Saturday, February 27, 2010


Errrr, how to begin now? Introduction has always been the hardest part. Bad introduction, everything give a bad impression. So I think I will just begin my introduction with, WHAT THE HELL!

Not to be rude, but why choral speaking again? The last time I did that I was like showering with salty urine water. Some more the shirt is so damn tight, now I have to wear it again. All thanks to XXXXX! Why is it censored? Transporter rule number 1 ; NO NAMES! If you guys got watch "Transporter" before then confirm you know what I'm talking. If not just proceed on.

I haven't finish my homework!! Not even started yet. XD

Monday, February 22, 2010

Clon's Post - Weee? School again!

Erm, wow? Somehow I thought it was still Chinese New Year! It still is actually. Anyway, no matter how long is the holiday, it will still end. So, how was your holiday during CNY? Had fun with your cousins? Aunties? Uncles? What about GAMBLE? Just by reading will get you caught. Beware of police. Mine was fun. 

Just by seeing below photos you know how happy I am =).


All thanks to Joe, Nicholas, Jia Chern, Jia wei, Yue Chiao and Chun Wing =). * Hwei Teng is not included because she only bet 20 cents =.=

Got to go now, tuition for Physics =)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Clon's Post - 3rd Day of CNY

Well, it's the third day of CNY. Any planning? Your mother's auntie house, your father's auntie house and etc. Personally for me, I don't like go to those relative houses who I'm NOT so close with. I will go like "Gong xi fat chai", wave hands, nodding my head, sit there watch tv and so on. The Ang Paos not the one I'm after, but my interest in doing this kind of thing! It's BORING!!Well sometimes it's quite fun either.

Anyway, hope you guys don't forget we have "some" homeworks to do! Why do teachers give so much homeworks when it's CNY? I don't remember teachers giving homeworks during New Year! Two weeks after this, guess what will happen? Starts with an E and with an N. =D. Fill it up yourself!

E _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ N!

By the way, I think I have some pictures to upload so you won't get bored watching long essay sentences =D.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Clon's Post - CNY?!

Hahaha! At last it's time for some holiday. Thank god I can sleep till the sun burns my butt! I am SO ENVY those afternoon section students. But still, it's good to wake up in the morning. Fresh air and fresh .... ah wth. I'm not going to talk about fresh air, hey it's CHINESE NEW YEAR!! So, what does that mean, ladies and gentlemen? GAMBLE!! STILL WAIT FOR WHAT?! Paiseh ah. I am a bit hyper when I heard the word gamble. No, money is part of the joy. The FEEL is ALL OF IT!!

Hmm, it is really troublesome for me to manage time now. Form 4 seriously is a HUGE burden not counting the tuitions. Hope that I could cope with it and soon find that it's no big deal afterall :D

Happy Chinese New Year to those who are Chinese and,
Happy Valentine''s Day for those who are not Chinese!