Sunday, August 29, 2010

Clon's Post - SINGAPORE!!! WOOT!!

I took 15 minutes to even start this post. Ok another 10 minutes gone. First 15 minutes delay is because I got a few fans find me hahaha :D Another 10 minutes delay is because of KAH WAI who suddenly CALL ME TO PRINT THE BROCHURE AND SOMETHING HAPPENED! Screw it, don't care anymore since it's already settled now. So....right after the night party at Kha Joe's house. I went back and packed few stuffs. 5am and off I go, not Singapore but toilet XD. Around 5.45 went out. Meet up with my cousins at Leisure Mall and goes to Singapore. First day isn't quite exciting. Just went to Sentosa and walk around. Nothing in particular I could remember other than the Songs of the Sea. It's quite a show. Magnificent laser beam and PANCUT water..not sp*rm. 

Next day went to Universal Studio Singapore. I have to say, their Mummy Roller Coaster rocks! I went for THREE times ( two times consequently ) FUN MAN! After you ride for the first time, you'll hunger for second!! Anyway, that's not all I just played. I went for a show called Shrek 4-D something. Got 3-D effect and the seats move a bit. Then when the donkey in the movie sneeze, got water pancut at your face.  EWWWW !! Erm still got another junior roller coaster. Although it's called JUNIOR roller coaster but it's quite "junior" too, if you get what I mean. One more, which made me wet like soaked. Jurassic Park. Epic, my whole body wet including my shoes (school shoes somemore). Its something like a "sui pou" 

Then it goes on the water. At first the ride was normal, just some random splashes of water. Then suddenly it went inside some kind of factory and suddenly there is like a lift lifting us upwards. Then one door open and off we go. Once landed on the water, the wave kena my whole body and my pants with shoes basah kuyup. I saw people with raincoats but I don't think that is gonna block a lot of the water. Haha! After all that, we watched some show. Waterworld, Monster Rock and that's all. The food there is EXTREMELY "CHEAP"!! You got to bring your own food inside if you don't wanna bankrupt. Typically theme park. 

I actually looked around for TAEYEON!! But can't found her anywhere. Haha I took one photo of a person look like her from the behind, if I'm not blind of course. And one more in the Universal Studio, damn mirip leh. Hair same, short short dei, white white dei, face structure a bit same and wear black sunglasses. BUT when she took it off, it's just another random girl in Singapore. Perhaps she wanted to intimidate Taeyeon :P, who knows? Maybe I think too much, but it's a great experience overall. Imagine if Taeyeon really there, I think I'm going crazy LOL! 

So today, we went to take photos with the Merlion in the morning. Just around 10 minutes and off we go to Vivo City, a shopping complex. Here is where I meet my old pal, Chloe/Khloie/Ho Yan, whichever you prefer. I guess most of you guys already met her last December @ Timesquare. We went around, chit chat and talked a lot of things. So I thought, hey what about I come to your house during Hari Raya with An. It will be great! Even her mom said ok :D (her mom actually came to treat me makan but I said I'm still full from morning's chicken rice XD). Still, that's a plan. Working and living in Singapore really pays off, a lot. Although the rent there are extremely "cheap" again as well. The foods are great in the food court, well some of it. The street is clean, as always. I took a few photos, but I think I will be uploading it through Facebook. Easy and fast. 

Still got a little bit, just now I had a miss call and a text from Jia Chern at around 8.07 asking whether I want to work at McD or not. So I went for interview and there it goes. The manager said that if I were to work, it had to be around 4-12 evening to night. I had to ask my parents first so he say he hold me for a moment and call me again. But I think it's alright now maybe. I'm gonna work during Raya along with Jia Chern, Yue Chiao, Mun Seng, Chun Weng and Cheok Ming. But probably not the same shift. RM6/h ^^. Get a few bucks to pay my debt with my mom hahaha~

So that's all, bye.
Anyway, did anyone missed me?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Clon's Post - Amazing! Rather AWESOME :D

So I guess picture speaks a thousand words 

For those of you who doesn't know what is this, then read. I'm using single graphic card to connect two monitors ( DVI and VGA, if you are not sure what these is nvm). If your graphic card has two or more slots, then you may do as I did in the pictures too. Although you can only extend/duplicate the background, its still COOL! If you want to play game with 2 or more monitors, you need ATI 5xxx series graphic cards to do so with the feature called Eyefinity. Only ATI cards can do that (you may ignore this if you don't know what ATI is). And no, you don't really need a powerful motherboard to do so. Just make sure you have a graphic card though...haha! You can google/youtube the word eyefinity and you will come across a lot of things particularly games, well of course if you're interested in these things. If you are not, you may think of watching a movie with these which is quite expensive if you do like 9 monitors which is bigger than any LCD/LED TV. Anyway, this is just my 2 cents.. :D

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Clon's Post - Sad!

Have you ever thought, you maybe sitting on your couch, enjoying your favourite movie drama, drinking nice cup of coke or tea, having family members around and chit chat along? But anything could happen. You may DIE right after few seconds later. If destiny meant you to live, you live. If it doesn't, you die. Naturally. According to Wikipedia, die means death and death means a termination of the biological functions that sustain a living organism. Refer to here. So what happened made me said so? You really want to know? See below loh..

Wait, you really really want to know? You do know I'm being "mou liu" right? But if you seriously want to know, spend more time reading below.

I can't believe how "38" are you. You really read this. Oh well I tell you la now. Read bottom again.

It's about one of my family member relative. None of your business right? :DDD HAHHAA~~

Alright la, there's a new that I could actually share. My hair dresser (barber whatsoever) that cut my hair actually went to Tanjung Rambutan (not the real place but he really did went to hospital sakit jiwa I think). Apparently, he carry those genes that somehow related to sakit jiwa thingy. Then he had been taking medicine to somehow hold it. My mum said that if he didn't eat medicine and becomes gila gila abit, he will talk about money. And last time when I go to his shop, he was like talking about buying a Honda Civic/City for his laopo. Lucky he didn't went insane that day and cut my ears/head off. How tragic huh? He's very young. Probably 25-28 only la I think. Such a waste...

Sunday, August 15, 2010


I just saw something pretty interesting, or rather it was a few hours ago. There was this signature (usually pictures  or an icon at forums to show something) in Well actually before I post this, I didn't have the picture and I actually wrote this post halfway already. Then I googled and I found the picture (if I wrote it down, it will be less interesting, wouldn't it?). So, enjoy and laugh!

The reason why the computer replied "your password isn't long enough" is because usually they prompt for a 6-digit at least for new passwords. Some 4 but it depends on the site itself. 

One more signature I came across last time. I don't know whether I have shown to you guys or not but I think I have shown it to Tsu Ann. *Warning explicit image is going to be shown*

May this be your first and last guide when you are posting in a forum. Although it's kind "fishy", but its correct in some way. And I somehow thinks that this picture actually taken from one the the members of SNSD! Perhaps during Gee or something? Hahaha

Friday, August 13, 2010

Clon's Post - Jia Wei Birthday.

Woot. Finally the day had come. Although we kind of failed but not so failed, still we manage to pull it out. Did you guys noticed that you guys started without me D: ? Well I guess more me or less me also won't affect much. Since it's the song that matters, hahaha! So yeah, I didn't take any photos on the whole process no matter its before, during or after because I kinda left my camera at home and so does my phone. AND the Cheese Cake we made is delicious! is a bit "lau". I feel like a stack of fatty acid and glycerol is bouncing around my throats. 

Oh well, I actually forgot what to write since this post came on quick. I wanted to post this tonight one but somehow something PUSHED my to post it now. Probably after visiting the NG video Jia Chern made. Here is the link >> Video

That's all for now. Maybe if I remember something, I will post again.....COCKROACH!! haha~

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fighting Umbrella Corporation


Heads’ up! Resident Evil is back this September and there’s going to be a lot of action packed in latest 3D technology (James Cameroon’s AVATAR camera system technology). Yes, this time, the action is for real! Bullets coming for your face along with zombies!
Sony Pictures s giving Nuffnangers a chance to catch Resident Evil: Afterlife in 3D 2 days before its release date, an exclusive Premiere Screening just for you! There’s more icing on the cake asONE (1) lucky Nuffnanger will walk home from the screening with a SONY 16GB Video Walkman worth RM749!

If I were Alice, the thing I am going to do is to implant a whole new virus called the Si-Virus into the zombies. This virus is able to go colourless, odourless and have no effect on any surviving humans. Once the virus is spread worldwide, it will automatically infect the zombies and mutated humans. The virus is able to develop itself into some kind of computer chip once it enters the zombies. It will automatically connected to my (Alice) brain and I am able to control it just by using my mind. So, no other people can control them other than myself. By this way, I am able to have a bigger army to go against the Umbrella Corporation. It will be an ease to destroy the Umbrella Corporation once I can control all the infected humans in the world. Nevertheless, once Umbrella is destroyed or totally annihilated, I can change all of the zombies back to normal humans through the Si-Virus I implanted on the zombies. 

How to develop and release the virus?
Very easy. Remember during Resident Evil : Extinction where I was in the last scene is in the laboratory owned by Umbrella? I will use my companion to research and develop the Si-Virus. Somehow I found a note left by the researchers on the new way of developing a new kind of virus which can spread through air. I used that note and created Si-Virus. I test with the zombies outside the house (where fences are stops the zombies from going throug). After that, I will use the latest technology in the laboratory to launch the virus into mid air and spread throughout the world.

Friday, August 6, 2010


I think it is about time for me to post something at least. I have been busy with my maple quite a time these days, not to mention tuitions and lots and lots of undone homeworks. Nothing could be "sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit" phrase. But, I guess that is not our topic today. As you guys know, we had our school's Canteen's Day and this is my very first time attending one. Even surprising this is the ONLY time I attended my school's, since we only had Canteen's Day at 2005/6. The result? Massive homo sapiens came. That marks our profits goes up and up and up! 

Since there are some photos I have uploaded in my facebook, I will only upload some highlights.

Our very own welcome board. Now is "reused" and pasted on our class front door!

Even the headmistress came to visit! I guess we're so popular? :)

For those that doesn't know who is this guy. Well, he's Alvin. Nope, not the one from Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Due to the quality of my phone camera, the effect wouldn't be great. 2MP pwnt!
Note, left side is our team and right side is Tuck Pin's team.

More to add, I saw a video posted by one of my old friend. Watch the video and you will be surprised how powderful our Malaysia police is. And also cover up of the incident made.

Link to video 
Link to news

Cyah and good night.