Thursday, December 31, 2009

Clon's Post - New Year's Eve?!

A blink of an eye, I'm already 16 ( 15 ). I still remember when I first came to Tadika Chee Oi. I was like~CRYING LOL! It felt quite awkward when you are the only one you know ( meaning you are all alone ). But still, days kept continue to go on~
1 thing I like about the kindergarden. The porridge there ROCKS!!

Next memorable moments was during standard 3. With Kah Wai and Siew ( sorry if I left out any ). Wow. I was the "ketua darjah" ( forgot how to spell it ) that year. Our form teacher was Cikgu Mimi ( I wonder why we call her Mimi loL~ ). She was very kind and hilarious as well. 1 day which we celebrate the Merdeka. She cried alone in class while one of our friend was singing Tanggal 31 on stage. Don't really know why she cried. Boyfriend run away I guess... XD

Moving on, standard 4. With Lum, An, Nicholas and Alvin. Wow, surely a tough year here. A lot of arguements and whines from teachers. I remember Cikgu Zaliza saying we all very bising. Kamu ni sangat pandai. Nombor 1 bising, dua bising, tiga bising, empat bising, lima bising sampai sejuta pun bising. At first I thought she was praising us, but then after that I realised she was scolding us ._. And also, I remember we had a project. 5 or 4 people in one group. Me, Alvin, An, Nicholas and Lum. Suddenly we quarrel doing the project and I said to Nicholas " Got you only we quarrel lah ". SORRY NICHOLAS I REGRET I SAID THAT!
There are also a lot quarrels this year ~.~

I'm gonna skip standard 5 and 6, later you all sleep because of my long and boring post. Well, form 1. Ah! I remember the first day at seraya, I wasn't in the list so my mom and I went to register ( or something like that ). Some teacher came to canteen and distribute us to certain classes ( there were only like 5 students including me ). She said, " Awak, 1 wawasan ". Okay.. I was like what the hell how do I know where is 1 wawasan. So my mom and I went up 3rd floor ( now is 3 Dedikasi ) and sat there for a while thinking that is 1 wawasan. Then got 1 student tell us 1wawasan was at Block C. So we went there and found Nicholas. He was like, how come you here? And I sat beside Weng Kai~ Beside me was Teo and Mun kiet. Infront of them was Tzu yee and Lik Hui. I forgot who sat infront of me but Nicholas was two row infront of me, sitting with Malay ( I think it's Hafiz, the short one ). There things start naturally. Lum and An went to Setia. Kah Wai was at Gigih with Mun Lok? After like 1 month, Brian came. Sat at behind there with Hwei Teng and Yee yan. And Hwei Teng tear Brian's Geografi text book!! HAHA!!

Hmm, maybe you are wondering why my post is kinda irrelevant to my title. I don't know why either. Just a sense from heart of to write. I mean, writing blog is all about what you want to write right? All I wanted to say, time passes very fast. You don't have time to catch it. Do what you want to do, before it's too late. But don't do too early, you will end up screwing yourself ( YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.. HEHE ). New year coming edi. Have a Happy New Year with your family or friends.


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