Sunday, October 31, 2010

A photo for the day

Can you guess which one is me, already?
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Spring Cleaning

Most people know, cleaning isn't my kind of thing. But yeah, I still have to do it if someone starts nagging at me all the time, like NON-STOP NAGGING! So this morning, I woke up and cleaned my "warzone". Usually warzones are full of bullet shells but mine are full with PAPERS and BOOKS! about recycling...

Anyway, I managed to pull it together and make my room as clean as it CAN! It's "banjjak" like Gee XD (if you don't understand, it's alright.)

Everything is arranged in order..I guess

I even arranged my textbooks neatly!! Cause need to return to school soon..


Frankly speaking, that bunch of useless papers are still there..till now! 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hari Anugerah Kokurikulum

Remember the old days, where we wake up asses up on Saturday morning just to go to koko? Now, its payback time! Our school today organized the Hari Anugerah Kokurikulum at school, as always. A total amount of 150 students were there, I guess. You count yourself in the photo below. So what did they gave me for waking up at 9.30 a.m.? PLAIN PAPER!! Oh, I meant the Certificate paper! WTF?

Let's not talk about the paper anymore, its not the point here. The food was still good. The BEEF....surprised me! How? At first I didn't know what is what so I just simply grab whatever I saw since I didn't eat since morning and the feast begun around 1. Once seated, I quickly grab the fork and spoon and feast! Then eat eat ha I saw the meat inside red red dei. I pushed it to the other side of my plate and continued with my rice and chicken which I'm sure its a chicken....or not?

After that, only I realised it was beef. So who is the smartest prick today? :P
The whole event ended at 1.55, everyone went back afterwards. I felt like I wasted 3 hours of my life and I can't take it back. Haiz..

Tsu Ann, for the last time, **** ** already! XD
no offense...=P

The feast was at.....none other than our school canteeeeeennn!!


I have just received the laptop by Streamyx through their Cool Uni Pack offer! Of course, the laptop itself are not as powerful as those mid range but it is still usable for networking like Facebook, Twitter, MSN and etc. The laptop uses an Intel Atom as its core. Here's a look at the laptop (not mine)

Oh yeah, I came across with their specs while searching for the photo. Saved my time from checking it and writing.

- Intel Atom N475 Processor (1.83 GHz)
- 250GB (5400RPM) Hard Drive
- 1024MB DDR2 SDRAM (1 Dimm)
- Genuine Windows 7 Starter (32-bit)
- HP QuickWeb
- Webcam
- 10.1" Diagonal WSVGA HP Anti-Glare LED Display (1024 x 600)
- Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150 with shared graphic memory
- 802.11 b/g/n WLAN & Bluetooth
- 2-in-1 Digital Media Reader
- 3-cell 27WHr Lithium-Ion Battery

10.1" consider ok ba. Since it's FREE right? XD

Come to think of it, now I would be seriously having lagging/delay issue in DotA or SA since my mom will be like using it to Facebook and when you Facebook you will see video and when you see video you will tend to PLAY IT and when you PLAY IT I WILL BE AFFECTED AS IN AFFECTED A LOTTTTTTTT!! WTF DID I MADE A WRONG DECISION LETTING HER SUBSCRIBE TO THIS AT THE FIRST PLACE?!?! OMFG!


Alright. You thought HD2/Desire HD with its 4.3 inch touchscreen was big? Think again! Have a look here. 

Yes! You are not seeing an idea. The idea is real! The iPhone Table which was meant to be connected via iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS via a dock connector which can give users the maximum enjoyment of the phone! 

I can't explain much here but if you are VERY interested, head off to iPhoneTable now!

DiGi Angels Internet Gathering

And so, just got back from DiGi Angels Internet Gathering at The Grand Modesto's. At first I thought all the Nuffnangers were going to get a few minutes time with the phones they provided (BlackBerry Curve 9300, BlackBerry Torch 9800, HTC Aria, Garmin-Asus A10 and iPhone 4). But the results was quite disappointing. Their blog post content was quite deceiving.

"Not only will you get to test-drive the gadget, you might also be featured on the DiGi website as an official reviewer and keep the phone if the Yellow Man likes your review!"

But before that....

"That’s not the only thing you can look forward to at the gathering though, because there’ll also be opportunities for Angels there to get to review some of the newest, most coveted smartphones on the market."

So anyway, I don't care about that now anymore. My luck was pretty bad already when it comes to travelling to the restaurant itself. Traffic jam from the start to the end. Heavy and I mean, HEAVY traffic jams in KL. The event was delayed, although its written that it start at 7p.m.

When I was there, I was getting pretty awkward because it seems like I'm the only teenage here that time. It's still my first time so gimme a break :P

I snapped a "few" photos before the event started, not quite of a quality but still its watchable.

The iPhone 4 advertisement board in the room. There are two of them!

The overall look of the place. Looks a little havoc but not at all!

The food was nice. I'm not quite sure what this is but I can say it has a different taste than the rest.

Mushroom something....?

At first I thought it was salmon on top, but after I ate it, it doesn't seem like salmon all!

Does this somehow looks like a pile of mayo with some chili sauce on top?

And the event begin...Speech from the co-founder of Nuffnang..I think...

The MC/host. Rob.

James, or was it? Introducing the new Garmin-Asus A10

It has a GPS function. That's why its called Garmin-Asus :P

Google Goggles. I forgot what's that X)

Now what this thing does actually is that you take a photo cover with your A10. It will automatically (or manually by you) search it on the internet and get more informations about it. Interesting? There are one more function which I didn't took photo of it. It is able to translate different language to the language you preferred just by taking photo of it! AMAZINGGGGGG!

If you are one of the lazy people who doesn't like to type much, this handles it all. You talk to the phone and it automatically writes the stuff you talked. Much more like Android Voice-To-Text because this is an Android phone!! Haha!

The Blackberry Curve 9300 and Torch 9800 which they will release soon in the market.

"Which made messaging easy". That is what I heard from him.

A pretty catchy phrase. He was emphasising on the voice fees something? Doesn't matter, the phrase matters more.

And the iPhone representative from DiGi. 

Talks about the plan which we all know it, the iDiGi 88 which discounted and became RM58/month.

The three plans that DiGi offers for their iPhones. "Newbies, Everyday Users and Power Users"

Maxis got owned!

Those who has iPhone that which to upgrade to iPhone 4, you can do it with DiGi NOW!

I Will Yellow You!

It's something like a Doodle Jump just that now it isn't the Doodle that jumps, its the fat Yellow Man! My group mate got the highest points and managed to get our group some freebies...which is....kind of....lets proceed to the next photo XD

DiGi Music Play. It's an Apps. 

Which lets your downloads songs whether its American, Malaysian, Thailand or even Indonesia!

For the price of RM5 per month!! So cheap! Note that it's not pirated musics :P

Now we came to the finalists...the five creative bloggers..

And the winner is...Ho Wei Jie from !! Congratz

The group photo. From left, Vinnie, Stephy, Xiiao Tong (forgot her name ><), Evan and Shannon. If you can't see me, combine this picture with the next. 

Those two I don't know geh >< so yeah, XD

Now come to think of it, the event wasn't so bad afterall. If next time got chance, must try again. Perhaps Tsu Ann, you could join together too. Although its quite awkward, I don't deny that as well...But its ok. First time ma :)

Oh yeah, one more thing. The phones (iPhone 4, A10 and Torch 9800) was selected before the event to some bloggers. Of course, to increase the sales of those phones they will definitely give to the popular bloggers. So left 3 units of HTC Aria and BlackBerry Curve 9300 each. I guessed my luck wasn't good that time. Lucky draw didn't kena me but instead Vinnie got Aria and Stephy got Curve XD. But, THEY HAVE TO GIVE IT BACK 2 WEEKS LATER!! HAHAHA! Have fun with your phones while you still can :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Blackberry Torch it goes again! 

"how you have the best of both worlds with the full 3.2 inch touch screen and BlackBerry keyboard"

To start off, have you guys noticed that more and more phones are equipped with a touchscreen feature? Of course, this applies to the mid range or we called it lower-end phones. Unless you could grab a touchscreen phone at RM300.

So, what so good about a 3.2 inch touchscreen phone? 

In my own opinion, a 3.2 inch touchscreen phone is more than what is enough for users to experience the pros and cons of a touchscreen. Well of course, some said a bigger screen means more enjoyment but somehow I disagrees with it. Look at the picture below.

We all know that iPhone 4 has a 3.5 inch touchscreen with Retina Display featured. But, do you think the big few tiny inch help a lot? Not really. The phone as you see in the photo is quite huge to be put into your ordinary pocket. Imagine slipping one of these device could cost you a fortune! Let's see another example of over-sized phone.


The Desire HD

If you noticed, both of them have a touchscreen of 4.3 INCH! Imagine that on your pocket, how odd will it look when there's a big square thingy that is visible on your tight jeans. 

Surely, the Blackberry Torch offers 3.2 inch touchscreen which users find it not too troublesome when put into pocket. Not too small such that it will make it seem like a cheap China phone!

Most reviews on the internet finds that typing on a touchscreen seems harder than it looks. You will need some adaptations first before you could stop sending wrong content of sms to the wrong person. Then how? Genie is here to grant you your wish! 

Now with the Blackberry keyboard, you won't have to keep tapping on your touchscreen phone to type. It comes with a QWERTY keyboard which makes emailing and messaging easy. 

A glimpse on the Blackberry keyboard

If you put this in comparison with the BlackBerry Bold 9700, you can see that the BlackBerry Bold 9700 itself cannot be slided unlike the BlackBerry Torch 9800. This is definitely the best slide-touchscreen phone I have even dreamed of! And of course, the buttons of the keyboards are same, nonetheless. 

Does the phone already make you start drooling all over your keyboard? Don't worry! Celcom is giving away selling the phone from as low as RM8 when you sign up for their Celcom Exec or Celcom Biz plans!! But take note that the prize will increase if you're not the first 10.

The first 10 shall get RM8, the next 100 will get it at RM488 and the following one will get it for RM888!
So many "8"s, Celcom this time sure "fat" kao kao!!

At the same time, Celcom is giving away free Limited Edition BlackBerry Torch Door Cover, free BlackBerry Torch hard casing and free Call Me Tones for 1 month worth of RM5, games, apps for BlackBerry!! Just dial *118# and select the stuffs for BlackBerry!! Now, save your lunch money and get yourself to the venue here!

Date: TODAY!
Time: 3 pm – 10 pm (Registration starts at 3 so be there as soon as possible!)
Venue: Bukit Bintang Entrance, Pavilion KL (in front of La Bodega)

Still waiting for what?! Let's GO!!

You might wanna take a look on the packages the plan provides. 

Good luck!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

How safe are you when you are using a public WiFi?

Everyone loves free WiFi. Free Internet while you are having a lunch or a tea time with your friends and families, all you have to do is pick up your phone or laptop, search for wireless network and voila! But what you didn't know was, you are making yourself vulnerable to hackers. 

According to the source, A web app developer recently developed the Firesheep, a Firefox addon that allow even novice user to scan a WiFi network and hack other people's account. Eg. Facebook, Twitter and other accounts. All he had to do was connect to the public WiFi that you're connected to, click a button and the addon will automatically start capturing login data and displaying user details at the side as shown below.

I do not own a Mac, so yeah the picture was from the source. One more thing about Mac OS X, you're not fully invulnerable to this addon. It is capable of doing the same thing to your nice little Apply Mac as well cause just because you think you spend a few hundred more to buy an Apply Mac, you're safe and secure

To protect yourself against this attack, the last thing you want to do is connect to a public WiFi connection. What for I buy a smartphone and laptops then? Answer is simple, for me! I'm just joking.

According to a senior security advisor vendor Sophos, is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) whenever you are connecting to a public WiFi.  A VPN will encrypt all traffic that goes on when you’re connected, including the sites Firesheep aims at attacking. It’s still not a total solution though, a VPN can only protect information on its server and once the information leaves the VPN, it’ll still be vulnerable, but it will take much more than Firesheep or a novice hacker to steal your data. If you're unsure of how this works, go to Techworld and do some reading. It's quite long. 

Anyone off to get some roasted lamb?

Source : Lowyat.NET


Well, finally! The long wait has gone and the MV has arrived! All hail to the uploaders!! The MV was GREAT, nonetheless because the teaser was promising enough to tell us it will definitely melt someone :)

So here's the MV, if you haven't watch it, please do! Seriously nice. Bond-like at the start, SiWon!!

According to 
On a side note, people have been asking about the cowboy/cowgirl western theme, and SM Entertainment is either very clever, or it was a complete coincidence, but…if you look closely at the hangul for “Hoot”, you should be able to notice that it looks like a person with a cowboy hat on.         "
Sos  : Allkpop

Now I see why some of the members wore cowboy suit (or it was rather cowgirl xD). The one who figured out this is brilliant or like what the quoted said, perhaps coincidence. But I don't think its solely coincident here.....

One more thing, did you noticed that Sunny had the same hand gesture as the one in their "Tell Me Your Wish" MV? 
Here's a picture of I cropped by Paint. If you noticed the timing were almost identical with 1-2 seconds apart only. When I first watched Hoot MV, I was surprised because the hand gesture seem familiar. When I searched through the Tell Me Your Wish MV, I confirmed that IT WAS THE SAME! 

Now come to think of it, iTunes seem pretty glossy than the Windows Media Player...

I guess that all most of their hand gestures are the probably the same. It became a habit. Anyway, enjoy your MV! Hahahaha. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The other day...

I was thinking of a few things I want to do during holiday. 
I've shortlisted it (or these few things are exactly the thing I want to do at the moment) and found out that it's quite good. I scare I'm just being hangat hangat tahi ayam.

The first thing I came up was playing guitar. Yupp you heard it right now. A GUITAR. Finally, after all these years I'm back to the music industry (I was a violinist before). 
I have asked a few people about the suitable guitar for beginners and apparently the Yamaha F310 (top picture) was the best. Pricing for about RM300-400, it's considered the best for beginners. Well, they say I could get a kapok (somehow referring to cheap guitars) for about RM60-70 but the output wouldn't be as good as the branded and pricey one. Now I know why most people use guitar to belasah people. It's cheap and effective! Not to mention, these are easy to find :P (kapoks, I meant)

Next thing was, building an .com domain for my blog. Although it's a HUGE start, but it's not as expensive as you thought it would be. Just the limiting factor now is I don't have a freaking credit card. The most expensive I saw was RM40....per YEAR. That would be around....few cents per day? RM0.10? I earn >RM100 per year (last year lar) from Nuffnang. I doubt this year I could do >RM200. But yeah you know, having a personal domain seem to be more cool and all this and that. I was thinking of a few names already! (oao = one and only) (clon one n only)
and the lists keep on going! (I forgotten some, dammit!)

But handling the domain would be another issue here. No so much of free time to give to it. Now I only can plan, do or not depends...but yeah. Hopefully everything are able to begin its process after I finished SPM (hopefully I don't kena NS after SPM...). 

The ideas are more to come...more to come! There are a lot of things that I can't do now because I am still in school (age is the problem here). Now whenever I searched for a job, when I saw,

I feel I'm so small. Feel so discriminated. This world isn't fair and I know it. What to do :P Just wait 2 more years larh!


After the new mini album out, now only I download it (not in a legal way, but what the hell? XD). True, a real fan don't download it illegally but instead will buy the album directly but have to consider few factors first la...Logically, those who buy doesn't mean they are a true fan but those who doesn't buy doesn't mean they are not fan. So in other words, you can't judge whether someone is a true fan or not :P

ANYWAY, back to the real reason for this. I came to share what I liked from the mini album. Other than Hoot, this is another nice song to hear to (if you like slow and steady). 

Yup! It is Mistake! The song was written by Yuri. No wonder it is so magnificent :) 

Yeahhhhh HAHAHAHA. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


This might be a late notice but the folks at Golden Screen Cinemas are going to have a special preview of the upcoming Tron: Legacy on this Thursday, 28th October. The preview will be showing 22 minutes worth of clips from the movie in full 3D glory and will take place at three selected GSC cinemas; namely Mid Valley1 Utamaand Pavilion KL.
Additionally, viewers at the 1 Utama’s screening will get a chance to walk away with merchandises from the movie, some Razer (yes, the gaming equipments manufacturer) products and GSC passes. So, if you are currently on your (extended) lunch break, do rush to one of the cinemas that we mentioned above to grab them passes which are being distributed as we speak. But before that, you need to print out a coupon from GSC’sofficial website first.
The full Tron: Legacy film will be hitting cinemas everywhere in December 2010; so, head on to Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Malaysia’s Facebook page to follow all the latest information of the movie.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A voyage out with my dad to 1u

As most you guys knew already, I went out to 1utama to watch the premiere screening of Altitude. So I went there right after my tuition at 7. I was wearing a long black pants with a casual white shirt. Going for a classy (I suppose) shopping complex must wear nice nice. Took us around 30-35 minutes to reach there (my father is a road expert :D). Went to TGV Cinema and collected the tickets. It was only a yellow paper printed with the movie name and some details. There are 2 free popcorns and 2 cokes given for free by TGV Cinema. Thanks, I think. The coke was 99% water, 0.1% of coke taste and 0.9% of gas. The popcorn was still fine, although it's packed-ready and not hot at all. Typical free stuffs, right? 

So the movie starts at 9.05. To be honest, the front front part where they display cast and crews, directors all this and all that, I felt bored. Why? *SPOILER* Because it was plain black background till now almost end only got a sudden white scene. 

The movie was great. I must admit the jokes are quite funny although there are just a little. I guess it was a low-cost production since they spend mostly of their time in the plane. A lot of exciting scenes that will make you go nervous. Well, if you want to know more about the movie go and watch it yourself! I bet you will feel wow at the front to mid part. When in the end, you will feel like "is this what I've paid to watch?" although I got it for free. Hey! Petrol fees need count also lar! 

Went back and reached home around 11.30. Went to bad at 11.35. Woke up at 5a.m. Studied my sejarah. But still epic fail in the exam. Just hope that I won't go much lower than 60. At least a strong B would be good. :(