Thursday, September 30, 2010

Just when you thought it was a peaceful morning..

Just when you thought it was a peaceful morning, it always turns out that it isn't! Why? I woke up this morning around 8.30. I was satisfied with my 9 hours of sleep because I usually do 6 hours on school days. First thing that came up into my mind this morning was, STUDY! But just like what I did in most mornings I boot up my PC first. Checked my mail, facebook and blog a while then only I started searching for my sejarah text book. You can say I am actually searching for my own way to die. Like always, I have to study infront of my PC cause my other table is full of things (books, belts, my wallet, files, papers and books again =.=). Read the first page about Zaman Paleolitik then facebook and check mail. Then wonder around. Go open TV bringing my sejarah text book. See TV then read abit. Reading from around 10 till now I only managed read 6 pages. And that is I don't even know I could remember all of it!

Ah what the hell! I don't want to study my sejarah lah. Damn epic. I don't want the back of my head to be botak (if you get what I mean)! But I have no choice. Good luck to you guys..

We all have.....

18 days left. 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ATI 6000 series rumoured to be launched next month!

That's right folks. If you aren't aware of it, the latest model is HD5970 which they call now the world fastest graphic card (probably not the fastest if the 6000 series is launched). Well in that case, higher number in the model (let's say 4850 and 5450) doesn't mean it is better or it is more expensive. It is just the specifications that matters, not the model number. It is just for reference. Anyway, ATI don't just give all the victory to Nvidia although they do have launched a few new graphic card which indeed a good card according to most reviews (and affordable too, in some way). That is why probably the 6000 series might have a graphic card which is better, faster and cheaper than the GTX 460 (Nvidia latest card with ranking number 1 if compared performance to price ratio), If they do, first thing that is gonna happen is the price drop on the GTX 460, GTS 450 and so does the other graphic cards. ATI have to be careful not to release a too good graphic card or else their own product price would be deduced as well. 

Still, I don't lose my hopes on the red team. They do have some advantages over Nvidia.  ATI now have a couple of tricks behind their sleeves. According to this source, there are two models which will overtake the two old models,  5770 and 5850. 5850's price is almost the same price as GTX 460 (or even higher) but their performance are similar. An OCed (overclocked) GTX 460 can outperform a 5850. Ok, I think I should stop before you guys go confuse. The two 6000 series cards were rumoured to be out mid October 2010. By any means, it's just a couple of weeks away! Be aware of the news :D (which you can find it here by that time)

Source : Lowyat.NET

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Difference between Androids phones and the iPhones

This may take a few minutes for you to read it through but be aware that these informations are true and most of them are why Androids phones are going overtake iPhones this year.

"You limited yourself to only comparing the iPhone 3Gs to the Moto 2. Why? Also why isn't the call easy? Here let me help you with facts:

1st - Android offers FULL multi-tasking, not some ripped up save state multi-tasking which isn't multi-tasking at all.

2nd - Android allows file transfer over bluetooth - ANY FILE. iOS on any device does not and has not since the first device.

3rd - iphone 4 get a nice camera with 5MP and a single LED flash vs Android which have 8MP on most, a camera with more settings and you get dual LED flash. And fact as well, the dual LED takes a 100% clear picture even in complete darkness. The iPhone cannot.

4th - Tethering. This isn't a huge deal for me, but could be for some. iphone finally allows tethering of one device. Compared to, road trip with several devices in the car or as many as 8 on some can be tethered all at nearly the same speed. For the same price or FREE in most cases.

5th - Google isn't against rooting the device to unlcok it power. Unlocking it power doesn't take you away from Android. Apple hates jailbreaking because they don't want you getting better apps, better performance, better everything from anyone but them. They want all the money and make an update almost with 48hrs of any jailbreak. Cotrol freaks!!!!

6th - More and better devs.
7th - Several models of phones. Don't like all touchscreen? You can choose a device with a physical keyboard too.
8th - Carrier choice - ATT sux with iphone. None of the Android phone suck. They don't need a bumper to work and the proximity sensor works right out the box.
9th - You don't need iTunes to move music/video to and from the device and...
10th - Android doesn't have a lying Chief Executive Officer
11th - Flash works under 2.2 better than anyone thought it would.
12th - Anything iPhone 4 can do now, I could do 2 years ago.

And many of the fans talk about fragmentation. Really? Lets compare. There are several phones out right now that run Android 1.x and they still do more than the iPhone 4 does right now. All iPhone 4 has is a better screen. How nice to shell out $200 or more just to get a better screen while everything else is basically the same. Oh and you get wireless N instead of most Androids having only G. However, the iphone 4 is not capable of getting the speeds on WIFI that N can push out. It fact the wireless N gets less speed than Apple's older devices using G. 

Its like saying, I have a Ford. I know there are better cars and trucks on the market. But I just love my Ford. They make award winning cars. I get a discount for brand loyalty I don't wanna lose. I'm just to proud to change badges. I'll change wasn't I have a problem and even then I may not. At least Ford didn't need a loan to stay in business...blah blah blah.

Is iPhone simpler to use, or is it so dumb down it makes other phones look harder to use. Android phones are just as simple to use. Its like switching from Windows to OSX. There will be a slight larning curve. Its the same stuff done a different way. The outcome is the same. The phones that use overlays like Moto Blur, HTC Sense UI all make using the devices better than those with just the basic OS. 
Android offers OTA updates. iOS does not.

Yes Apple has a simpler approach to a few things, but they aren't better. They are just different. iOS just has a few better games and apps being out longer. That is its only slight advantage. Without those, iPhone would be just another phone. But now that I have a phone that run Flash, I don't need those games anymore. I can use the free ones that do the same thing as those you buy on iTunes.

Apple stated they had over 1Billon downloads on itunes. How about a break down on what was music, what was video, what was games/apps and what was free and paid game/apps. I am betting the majority of apps were free ones. The same ones I can get free on my Android. I have free turn my turn. I have free Visual VM. I have free tethering. 

Android offers so many pluses, that iPhone would be my last consideration, certainly not the first. I have my very first iPhone. For 3 years I thought I wanted one. now I have one I like everything about it except the phone part. Thus making it an expensive $3000 contract based iPod Touch. I already have an Ipod Touch. I didn't need another one. The phone simply doesn't work. I get dropped calls everyday, at least 10+ per day. Data doesn't work most of the time and I am in a large ATT market. Even when using speaker phone, I can have 4 bars on a call and then it will just drop to one and drop the call and then jump back up to 5 bars. How do you explain that? The bumper is an eye-sore. Mine broke on the very first drop. I will just buy a aluminum back plate now instead of glass.

Here is another better reason. AppleCare which will cost you $20.00 less than the carrier insurance doesn't cover accidental damage. It simply extends the warranty and gets you free replacement earbuds, usb cords and plugs. It doesn't cover anything else. If you drop the phone and it breaks, you either buy a new phone or pay to have it fixed. With every other phone on the planet, the carriers offer coverage...accidental or not. For 6.99 per month I can get my phone replaced FREE. if it gets ran over and I haven't had a phone replaced in a year, the carrier will just replace it instead of making me pay a deductible. And when I do have to pay it $50 to $100. But I get a NEW (Factory Refurbished) device. iPhone the most expensive phone on the market, the easiest one to break doesn't offer any protection. You have to in case it, or you stand to have costly repairs. Sad!!!"
Another user has something to say about the iPhone. Don't worry, it's a short one this time.
"I love the iphone, but three things prevent me from getting one.
1. I could never go back to not having my homescreens exactly as I want them.
2. Safari only reflows text with double tap and I like to choose the font size of the text as my eyesight isn't great.
3. Safari does not have kinetic scrolling so you have to swipe ten times instead of a single finger flick."
Take your stand. And if you don't know what is an Android phone, here it is. For iPhone 4, what you buying is the brand and the OS (iOS 4). Other than that, it's just the almost the same as any other phones available (considering the same price). 

    Probably it isn't so bad afterall.

    After the slight advertisement done to my blog through my Facebook, I do notice a an increment on the number of visitors daily. This is the analytics for this week's views and unique views. 

    A number of 140 unique visitors this week surely surpass what I expect from last time's analytics. If I'm not wrong only 50+ (but when TSA first created, a total number of 300-400 visitors every week) that time. 

    To speak frankly, the idea of advertising and writing new posts do comes with a little advantage towards the graph. This was last week's analytic which put in comparison between advertised and non-advertised blog. An increment of almost 105% (x2.05) of total unique views and 133% (x2.33) on the total views is certainly a good start to begin with. All thanks to your supports :D 

    All in all (thanks Pn. Latifah XD), I couldn't have done it without you guys (it seems like it's getting a little tense over here, let's just skip this). Remember to keep supporting this blog although sometimes it's kinda lame, I know it.  Hahaha!

    Monday, September 27, 2010

    Nvidia Regional Press in Bangkok, Thailand September 2010.

    It is not a stranger to us that Nvidia, one of the largest and powerful multinational corporation which develops graphic processing units (GPU) or commonly known as graphic cards. For those who don't know what exactly what I'm talking about, you may refer to wikipedia or the website itself. And one extra knowledge, just in case you don't know. There are another corporation which servers almost the same as what Nvidia does, developing GPUs which is called ATI. They are commonly knowns as the red side (while Nvidia is called the green team/side). 

    As you can see, this gamer is experiencing what we call 3D Gaming. He's wearing a glasses that's specifically only can be used towards some graphic card developed by Nvidia and for 120Hz monitor. Note that the glasses itself already cost hundreds. 

    Basically a cool looking chassis (casing) with modern feeling. 

    This in the other hand is something that those overclockers-addict out that wanna hear. Overclocking is basically a process that speeds up your hardware with the risk of damaging it's component inside if you over-overclocking and your warranty may void. But doing so can increase your hardware performance. 

    GTX 460 is another GPU which just released not more than 2 months ago. It's consider best mid range GPU ranging around RM699-RM900 with its performance to price ratio ranking the top! If you're a full time gamer with low budget, you could consider this too. 

    Remember last time I posted a photo and a blog post regarding Eyefinity and how I used two monitors? This is just the same thing and concept. Although it's just by different company. They named it 3D Vision Surround which is quite differ from ATI's Eyefinity. But again, it' the same concept. 

    Another difficult easy term for you to know. SLI is combining two GPUs with a wire-like connector. It can boost your performance rate to almost 80% of it's original one provided it's the compatible model to SLI. This on the other hand is just the same concept with ATI's Crossfire which has no difference. 

    Now now now, some GPUs picture time. Could be boring to those who aren't interested, but for those who are prepare for "eyes drop jaw wide" contest :D

    I personally like the design (quite similar to Gigabyte's GTX 460 1GB)

    Palit's GPU. Not a very bad one indeed. 

    Now if you noticed, the two big thingy on the bottom is the GPUs. They are SLI-ing with a wire-like connector on the left (orange). The CPU is mounted with Corsair Water Cooling H50 (it's a miracle I remembered the name!)

    This is how your motherboard looks like. But this is a high-end motherboard by EVGA. With 4 PCI-E x16 Express and 6 RAM slots. Pricing I think almost RM1k?

    EVGA's GPU (GTX 470, GTX 460, GTS 460)

    Gigabyte's GPUs. Most people preferred this brand of GTX 460 because it's reasonable and it's fan is very quiet. 

    The Gigabyte Super OC GTX 470. Should be pricing around RM1k too. 

    Now we come to the last picture. MSI's GTX 460 Cyclone and GTS 450. Superior designs which has some extra cooling effect just by looking it!

    Note that I do not own the credit for the pictures. All photos are credited Lowyat.NET and the source is here. I only take credit on the explanations and the details. Enjoy! Fellow gamers (probably not you XD)

    DiGi iPhone 4 Life

     In your blog post, include a photo of yourself.

    I already included it now XD. Wow! I look nerdy (I always do :D). Thanks to my sis for helping me to take picture even though she was actually going for her usual afternoon nap. If I won this contest, I won't forget your deed to me and I shall repay you well! Very well! Hmm, maybe mine isn't so creative as others but I do juice up a little to get some creativity. I wore my school uniform to indicate that I'm a student and I really that the iPhone badly for the dictionary apps in the future. So, I guess that strengthen more my reason there, hahaha! 

    Since this is the last task and I think the deadline is on 1st of October and the results may come around 3-4 October, I'm quite anxious about the result. Could it be me? It's a slight chance that I would get chosen, if I were lucky enough I would. Nevertheless, even if I don't win, I tried my best. Who knows? Maybe there's a special prize for me being so optimistic! Another free iPhone 4! Hahaha! I guess that's the end of my post. Remember!

    DiGi always the smartest choice :D

    Sunday, September 26, 2010

    A visit to Pabil's House. 1Malaysia Gang? :D

    I guess you guys are aware that Pabil invited us to go his house today. Well, it turned out that only a few of us went. Islam, Kesavan, Aliff, Lum, Kah Wai, Joon Leon, Pang, Weng Kai and ermm..who I missed? Oh yeah, myself :D. So it was a great deal of obstacle for me to get here. My father was a little bit pissed off because I don't ask for the directions clearer and earlier. Typical me. But still in the end manage to get there, safely (without my father killing me, of course). Once I reach there I can already see Pang and Lum on the second floor. They were at the outside of the apartment because Pabil's house were occupied by other fella's, namely his relatives. I went up then saw the others. I don't want to explain much over here since you can already imagine it on your own. Take "angpao" those thing. Then we went down to Seripah's house. Amazing! I thought only Pabil lived here (and so does Taman Muda's present headmistress and few other teachers too). Surprisingly, Cikgu Ibrahim (taught us in Taman Muda) was her husband. I couldn't recall his name that time when I saw him but I do find his face familiar. We sat and watched the TV. Baba's :D HAHA! We watched two days one night a while too. (soccer)...and some other programmes. Most interesting thing is, Islam came up with an idea of playing La Ta La Li Tam Pom (it goes with the sound). Whoever lose then eat the sambal. "Epicly", Weng Kai lost three times. XD HAHAHAHA! Hurray for Weng Kai! After that we took a few photos and went back. 

    That's all for the trip. Well, I don't say those that didn't go is a loss but certainly you lost some fun here!

    DiGi iPhone 4 Real

    What I love about the DiGi iPhone 4 Plans?
    I think I mentioned this before in the first post before. But it's ok, for my new iPhone 4 I shall mention it again :P. As you can see, for the iDigi 88 plan, you will get 200 minutes of voice calls, 200 sms, 20 MMS and 1GB of internet usage. Personally this plan is already good for a people like me or was MEANT for people like me. I don't talk on the phone too much, maybe only around 50 minutes per month. For the sms, well it depends sometimes whether I have somebody to chat or not. MMS? What is MMS? I don't even use it in my current phone and I don't think forever will (even if I get my hands on the iPhone 4, I won't use it too :D). Well now here comes the most important part of the list. The internet usage. I'm not sure whether 1GB is sufficient but I'm an internet freak. I can't live a day minute without internet (a second is a little bit too over XD). To me internet is something magnificent. You can get any kind of information you want with a single click (or a simple tap if it's iPhone 4)! To say the truth, internet occupies 99% of my life. Even during exam days, I do surf the web often. Why? Let's say in my Biology subject, I am not sure about the name of the species and their habitats. All work I have to do is google it and tada~ there it is. So internet is seriously plays an important role in a student's life too. Imagine without internet, all students would be like cavemen. The next one would be THE best thing for people like us to know. We won't get heart attacked by the bills sent. There are no extra charge even after I exceeded the monthly quota of internet usage. How beautiful is that?! As beautiful as Siti Nur Haliza lah (a few years ago la, but she still is pretty now :D). 

    Now there is something that I don't really like is the FnF thingy. For all plans (iDiGi 88, iDiGi 138 and iDiGi 238), the number of FnF is fixed to 6. Imagine I have like 8 brothers and sisters, which 6 should I put? Not to mention my parents too. If all I put is my families, what about my friends? I'm talking about this is generally for those who calls a lot. I'm not sure whether I should list this out because this isn't what I love. But I think you should get some users comment so that DiGi could improve better and make more profit than other communication company. I think each plan should increase like by 2 or 4 FnF members. Then it would be balanced. 

    Now free calls, sms and MMS is the thing we all wanna hear right? Come on! We are all typical malaysians. Anything that comes with the word "Free" generally attracts us more than the word "Cheap". Personally I have no much of comments about this since it's free and when it's free most people don't complain about it (since its not quality-controlled). 6 Family lines will do just fine. I guess it's somehow a lot too. How can DiGi even gain profit from these plans I wondered. Well the 0% installment fees up to 36 months sounds a sweet deal. As sweet as sugar I would say! Even though 36 months is a little long but everything changed when you have iPhone 4 in your hands. :)

    Last but not least, you can always upgrade your plans if you are unsure of your decisions. This is the best part. This not just made the plans consumer-friendly but also let consumer to try and see whether the plan suit them or not. Pretty nice idea I would say. Whoever came up with this is a genius :D

    That's all for what I love about the plans. If I have the power to subscribe, I would definitely do. But it seems that my mom don't really let me though :O. I'm just a student, she said. But these plans are all the students ever wanted.

    DiGi iPhone 4 Play

    Which App from the iTunes App Store that I have seen/tried out is my favourite?
    Basically, none. But, I do acknowledge the use of dictionaries sometimes, don't you? Imagine you are outside and all of sudden you encounter a word that you never heard before. Do you think you will bring out your big,old and thick Oxford dictionary out? No! Of course! So my app would be New Oxford American Dictionary by Handmark, Inc. It was produced by Oxford's American Dictionaries Program, and drawing on the expertise of scores of American scholars. Why I say it's my app? Well if you don't know, let me tell you. I'm only a Form 4 student which will soon face my finals on the late of October till mid of November. Furthermore, I'm going to face SPM next year, which people call it (Sijil Paling Menyusahkan). It's THE most important exam that will determine my ups and downs in the future. Whether I would be a famous engineer or just some random guy on the street with no jobs. So this app would really help my in my studies too, indirectly. 

    As you can see here, the explanations by the app are more than enough with the pronunciation, whether it's  an adjective word or not, the meaning, an example of using the word and derivatives. It's surely more than enough for you to get what it's trying to tell you.  

    The reason why I  choose this app over the others is that not just because of my studies but also because I'm only giving a choice for it. I can only list out ONE (since Nuffnang mentioned App instead of Apps) of my favourite Apps. Of course, there are some game apps which I like too and it's fun. Though it won't really help me in my studies and not just it doesn't help it will decrease my time to study too! So I think this is an App that is suitable for students like me. Therefore this is the only app that I see so far is my favourite (considering my studies as well). Mainly the reason why I must get iPhone 4 :)

    DiGi iPhone 4 Me

    Why I want an iPhone 4 from DiGi?
    Why would I want an iPhone 4 from DiGi? Well of course the main reason is it's a new phone from Apple, the world best known electronic corporation. Second would be that it's absolutely FREE from DiGi! As you can see, I also did some advertisement for DiGi too (hehehe) about DiGi iPhone 4 event. Another reason would be that I NEED a new phone. If you guys actually saw my phone, it's keypad are 90% broken, the software sometimes go crazy (typical Sony Ericsson) and worst thing is my battery always go nuts! The battery bar is like 50% full but when checked, it's only 10% of battery left. That is why I always take my "dead" phone out. As I know, DiGi is being generous enough too because their iPhone 4 prices are cheaper than Maxis's (other than giving away free iPhone 4. Maxis is pretty stingy too, huh). Not to mention, your montly fee is as low as RM58/month! To me DiGi is delivering opportunities to others to lay their hands on a new iPhone 4. Imagine how cool it is to have an iPhone 4 lingering around your hand. Everyone will be impressed. Oh yeah so my final reason would be that, if I am able to win this contest, I could ask my mom not to waste money for my new phone which I think she still have some consideration to do since we always have financial problem ahead of us. ALWAYS. So is my reasons are sufficient enough? :)



    Saturday, September 25, 2010

    DiGi iPhone 4 Carnival on 25th and 26th.

    Well after Maxis launches their iPhone 4 yesterday, DiGi don't give it all up to Maxis. They are surely competitive because they are about (or has) launched iPhone 4 Carnival on 25th and 26th September! But exactly where is the carnival? From what is written in the official DiGi website, the venue will be at Quill Automobiles (BMW showroom), Jalan Semangat, Petaling Jaya from 10am to 10pm with fantastic accessories with discounted price!

    Here's the map.  

    Just in case you get lost or something, here is the google map link.

    Here is what to be offered by Digi. iPhone 4 16GB and 32GB pricing RM2090 and RM2490 respectively  is seriously a good deal than Maxis since they are RM200 more expensive. Not to mention you can lay your hands on the new iPhone 4 for just RM58 per month! For more information for the carnival visit here and for the payment visit here

    Take note that I do not take credit on the photos (only the map) other than the details and explanations. Source is from Lowyat.NET.

    Friday, September 24, 2010

    Maxis Launches iPhone 4 at Midnight!

    I'm not sure if you know. If you do, just proceed on, if you don't let me tell you. Exactly 12a.m. today (which is around 15 hours ago) Maxis officially or rather unofficially because it was only a invitational party launches the new iPhone 4. I'm sure you heard of it (if you don't I seriously am speechless)

    As you can see, the lines are already long by the time it reaches 11p.m. So much of Apple fanboys/fangirls. 

    This was the entrance where customers wait and have their name called to distribute iPhone 4

    Anyone know JJ and Ean from Yup! They are somewhere here....although I don't know which. Perhaps the blue with black shirt and the plain black on the left? :) (THR.FM and My FM were here too)

    The official release ceremony. 

    These were the lucky fellows that got their iPhone 4 for free. How? Through the review program by Maxis!

    There is something that I observed from this picture. Most of them are Chinese? I'm not being racist and say Malays have no money but most of them were Chinese!

    Do take note I do not take credit for the pictures. Only the explanations and details. Credits go to the photographer name located in each and every photo. Source news is from Lowyat.NET


    Thursday, September 23, 2010


    Few of you might know I went to take my salary yesterday at McD. I went to McD after I had my dinner which is around 8 when I went there. I walked in and greeted my fellow mates (some of them were Cheok Ming, Jia Chern and Mun seng. Others you don't recognize, probably)
    So I start with a picture of me. Not much photos in the album has me inside it because I arrived late and went back early. 

    Me, Mun seng, Jia Chern and Kai Shin

    Plus Cheok Ming.

    My solo with Suet Ee

    My solo with Jia Chern. 

    The four "musketeers". Just suddenly thought of that word XD.

    Here is the album link in case you want to see the other photos. Not all working mate I have is in the photo album. Some taken the salary on Wednesday. So no photos of them. Probably tomorrow we'll take photos, when we go yumcha @ Mamak King. 

    If I'm going to the Mamak King, I probably won't attend to school on Saturday. Since Nicholas said that if there are low amount of attendance, we will all transferred to Dewan to hear some useless fished up crap by Koperasi. I'm not sure what but it has something to do with Koperasi. Looks to me it's just gonna be a Asyraf-trick again. In case you don't get what I say, remember last time we had class like this on Saturday too? We used Asyraf to get ourselves out of the Dewan and stay at class to revise Add Maths. If you still don't know what happened, means you either did not come or you are not from our class. XD. 

    One more thing, I might be writing more post about recent news (most probably gadgets). I have to keep up with the world too, yeah. So I might keep you guys updated with the new gadgets if you keep on visiting here.....:D

    Thursday, September 16, 2010

    Clon's Post - Borders

    Remember last time we went to Timesquare and Borders were like having a warehouse sale? The Starbucks part there were all empty. It is said that they are relocating to upper floor (10-11A, LG (West) on 8 Oct. 2010). Books are discounted up to 70% and DVDs/CDs from RM5. 

    Borders used to be two floors now one. Then now relocate to higher floor. Bankrup ke? Haha. Since most Malaysians don't spend their time reading, or was said that on average per year one Malaysian only read 2 books from last time only half a page. I don't think they gain much profit and might be losing money every month since the rent money is high and increasing every time. Or another factor might be because they open in a wrong place. Since you know, many teenagers and lala's goes to Timesquare and Sg. Wang to watch movies, etc etc etc. So, it's not quite the good spot since I don't think teenagers and lala's will read book anyway LOL (unless of course it's me. :D)[

    Another news I heard is that the food court on 10th floor is going to be moved to LG floor. Finally, don't have to climb stairs reach for the elevator or escalator to reach 10th floor to makan. What idiot designed it that way? Walk 10 floor up and another 10 floor door good for siu fa? =.="  

    Sunday, September 12, 2010

    Clon's Post - PD Trip

    Well so basically you will see most of the photos of me tagged by my cousins for the PD trip is almost all half-naked cause I was swimming that time. So don't bother looking them, LOL! The trip was "magnificent". I am serious. For the first time ever in my life I had this situation. When I first arrived at the resort, there was two police cars outside and a few policemen at the entrance, holding some kind of gun? I'm not so sure. I thought it was just some checking and didn't really care about it. When we checked in, I noticed that the fire alarm thing is ringing. First they say it's a fire drill. But the amount of policemen came doesn't seem so. No Bomba's seen. Around 10 policemen came and an hour later a policeman came with a dog, those kind of police dogs, don't know what to call them. It's like something serious cause dogs are there to trace two stuffs, 1. drugs. Since they evacuated everyone out I don't really think it's drugs. 2. Bomb. This could be the reason but it's far too serious. Who are they gonna bomb? Me? xP

    After like 2 hours waiting on the evacuation point ( a large field ), they finally called us back to the resort. Everything seem fine. No explosions or whatsoever. They didn't really tell us the truth because if they do, it will certainly caused panic and the resort confirm lose money 99. The management didn't really compensate us much, other than one hour late in checking out. Total failure man. I mean our police force. Take SO long for them to do things like this. But good job, you saved us. :D

    Sunday, September 5, 2010

    Clon's Post

    Hahaha! Oh well so first thing first, happy holiday! And Happy Hari Raya for Muslims, if there are even any here :D. 2 weeks holiday isn't long though, cause almost a month after that then it's our finals. Chill, bros and siss. It's not the end of the world, YET! Before the world ends, come take a look at the all new iTunes 10 :) IF you haven't download/upgrade/patch/update it, do so! It has a little new feature called iTunes Ping. I'm not really sure whether it require money or not but it's worth a try. So what does this ping does? Perhaps lessen your work. iTunes Ping help you to follow certain artists and friend, according to your liking and update their latest activity to you. You could give it a try or google it. Try clicking this link :) it helps a lot! Here Pretty cool, huh?! Hahaha!! 

    Other than that, they offers something call Apple TV, to get more information about this go here

    Alright, work at McD isn't as bad as you think. For me, as a vat (I don't know what's the correct term but this is what they call me) it is quite relaxing IF and ONLY IF (notice my mathematical reasoning - implication :D) the time is NONE OTHER THAN 12-3. During that time, it's something like horntail in maple, 1v8 in Warehouse or perhaps a simple one, SNSD infront of millions of fans. If you can't picture it, or you have a POOR imagination, it's COMPLETE DISASTER. I have to do quite "few" things. Topup lettuce, or random cut lettuce (there are difference), onion, sundae, clean my place, topup nuggets/mcchicken/deluxe/apple pie/filet and so on, constantly check on the tray to make sure it's always full of products/foods and change the sos/refill. Not too much. Just enough to make you die, literally. :D

    Anyway, I know that some of you didn't/don't want to/can't/are blind and didn't saw my status in Facebook, Resident Evil Afterlife 3D is 18. We can either change it to Cats and Dogs : The Revenge of Kitty Galore or Devil or something which you preferred. I personally wanted to watch the Devil but if it's 18, we change loh. What to do. We all under AGE.

    I think that should conclude everything I want to mention. I needa get some rest. Tomorrow morning 6 kena wake up, work at 7 :DD. Cya!

    Thursday, September 2, 2010

    Clon's Post

    Just sharing :D

    I think most of you guys can't see what's going on in that picture. I guess you should just save the picture and open it using IE (most preferred for GIF images)

    You guys may able to see it move picture by picture..that means its still loading the image. Wait for a while for the image to fully load and it shall move like its designed to. :P Peace