Sunday, November 29, 2009

Clon's Post

Yesterday went to my aunt's new house. Big house, 3 floors but only 3 people live ( I suppose ). It was on a hill and you can see a view there. Left you have a big mosque and right you see other under construction houses. Inside was very big. My uncle had a 72inch plasma? I guess it's 72inch cause it's really big. There were 5 rooms and 2 of them are left empty as store. Quite a waste. But what to do people so rich =/. First went there, hang around downstairs and went up 2nd floor to play ps2 with my cousin. Not much happen before 2 annoying yet cute kids came. Never saw them before. Well I guess they were hyper active until jump here jump there. 1 say he is gangster 1 say he is monster. Let them zadou. My cousin was playing The Punisher, and it was very violent. But still the two of them can't remove their eyes off the tv. Before that me and my cousin were playing Smack Down. The "monster" keep steal my controller but never succeed XD.

After everything, it's time to feast! Not much of people there ( 20+ ) but the foods are quite a lot too. Er, okay okay I'll skip the feast later you all hungry come blame me =(. Went back up and online a while with my cousin laptop. When it's almost 10.30 we went back home. My sister was very tired until sleep in car [o(oo)o]

Come home, open pc. Sorry lah if I don't want the rose, people give geh some more red. I bu hao yi shi take lo ><". So that's almost everything. Hopefully everyone will start tuition-ing next month. It's gonna be a rough year for next year.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Clon's Post

Yawn. My eyes are closing now. My desktop now opening maple msn and google chrome. Feel so bored, nothing new to do. Everyday morning play till night then sleep. Brian pulak go vacation, cannot make gathering at his house and gamble. Flu again. How can I be having flu since the weather is so hot!? Ok maybe it's not the weather problem at all. Nothing much to post so I will just full stop after this.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Clon's Post

To all my readers, which is only my friends and this post is only for my friends. We will be gathering an outing again to Time Square on 10th December. We have special guest(s) which she happen to be my primary school friend. It's truly a long time since I've met her, roughly five years. In conjunction with that, we had a discussion today. Our original plan was 9th December but was postponed to 10th not just because of our special guest, and also because some of our friends had tuition too. So we hope that everyone is free on Thursday to give a big welcoming hand to our special guest. Don't act awkwardly just because you and them never met instead try be cheerful. But most of the time, I know, things won't always work too well as planned. Even though I know you all will still act awkwardly, haha! I'm sure that we will be splitting up after the movie ( Twilight Saga : New Moon ). This time, you won't be seeing me around the CCs anymore :D

On the other hand, I heard that Brian just got back from Vegas and lying his ass body in LA again now. He said that he went to Irvine too. Wonder where it is D: This is how a rich people travels when holiday~ Around the "world" in 61 days?

It's been a month and 8 days after PMR, doesn't look too well. I miss school so much. I miss the time we sat down and chat. I miss the time where I could enjoy things I do in school. And maybe, I'm missing YOU! Oh my god, that sounded GAY! Hahaha! When thinking that some of our friends are changing to "asrama" schools, it really felt strange. Like Ilham went off last year, still can remember his laughing face. Things do change, people will change but friendship never change. If you got a rough relationship with others, try asking people why does it happen. Most of the time, when a fella scolding another fella, he is actually putting money inside your pocket. Think about it, if people don't care about you, why the hell would they scold you? Too free? Just depends on HOW you think it. You know what and who I meant =)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Clon's Post - 2012 D:

Cool movie. All I could say. A lot computer animation, well they should have it to make such big movie. I sat and watched the movie till my butt numb. Let me explain a little about this movie. It's a good movie afterall just that it falls on 21st December ( according to Mayan's calendar ). I believe there are a lot of people having the same birthday with me and not so happy with it.

Is 2012 possible to happen?
I would say no. Yes there will be a "change" happening in 2012 but not so " kua jiong " like the movie.

What would really happen then?
Ask the scientist. Something about the magnetic field will change.

Like a lot of comments I've seen in other blogs, websites and in IMDB. It is truly a sad movie yet happen to awake humans. Cheers to Mr. Helmsley! He was the one who make us remember, what and why are we fighting for. Humanity? What if you happen to be outside of the ship? What would you feel? 1 billion Euro? Is that any normal family could afford? I believe that they SHOULD use all the resources available to save as many people as possible. I truly believe government from all over the country is doing something about it.

Have fun while you still CAN!
Do what you want to do, there isn't much TIME!
Say things you wanted to say!

and hopefully

things won't go any worse.



By the way, here is Bunkface - Through the Windows ( TM ads )

Friday, November 13, 2009

Clon's Post

Paiseh eh, long time no write blog. Not really free these days, "so-called". Everyday doing my same chores, wake up, open computer, open maple and start train. Play, eat and sleep. That's my life after PMR, pretty amusing huh. I intend to go on some activity soon, badminton perhaps. See whether got people want to book or might as well as I'm booking.

Tomorrow I'm off to SKTM for PBSM duty, as always. Never been better than dutying at there. Free food, sit back and enjoy. Kinda bored too, so bring some story books, comics and something for you to kill time there while waiting people to get injured! In the same time, on 2pm-4pm there's a 2x EXP event in Maple. Hope I could make it XD. In case you haven't notice, I play Maple to kill time too.

By the way, anyone remember the nuffnang cheque? I just bank in the RM56.50 into my account, well specifically my mom did it. Find one day we all go out to Mamak King and yumcha.

Back to the day, today was a little different from the other normal days. We had our Moral club jamuan @ Pizza Hut. Pretty interesting too. Saw some "leng lui" at there. Laugh a whole lot out while chatting with joe, kw and cheok. Fact is, WE CAN'T STOP TALKING!!! Saliva fly here fly there until all over the table. I talk to cheok, joe interupt. Thing like this also can joke . Wahlaooowehh <<>

That's all for today, keep ya' steady all the time.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chapter 4 : The beginning of the End

Dimitri enjoyed his “Dim Sum” very well because he didn't had a good meal inside the hospital. Kelly was rather surprised to see him pale in the morning and in such good appetite now. “ Hey, don't choke yourself. Nobody is stealing your food. “ said Kelly. “ Uh, yeah.... I'm very thankful to god that I'd finally out from that hell hospital.” said Dimitri. Everyone else was enjoying the foods too. Even Jenna, the violent one ate like princess this time! “ Jenna, what's with the slow-eating style? I thoug]n. He was looking up at his ceiling. “ Haiz, I think I have to change the ceilings again. Water marks are everywhere. “ whispered Dimitri himself. While he as staring on his ceiling, a whitish-head-structured thing came out. Dimitri rubbed his eyes and see again. IT IS STILL THERE!! Suddenly the whitish-head-structured thing disappear. Dimitri stood up and check the ceiling. All of sudden the woman came out and shout. “ OVERBROOK “ . She disappear after it. Dimitri suddenly woke up and found that it's already late night. Apparently he actually fell asleep when he jumped onto the bed. Perhaps, it's a dream, or maybe not....

The next day, Kelly went to visit Dimitri. She was very curios as their conversation haven't end in the hospital yesterday. *Ding Dong*..*Ding Dong*..*Ding Dong*.. “Hmm? Nobody answered? Did he went out or something?” whispered Kelly. Kelly took out his phone and dial Dimitri's number. * Tut Tut *.. * Tut Tut * .. * Tut Tut *.. “ Sorry, the number you have dialed is not available. Please try again later. “. Kelly's face look worried. She had no idea what to do then she tried looking through the peephole at the door. It was quite hard for her to really see everything in there. When she was concentrating, suddenly an eye pop up! She fell down and the door opens slowly. Kelly is getting more and more terrified! She wanted to shout but it's too late...

Monday, November 2, 2009

Clon's Post - National Muzium trip

A not so thrilled yet tired trip. Not so thrilled is because stupid Planetarium was closed. Tired is because we had to walk up the stairs which is quite long. I wanted to sue the authorities. DO YOU THINK TOURISTS LIKE TO CLIMB STAIRS? Answer is YES. They like hot hot place, walk walk here, walk walk there, face all red red body all red red then give excuse " I'm so hot " and strip. Err, ok cut the imagination. The real answer is NO! They came to Malaysia to travel and what travels usually for? ENJOYING!! Instead of enjoy, authorities made them suffer. Why? Building off escalator take quite a budget. Every year how many juta juta income build some escalator need ribu ribu? Worse of the best, the fountain water is best. Feels cool. Too bad cannot jump in and have a swim LOL!

Anyway, here's the pictures. Not much of a photographer mood today because my camera no battery.

This was the funniest one of all.
" Sila tinggalkan barangan saiz besar anda di kaunter "
Everyone seem busy climbing stairs.
But wait!?! Why here nobody climb?
See all busy climb stairs.

another rangka tulang
Skulls, Homo sapiens and one don't know Homo what.
( not homosexual )

The sultan thingy. Wish I was there. Anyone can photoshop me in therE?
This is the view @ Taman Orchid ( It's the name of the place, Tsu Ann )
Outside the Planetarium. Too bad never went in!
Monkey monkey~
The small one quite cute, when not angry o.O