirings and all those computer things. When they start shooting, the camera was behind me and then Tzu Yee go and look the camera, hahaha. Going on with the poem, first 5 lines read by Kah Wai. Sikit nervous nampaknya XD. Then second group which is us read by Islam. Next was Najihah. Fourth group by Rahimi I think. Lastly, it's Nicholas. After that, theres a karaoke scene whereby we had to read the poem out. But the narrator narrate it too fast. We all also cannot catch up. Last sentence " Let the politicians plan, how we may live in dignity, now and always " Nobody really read it because it was TOO FAST!! Most funny thing is Pn Marziah's "cut" is call "kcup" which was the bird in hand language ( bird in One Two Juice ). Throughout the whole day, we all really had fun. When we finished at 11.45, teacher said that we can skip class and go to library and do whatever we like. Since library is all ours, Kesavan and I sneaked into Puan Hani's room to get Scramble but too bad we can't find it. After a while, almost 12. Puan Hani came back and gave us the scramble. Then we play until school bell rings. Hahaha