Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Clon's Post - Interesting day! "I suppose"

I've been sitting in the hall for about 4 hours, most likely? From 8.00 to 10.25 and from 11 to 12.55. You do the maths. Pretty interesting lecturer I say. For those who don't know what just happened, let me tell you. This morning, we was called to the hall ( dewan ) to hear some shit which we thought it would be shit but in the end, turned out to be even deep shit. It was the so-called "Easy Add-Maths". HAR! We was kinda forced to go there because according to my intels, 5Sc2 students only a few so they called 4Sc1 and 4Sc2. It's a good thing! We could actually skip class!! 

So back to where we left out. The lecturer was kind of humourous and also, sporting I guess. If I'm not wrong, last time when we was Form 3 they had one guy came to our school as well. "Easy Maths". Same concept of teaching which is criticizing the girls and help the guys. His purpose was to keep things interesting so that we don't get bored and to laugh our assES off. Nonetheless, we did learn something today. Not a waste of time!! But the one that I'm gonna apply in my exams are just the inverse fengshui ( function ) and some of the logs. The factorization is quite good as well but a little confusing and slow. Might as well as use a calculator!

Other than his perverted and disgusting jokes, throughout the process it was hell lots' of fun! Looking forward for his next lecture! 

That's all for now. Hope to see you in about a week time before I post something again. It's gonna be a tough week for me. Gimme a BREAK la!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Malaysia Immigration Department. Their Efficiency, Thumbs "Up"

This morning, I suppose everyone know where I went. I went to renew my passport, or in a unmannered way to say, I ponteng-ed. It's not what I want though my mother forced me to ponteng. XD. Anyway, back to topic. This morning woke up at 6.10. Bath & get dress up. Bertolak @ 6.45+-.  Reach the Malaysia Immigration Department ( Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia Cawangan Wangsa Maju ). Everything seem smooth. We go fill up the forms, etc etc etc. Take number. The number was 1021,1022 and 1023 respectively for my mother, my sister and myself. We went to eat when the number is somewhere 1014. Came back in about 20minutes. Our number already pass. So have to take number again. Now this time, it's 1051, 1052 and 1053 where the number now is somewhere 1032. Waste of time.

Doesn't matter. When it's our turn, we went to the counter 1 by 1 then do the procedures some shit. After that, pay up to the juruwang. Everything seem done. I went out to one shop to buy some Fisherman's Friend. Came back, just when I walk into the seats. The electric suddenly stop. Whole room dark dark but still got a little bit of light from outside. I'm a "lucky" star? XD. So that time was around 9.00 a.m. Wait until like 9.56 only got electric back. Everyone was like Woooooo~ After 10 minutes, WTF NO ELECTRIC AGAIN!!! Everyone was like Awwww again. =.=

Fine, I wait until like 10.25 then got electric back. I promised myself one more time no electric I confirm fck off from there. But luckily, it did not. Everything back on EXCEPT THE COMPUTER ( specifically the system ). One of the staff said that you may come back tomorrow to get your passport, note that my passport along with my sister's and my mother's is on their hands because they need to check it or something had to do with it. So, a guy took a video of the staff talking O_O. Perhaps he's going to post to facebook? or youtube? Don't care! Then he said " System kami down. One Malaysia Imigresen Passport down. " So I was really like =.=" whole Malaysia? Are you kidding me? Then we straight go back. Damn waste time le. Should have finished around 9 something and got back to school before rehat time. 2 hours wasted like that =.=...
Pictures: From down to top, please. 

At last, got electric back but the computer system is down pulak =.=

No staff

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Clon's Post - THE main idea of going to PC Fair!

Sometimes you might wonder, why does most people like going to PC Fair but came back empty-handed. Well personally, it's a good way of scouting price changes and you could "explore" the new things introduced. However, there are certain reasons for it. Let's take the EASIEST of all, this and this. It's normal for guys to look at beautiful girls ( unless you are not a normal guy, I don't blame ) Hell ya, it's even NORMAL for girls to look at handsome guys ^^V XD

Last but not least, there is something I would like to clarify. Guys who aren't HAMSAP is not a GUY!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Clon's Post - The relieving holidays.

Just a blink of an eye and it's already Saturday (the time I wrote this now is 1.10AM). Nothing better than a sleep which satisfy me. Usually during school days, I would just sleep for around 6-8hours maximum and I still don't get enough of it. One time, I came up with this idea of turning off my alarm. If someone wakes up naturally, they will feel even more energetic than being woke up by a stupid idiotic alarm. But, that's just a personal view of mine. To those who can't live without their alarms, be my guest. Still, alarms have their own ways of usage other than waking up you in the morning to bath and go school. 

Talking about homeworks, it's hell of an Everest I suppose. But these homeworks came across my mind just after I saw Tsu Ann's blog referring to her homeworks. Yeah, indirectly you stressed me to do my homeworks and leave my favourite activities behind. Just the few homeworks from school AND tuition can make you go fly.

Just before I forgot, welcome back to school Tzu Yee! Spending a week in hospital is once in a life experience (I'm actually praying that you won't go back to hospital again! LOL!). Maybe it sounds fun, having nurses to take care of you. Foods on delivery. Air-conds. Stinky beds with countless of patients slept before. Perhaps, ghosts? How did the word suddenly came up? I don't know, I just suddenly felt like writing it out. XD. Anyway, let's open up our arms and give her a warm hug to welcome her back to school (imagination only, no action required)

One more thing, anyone wants to go to PC Fair this Sunday? :) If got like 5 or 6 OR even more people go, we only go ba. If not only 2 or 4 people, just can't find the "fire" to go. =P

Night now, sleep tight. Don't bersikap curi-curi xD

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

HP Slate

(Note : This image has been resized to fit the spaces in my blog)
It seems like more than half the IT sites on the Internet are going on about the iPad, I know you’re all excited, but let’s take a break together with another teaser video from HP about the HP Slate. Unlike the previous 17 seconds video which showed nothing except that you can use it to view videos, pictures, and e-books, the new 30-seconds clip shows of the camera, video conferencing, music, built-in card reader, and the ability to hook it up to a TV as well. Catch the video after the break.
(Source: HPEngadget)

Nice one?!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Clon's Post

Good news! PBSM guys are not entering the competition, AGAIN!! You can't really blame us because some of the guys aren't dedicated at all. They just write name, seem so spiritual-like(bersemangat) but can't even see their shadows during practice! WTF? But I must thank to those who are VERY hardworking to come so early today to attend the practice. Got the "fire" right kah wai? =) Ah, I'm getting old and fat. Can't catch up with their speeds somehow. Rofl.

I don't know you bloggers, but I usually take a long time to write my post. Wondering what topic should I write, appropriate or not, suitable or not and most importantly does my viewers entertained? =). Whenever I try to make stupid jokes, it just won't work because you guys are too damn smart. Like I did in this paragraph. You guys just don't get it!! =DDD. But when I do smart jokes you guys can't stop laughing, maybe. Or just Tsu Ann. O.O INDIAN!! XD