Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Clon's Post

A quick update or rather a short update. I saw this picture last night but didn't manage to post it here. Try to GUESS who's this!

Wooo? WOOOOOO?!?! Yes she is who you think she is. Try cover her nose and mouth with your hands and see the eyes. It's TAEYEON~~~ Some said the picture is her, some said that she is Taeyeon's younger sister. Well, I don't think when Taeyeon is this small got coloured camera and even if got, I don't think the furniture are this nice. Probably her younger sister....or she's just some random girl in Korea that resembles the face of Taeyeon XD

Alright thats all now. Back to...Chemis...

NAH! I'm just gonna sleep :) Bye~

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Clon's Post

Sakit kepala! 

That happens all the time when I play Cod. Blurry surrounding meaning 100% concentration. Fly here fly there means 100% flexibility of the hands. Most important is when shooting, 100% accuracy. So you can imagine how my hands and eyes could be damaged from this, literally. 

Anyhow, how's your preparation for the up coming exam? I guess you're ALMOST done the same as me, well hopefully not. I did NOTHING! HAHA!! I wouldn't give hundred percent effort unless its the last minute. So by saying it now, I'm practically only studied sejarah and that is also half-bucket filled with water. Hope that tomorrow I could buck it up and study for BM, Physics and Maths. Maybe you're wondering, Maths need to read? For me, it's finally a yes. I suck at Mathematical Reasoning! Lalala~ 

Anyway, thanks again Tsu Ann for lending your pd. And you know what? I forgot to copy Kara's one this time =x HAHAHAHAHAHA~ But it's fine. I will download it later, maybe. 

Just if you don't know about this thing, I will inform you here. This coming Sunday, we are going to timesquare. :) HAHHAHAHAHHAHAAHA (I'm sedang syok sendiri, ignore this part)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Clon's Post

Yeah so how's the Wibiya going? I hope just fine, hahaha. Since nobody really click the Join Chat cause there WEREN'T ANYONE AROUND. But I will promise myself next time when I on got people at there :) at least ONE! If you aren't aware of how to sign in, just click the Join Chat, login with either Facebook, Twitter and etc. Then you're all set! 
Even if there aren't anyone there, just pretend that there are and chat with yourself kk? XD

Anyway, I came across this website called wallbase.net . It searches the wallpaper or randomly searches the wallpaper and gave out various kind of beautiful ones too. So I decided to search "snsd" with the search engine they provided, and this came up. 

It's quite funny actually. A anime girl with a piece of paper written I found nothing on it. And again, I changed my keyword to girls generation and it came out things you can't even imagine. So, don't ask :) If you want to know, go to that website and search it yourself. But becareful, make sure nobody is beside you that time (: HAHAHAHA~

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Clon's Post - Addons!

Hey guys, as you can see there's a new toolbar down there. Located at the bottom of your browser. Yup! It's the Wibiya! Make full use of it though! I've added twitter settings and few things else :) Enjoy!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


The Books family is well known for their fame and wealth. Even so, Robert Books and his wife, Mary Books only gifted with one female child. Her name was Julia Books.
Many years has passed. Julia has grown up. Even though she is just a teenager, but her maturity thinking was already exceeds any female of her age. One day, Mary was diagnosed for an ovary cancer. Doctor said it was the final stage and nothing could be done. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy has no effect on the cancerous cells. Julia was very sad.
3 months has passed, Mary finally has rest in peace. But before she died, she left Julia a book. Julia though it was just some book her mother bought when she was still alive and didn’t manage to read it or finish it, so she passes it down to Julia. But, it was not any ordinary book.
Robert was very upset upon Mary’s dead. He couldn’t bear with the loneliness and started to drink and goes on clubs every night. Even if Julia gave advice to him, he did not listen and sometimes even slap Julia in the face. She is fed up with her father’s attitude. She began to hang out with those thugs to calm her down.
Not too long later, she got herself a new boyfriend. He was very handsome and was the love thief among his gangs. Their relationship goes on all well for few months. Julia’s pure innocence has been contaminated by him. She learned how to smoke and sometimes even take drug like ecstasy. One day, her boyfriend asked her to have sexual intercourse. She agreed.
A week later, she called her boyfriend’s phone but he didn’t answer. She texted him but he did not reply. She tried to find him but couldn’t search him in his house. Julia figured out that something is not going right. She asked one of her boyfriend’s friends about his whereabouts and found out that he is in a club. She went there furiously and saw him hugging and kissing a girl. She was very mad and slapped him in the face and went away. She returned home, crying. She knew that something like this could happen from the start, but she kept on ignoring her feelings and hang out with him. When she was crying, she suddenly saw the book which has been left by her mother before she dies. It was full of dusts.
Julia cleaned the book and read the book. She found out that the book was her mom’s diary. In the book, it writes that her grandmother was actually a fortune teller. It was predicted that Julia will met a guy that will break her heart and steals what’s most important from her body. The book ended with a poem called “He had such quiet eyes”. Julia regretted that she did not read the book at the first place during the time her mom gave it to her. Suddenly, her front door was knocked and a few policemen came. They were here to take Julia back to the police station under for consuming drugs.
She was sentenced to 10 years of jail. Her future was demolished right in front of her own eyes, by her own hands. The Books family’s incident now has become the hot topic of the neighbourhood. Because of this, Robert committed suicide in his house by hanging a rope around his neck. When Julia found out about this, she couldn’t accept the reality and committed suicide too. Now every night, voices can be heard from the Books family house. Nobody dares to enter. It was said that the Books family reunites at their house….or was it?

A Betrayal

A betrayal
10 years has passed since I have spoken to him, barely have the time to even remember who he was and what he did to me. Back then, I was a respectable person by all the people I know. Now, I’m just nothing but a deserted rat. This is what happened…
10 years ago
Today was a sunny day. I decided to go out with my best friend, Paul, after he invited me for a movie. We haven’t been hanging out a lot lately due to his work and mine too. What to do? Right now it is hard to earn couple of bucks just to buy a cup of Teh Tarik. I guess it’s the second economic crisis since 1997. Tough life, I could say.
With just minutes away before I met Paul at the LRT station, I saw one suspicious guy wearing black and green striped shirt with a dark grey jeans. Although he looks normal on the outside, but he seems to be planning for something. Perhaps he is a train hijacker? Nah, this only happens in aeroplanes. Awh, nothing is going to happen. He’s just some random guy holding a black bag with his hand. Nothing could possibly go wrong.
I regretted what I said that day. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING went wrong that day. I made a wrong decision that moment and I regret it till the end of my life.
“Hey, Paul”, I said. He replied with a wave and a forceful smile on his face. I was curious of his reaction. Right after that, the train came and both of us boarded the train immediately. “What happened? Is something wrong?” I asked him. “N-n-nothing. I’ve just caught a cold last night”, he said slowly. But, from my experience I don’t see symptoms of him catching a cold. But, why would he lie to me?
Moments later when we finally reached our stop, I saw the suspicious guy following us. I didn’t really pay much attention afterwards on him, because I was assuming everything was fine. We walked out of the station and proceeds to the mall. On the way there, something happened. “Hey, could you stop for a moment? I have to go back and get something”, Paul said. “Alright. Make it quick”, I replied. He ran back to the station with haste. A few minutes later, he walks slowly and I saw his feet were kind of unstable. He was holding a bag. That bag was kind of familiar to me. Then, I figured out that it was the bag the suspicious man was bringing! “What the hell is that? You know that black shirt guy?”, I asked him with a little curiosity. “Don’t care about him. Let’s go”, he said. We walked through the shops before entering the mall. Although I was curious of what’s inside the bag, but I have no privileges to open it.
Suddenly, two cops were walking pass in front of us. Paul was a little scared as I saw his hands were shaking mildly. “Help me to hold this bag a while. Do not, I repeat do not open it. I have to go to the bathroom. Wait me here”, he quickly finishes his sentence. “Oh okay”, I answered. I was very curious of what’s inside the bag but Paul said not to open it. I have to keep my words. All of a sudden, the two cops ran towards me and cuffed me in the hand. One of the cops opened the bag. Its fully contain with flour-like powder packed inside a plastic bag. I was brought to the police station. Unaware of what is happening, I asked one of the cops nearby the cell. He said that I was in accomplice with one of the biggest drug dealer in the world. Those flour-like powder was all heroin.
I was stunned. Now I only know, I’ve been betrayed by my best friend. I have been sentenced to 25 years of prison in Sungai Buloh. All the evidences were concrete. Now, I have learned my lesson. Never trust anyone, including your best friend. Or else you will more or less the same fate as mine. 

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Clon's Post - Achooo!

Seriously man, I'm very sick right now. Simple flu can make me go super hypertension. Noticed how serious it is? Non-stop flowing of mucus and as well as sleepiness, sore throat some more. Dang! What did I do the past few days? 

Well anyway, today we had a sidang meeting after school. To those who want to send their masterpiece to be printed in the next majalah, please do so. For Chinese materials you can refer to me, for English you may refer to kah wai. What about BM? Let's just say I have my own faith that I won't see any of you will be sending in BM materials to us. :). I've haven't send in mine as well! (haven't even started :O)

If you are not interested in the above subject, don't worry! There's surely something will "cheer" you up again. It's the EXAM! Wootss! Not too long after our mid term, and there is our monthly test. What is up with these teacher's mind? Save trees pelieasee~ Or else all our knowledge would be USELESS. Maybe we could try change to fully bestari-like school. We use LAPTOPS or even COMPUTERS!! Like that we could do a lot of things hahaha! Ahem, sorry. I've came back from my dreamland. Well anyway, it's around 1 weeks and 3 days left. Just some simple test I assume, since it only takes 4 days to finish. We could have fun later on Saturday which is the Canteen's Day (formally known as Hari Keusahawanan)!

That's almost everything I guess, nothing much more to add in. Unless you want me to talk about some gossips? =P haha. I'm going to take my medicine and have a good night sleep now, hopefully. 

Friday, July 9, 2010

Clon's Post - lalala~

I think I am still half awake, or you can say I am still half asleep. My mother called me to sleep after resting for a while after my lunch. Well, most likely its because I have been sleeping "early" these days. The match between Germany and Spain . And, I slept kind of "early" yesterday too! So anyway, how's your parent reaction today? I guess my mother were just laughing and giggling when Pn. Latifah gave some explanation about my results. My mother asked, "How is him?". Then Pn. Latifah replied, "He's quite playful in class. But that is how he should learn". Then my mother, "Yala, he don't study and play computer". Then, she just said ok and Pn. Latifah said ok and there we have it. Less than a minute I suppose? Haha!

What else to talk about? I have plenty things to talk but I just tend to accidentally rip them apart from my memory (in other words, I forgotten it). Oh yeah, if you think that this blog skin is extremely disgusting or at least I do now please do find me one blog skin Well, I guess that's it for now. Bai~