Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve

First things first, Merry Christmas!

No no no, I'm not a christian btw. I'm just celebrating for fun. *Yo peace yo Jesus, Happy Birthday!*

Ok here's the thing. We I start off with waking up 6 in the morning and work from 7 to 3 something...then come back home bath and then go tuition again ( this time round CL = diamond man :P) Once I reach the tuition centre ground floor (the tuition centre is located on the second floor) I already saw a few of my friends standing there. So I guess the door haven't open. After a while when its almost 5, I called my teacher (Mr Sir Alvin here...) and asked where he is. He said he was actually on his way. But he didn't know the door was not OPENED! When he reaches he was a lil shock but the expressions weren't much. minimize the time loss, he gave us the quiz (WHICH was supposed to be last week's work) on the spot. Yeah, we did it without the classroom, means no tables and chairs.

To prove that I did not lie, here's some pictures :)

he's distributing the quiz paper..

to us....soon

And then we started doing. After when the boss sudah mari, we went up and continued our lesson....

PLEASE, NO NEXT TIME ALRIGHT?! Cause the auntie from the beside shop keep on chasing us away from her store's front entrance!

So after the tuition, we went to Cheok Ming's House for the Christmas Eve party. Not much of entertainment here other than the failed tissue game and another more epic fail magic chair. The magic chair just, requires TOO much of energy to hold on with. I have to train my thigh now!!

and so we had 

pizza for dinner. Sorry for the pepperoni there, I didn't intend to order beef. 

And after dinner, they all

watch TV.....and some of them are still eating btw. 

and here's me,
taking photos of the presents. We're gonna exchange it when the time comes at 12. 

After 12, we went to the nearby playground to actually see fireworks but end up playing the things that have in the playgrounds, swing swing, etc. I feel like I'm five again. 

Later, we went back to the house and do a bit of cleanup and everyone heads back home. I wasn't the last actually. Jia Chern, Nic and Chun weng was the last =P!!

No matter how, merry christmas again! *PEACE JESUS! HAHA*

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Let me stop the christmas fever first and let me introduce you to Doojoon & Dongwoon here. Although I'm not a big fan (or even a little of it) of B2ST, but I had to admit their song are nice (you know, beautiful). The new song is by both of Doojoon and Dongwoon, which I don't know who is who and I never really heard both of them before. Enjoy! XD

Friday, December 17, 2010


These few days, I'm really really and I mean REALLY tired. Most of them are because of the work I'm doing now. Heck, working in McD isn't as easy as you think. Frankly, it depends on your position. If you're standing counter, all you experience is dry lips and a couple hours of sour legs. If you're doing drive-thru, all you experience is just a little bit more than the counter, you will experience shoulder pain a little. If you work in kitchen, and this is what I do almost everyday, you will experience burns, sour shoulder, sour legs, back pain, eyes sore and the most critical thing is, you will be dealing with a whole bunch of immature malays (no I don't mean that they are stupid, they are immmaturely funny. =D) 

Thing is, I'm not trying to say anything, I'm just COMPLAINING! I'm just...gonna..go through this for another...10 days...Funny thing is, 10 days is enough to tear someone apart and then smash them to pieces. Ah...well. It's life. We I have to deal with this sooner or later. Better now than later :)

Oh yea, did I mention that my hair is like freaking shortlong? Yeah, SHORTLONG! My sides are consider short, as well as my back...but my front right hair is VERY long. Whenever it touches my eyes it annoys me a lot. I want to get a new haircut soon. Probably something like crave a zigzag on the side? Yea, I'm gonna do that! =P

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ohhh.. more Psy xD. Nope, it didn't last a week (at least in my mind). If you already noticed, the song is from JYP Nation and its called This Christmas! As unbelievable as it seems, its just another 10 days away from Christmas. Well, although I'm not a Christian or whatsoever..but I though still celebrate Christmas. It's just another day worth celebrating and its definitely one of the highlights of the year (you'll be at loss if you don't celebrate!!) 

I want to fall in love this Christmas.....
No, it's just part of the song! Hahaha! Although, you know I already fell in love. Anyway, back to the song. I actually heard that in about two weeks earlier. But I didn't put it as my blog music simple reason. It's not the Christmas atmosphere yet that time. Pretty much explains it, don't you think? :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

A day out

Today my sister and I went to Time Square to watch The Next Three DaysWe went out around 1 and reach there at about 1.40, with the parking and stuffs (it was quite a lot of traffic too). Then we went to the second floor to redeem the ticket. No, not just straight walk-in. Still have to queue like how you buy tickets normally. After that we straight inside, of course we did bought a drink too (for her not for me). Once we sat down on our seats, the advertisement begins. Well, at least that means we didn't miss anything for the show too! 

The poster.

Did you guys ever came across Russell Crowe? He's quite a famous actor himself. Remember Robin Hood?
 Yup, the main actor is him!
Still, I didn't manage to get myself to watch that movie, though. 

Let's talk again about The Next Three Days. The movie was good, if you exclude the
 long-story-dragging part.

Let me recall something here. Every time you read a novel or a story book, 
there's always a "mountain"

whereas the top of the "mountain" is the climax. Now in this case,
 when they are proceeding to the "mountain",

it feels like its a shallow slope/flat slope. Just because the story gets too draggy! 
But if you really exclude that as well, the ending was great. Not-the-expected kind of ending.
Good enough
to let you catch your breath first! 
So, if you're free tomorrow or any other time, remember to give this movie a try!
I think it's gonna been taken down sooner or later. In probably a week or two weeks time?

 Urh....let the management decides!

Later after the show, we went to walk around. 
At first we reached the 32HL store (again, yes again!)
and saw some nice shoes but too bad they say "Only this size, no other size available".
 The two shoes were still so so to me, but my sister don't say likewise though. 
She says the black one (pictures below) is nicer. But before that she chooses the silver one. 
Anyhow, we still left the store because the shoes were so TIGHT! 
We walked around again, keep talking about the black shoes. 
Then we came across 3rd Generation, a store which is a floor above 32HL.
Oddly, it seems that the two stores were linked together.
Why do I say that? Because in 32HL,
 their display shoes were LEFT and the 3rd Generation were RIGHT.
Plus, I saw the staff from 32HL at 3rd Generation. Fishy...but I don't care. 
The staff at 3rd Generation says
there's a larger shoe for the black one at first,
then when he found the stock it was actually the grey one.
So I bought the grey one over the black. 

sorry for the poem-like-sentence-arrangement,
some technical

How's your opinion in this? Hmm..

this photo were taken in 3rd Generation, as you can see it should be wore in the RIGHT leg. 

a better look of it!

After that we went home, yes, home! But we saw something interesting there...check it out below!

If we were alien, you'll as good as DEAD!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"My day off"

Its actually my day off. The reason why the the quotations marks (thanks tsu ann =P) are there because it was suppose to be my day off but it turned be a bad day. 

As usual, when people have their day off they wouldn't have to worry about being late for work or etc. So I woke up around 8 and went to toilet. Yeah, it sometimes happen to me and my water tank is kinda full that time. Then went back to sleep and woke up around 9.20. What a relief. Its been a long time since I ever slept that late, literally. Anyway, back to the main topic. Why was it a bad day? 

When I was extracting my files, I received a message from Mun Seng. He say that HE SAW MY NAME ON THE SCHEDULE. IN WHICH IT IS NOT A GOOD NEWS AT ALL FOR ME. I say last time I discuss with the manager he say I off on Wednesday. I still REMEMBER that I asked for Thursday for holiday, he say can't because Thursday not enough crew. That time I remember he say "hmm, chee leon. rabu you off lah" WTFISH IS THIS? IS THIS SOME KIND OF SETUP? Well, good for you, I don't think I will dedicate for McD already. Such fked and screwed up management. So in the end, I didn't went for work and I don't give a damn if they say I no show or whatsoever. You say I off, I off. You say I work, I work. In fact, I come early everyday and even start my work early, like 10 minutes early everyday but only yesterday I late for 5 minutes (but in their system, late for 15 minutes only consider late). 

Damn Mcd. I promise myself I won't work at PM McD for the rest of my life again (only after I completed my six months here). =(

Friday, December 3, 2010




YEAH SERIOUSLY ITS SNOWING!! If you think that you want to add this special effect to your blog simple do as follows...

Copy this code but backspace the " which is bolded red at the code (because if I didn't it will just goes off just like that). 

<"script src="" type="text/javascript">

* Snow Effect without images-by Kurt Grigg at
* Script featured & available at Dynamic Drive at
* Please keep this notice intact

Then paste it before the  which is located at the VERY end of your blog html codes. That's for classic template, for the new one just simply follow HERE

Enjoy your new effect (till this end of month at the very least) =)


Let the video be my guest today

Both girls are cuteeedooo (somehow koreanize)! LOL!

I don't deny, but the two guys were cute too!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Its..been..three days?

So long tarak post jor. Some more tarak go do the referral link thingy. My total visitor drop to 94 this week! Daily only got around 9 or 10. Damn epic.. 

Anyway, don't mind about that anymore cause that isn't the issue now. They don't affect much, just my spirit nuffnang money. Ah well, we don't talk money, right

Hermm, what was my topic again? I often forget what I want to say when it reaches to here. Ah..yeah. Today is December liao (like the second day of December. I'm late, I know.)

What are we gonna do about December huh...Tuition perhaps? Starting next week on Monday, Thursday and Friday I'm gonna go tuition for Form 5 syllabus already. There goes my 1 month of holiday. Some more I have to take "leave" from McD on those three days. If not, you gonna see me sleeping in the tuition centre that time. 

And one more thing, did I mention we gonna do a party this end of year?

Monday, November 29, 2010


The song  is suppose to be Right Now by Psy but I forgot to change it last night and changed it to Because You Loved Me by Taeyeon & Seohyun. This weekend only I change bah. I just noticed that Psy is actually a very charismatic person. Hes able to spice up the stage and do all kinds of stuff, provided he have his hair (haha!). When I notice him? Yesterday when he shares his stage with SNSD XD. 

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wedding Dinner

Today I went to my father's side relative's wedding dinner. I'm not sure who he was actually cause all the "ranking" are very complicated. I only know how to address the bridegroom's parents. Sorry if I'm being the 21st century guy. It is not that I don't respect the adat dan istiadat but don't you think its quite burdening to remember all the names to call? At least I do, sometime.

Come to think of it..the picture quality wasn't so bad afterall. 

In the picture above, the bridegroom is singing "Forever Love" by you know who and I don't know his name. The bride was at the other side (the bridegroom facing) and was waiting for him to end the song so that she could walk to him along with her father. There were live band at there too. 1 boy 2 girls. They sang both chinese and english songs and from the 80's to the modern one. At first I thought they were the friends of the bride/bridegroom but I was wrong. They were hired one. Haha! 

When the whole process was going on, I kept on thinking. If the bride was my sister what will I do? Will I be the MC? Or will I be wandering around with a mic (indirectly the MC XD). Then I think, if I'm the bridegroom then what will happen? LOL Seriously, there's nothing to do than thinking those things (other than on-ing the WiFi and facebook, ebuddy and so on).

When the dinner almost over, only the band sings it all out. Its like the climax song but they sang it in the end. A little bit unprofessional? =.=

We went back, the road was in a heavy traffic mode. Its because theres a road block up ahead. When we're almost at the road block, one proton wira quickly emerges from the left side and HIT US the car infront. He wanted to run but since hes stuck in the road block and along with few cars infront he can't do anything. Then got one police ran infront to stop him from running and then called him to pull over. The one kena hit went not too far ahead and also pull over to check on his bumper. The wira guy was way too lucky to hit someone in a road block full with cops (or JPJs). Haha! At first we really though that he hit us, but no. X)

Friday, November 26, 2010


Sorry for not updating for a few days, I was a busy man. Have to work for 8 hours a day. After come back from work, too tired to do anything at all. So didn't update my blog haha. Anyway, some short notes on what I did yesterday.

Yesterday I went to Time Square with my other 6 pals. We went to watch Rapunzel. Very interesting movie. It feels like I'm watching High School Musical. The whole movie was great, full of enjoyment and laughter. But when it comes to the singing part, definitely a no no to me. The romance part? Well, not currently in my field yet. Before we went to watch the show at 3.30, we survey around the shops. I even tried one shirt (but didn't manage to bring it back home, cause you know. I'm broke). I look good in it, do I?

After the movie, the other 6 pals of mine went back and left me all alone. I walked alone to Lowyat Plaza to get some stuff which is basically my old phone. I give people to repair it. When I was halfway there (TS>Lowyat), the wind suddenly blows VIGOROUSLY. I feel like I could be carried away too, NOT! I was stucked in between the bridge and Lowyat. Well luckily I have a hoodie, so I wear my hoodie and run towards Lowyat. Wasn't a bad experience though, although now I think I caught a cold already. 

Now, going back to TS is a bigger problem. It rains even heavily than just now. All I could do is walk around, see some handphones, laptops, mouse and leng luis games. I'm gonna skip this part till the night part. At night, my sister and her friends (and I) watched the Lelio Popo movie. Its a movie made locally with assistance from Singapore. Henry Thia was there. He looks pretty old though. Ah Niu was there too. Right after he went off the Gala Premiere stage, a lot (or two) reporters surrounded him. And a few more comes after that. I didn't manage to take any photos at all cause by this time my phone has ran out of battery. They say Amber Chia was there too though. I'm not too sure cause I don't recognize all the local celebrities. Anyway, of course the two Lelio Popos are here too. Its not a surprise cause they were the main actor. 

The movie was also awesome. Very humourous and have a fresh look. Consider informative cause there are few touching scenes. Seriously this is a good movie to watch if you are going with your families. Friends will do too (as this for the comedy part)! There is one phrase which one of the actor always says that are pretty funny too. "Hao Li Hai Meh?" XD

Monday, November 22, 2010

First day of work

If you guys could recall, I once worked for McDonalds during the Raya period. Well, now I'm working for them again. If I wasn't in desperate for money, I wouldn't work for them like seriously. I don't want myself to be working in the same environment again. At least change to some other fields would be better lah. Before I confirmed that I was going to work for McD, I called Wei Loong and asked about the Uniqlo job. He said that a lot were going for the interview and not sure whether they hire or not. Biasalah, new shopping complex with the latest trend of fashions? Some more with a pretty good paying of RM8/hr. If you're lucky enough, you might get to spot some hot leng luis (or leng zhais if you prefer XD)

I saw this photo on the public buses. I thought it was some airlines offer cause what they stated was JAPAN TO MALAYSIA something...and I never really did paid much attention to public bus advertisement. They just suck. 
So today was my first day of work since 2 months of fighting the exam war. It wasn't that great as I would imagined. I thought that I will be working in the kitchen again but I was totally wrong. There are too many workers in the kitchen, especially malays. I know that I have no chance to work in kitchen that time. The girl manager called me to go lobby. As in, clean your table, throw the rubbish, mop the floor, sweep the floor and wipe the glass door. Perhaps it looks simple to you, but its actually not much harder than you thought it would. Yeah, the job is quite tiring but you don't have to rush to keluar product like when I'm in kitchen. Working in lobby is quite relaxing actually when there is no one around. But, like I said, NO ONE AROUND. It gets pretty boring and the time just pass very slow that would make a turtle laugh. Takpe loh. This is work. You don't get to whine what your boss tells you to do, or else you belok kiri (in other words, quit the job). 

I was pretty stressed up when it almost comes to my end of work session. I was supposedly to work at 9 and end at 3, then the manager called me to work at 8.30 (I arrived early, its around 8.30 that time) and end at 4. My sister was already waiting at there when its 3 o'clock. And she was not looking too good. I'm somehow stucked in the middle and I can't really go against both sides. So yeah, its pretty stressful that time. 

So don't blame me if I were to act strangely just now. @Cheok Ming, if you ever sees this blog again. LOL!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Ah..I forgot to post this earlier before the PS2 post. As you can see I have changed my domain name to from but you will still be redirected to the .com page if you type So don't worry if you can't get used to type only the .com there. 

So why did I use my new domain? Yeng loh, what else XD. Well, the thing is first its free by Exabytes. The domain will stay free for one year and if I want to renew it, it would cost RM99 I think, not so sure about this part. I know that you might be interested into this so I'm linking you a photo in their facebook fanpage and see the instructions in the photo here. You also might have to like their fanpage first before you can upload your photo in their fanpage.

If you ever need assistance in the process of claiming the domain, do not hesitate to contact their customer service. Their customer service is VERY VERY good I would say. Very fast reply with solution every replies. They will help you to setup the DNS for you and do a lot of stuff for you if you asked. I will say I definitely will renew the website in about a year later. Despite that, do you know that the deadline is tomorrow? So do what you have to do, in haste!

Bye PS2!

After few days of contacting the buyer, making ways to sort out the place to trade the item finally its done. Although its a bit sad to let go of my PS2 but yeah, it had to go. Well, speaking frankly I haven't been touching that PS2 for a long time. The buyer said that he come all the way from Kedah then Shah Alam. I was surprised at first but not too long after. If you have to ask why I sell it, I want to fund for my new phone. Remember few days ago I said I was in dilemma situation? The thing is, I'm confused which phone to buy. HTC Aria or HTC Wildfire. Do give me some suggestions but well if you are not geek enough just tell me which one suits the stylish me :D

Sorry I wasn't ready for camera shoot. I was watching the TV HAHA!

OK ACTION! Emo look..hard to let go my PS2. (But if you see clearly I was smiling LOL!)

Bye. See you again in the next life! 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Back on track!

Did I mentioned that I in the last post that the dinner that we were supposed to go wasn't successful? Well, yesterday night we managed to go there again, with less traffic! We went out around 6 odd but the day was already dark and looks late (probably around 7-8, dawn). Judging from the weather, I guess that we won't be around in this world for long, touchwood! So we were on the highway for about 25 minutes and finally we reached the destination. Thanks to my supercalifragilisticexpialidocious sister, my father drove the wrong way and have to U-turn in order to back back on the track. Despite that, we weren't late and still managed to find a comfortable seats at there. There were not much people there at first, mostly malays. When the time getting late, more and more people are coming and still mostly malays too! I bet that people live nearby here knows that the restaurant serves no pork and the HALAL sign is there. 

And again, here comes my big appetite. I took like MASSIVE number of foods (mostly the foods there are seafoods) and ate it all quickly. I was actually waiting for their twelve flavours of ice cream! There are a lot of good desserts, one of it is the Chocolate Fondue. When you put the Chocolate Fondue on top of the ice cream as topping with a stick of biscuit, you can almost skip your dinner already!


Yummy :)

I didn't took much photos (AGAIN!) cause I was busy eating and the environment there doesn't really suits me. Not that their place is dirty, its clean but it just lack something. If you ever going to there, head off to and find out their address! As I know they have two outlets, one near Sunway Piramid and another is at Setapak. See which one closest to you and probably you've earned yourself a stuffed dinner. If you take a look on their foods in the website, scallops were there. But the restaurant I went did not have scallops. Probably they ran out of stocks or only available in the Sunway Piramid outlet, I'm not sure. Anyhow, they do serve foods decently. I probably rank them second so far (out of two steamboat restaurants I've been to! Haha) and the first is still the Lot 10 Shabu One! Their chicken wings are AWESOME! 

My sis

My dad and mom

Me and my mom on the street. 

Oh ya, before I forgot. Did I mention that you have to pay the parking fees if you want to park outside the shop lots? If you're someone who are pretty much particular with these small fees, you can instead park outside of the place and walk in. Don't worry, nobody is gonna chase you away if you enter inside without paying cause its free of charge (only applies if you walk! =D)