Saturday, February 26, 2011

New song.

Haiii..I'm writing this with my PB uniform now. I didn't bath after the koko =P. It became rather a "hobby" that after school I don't bath first, I will sleep first if I don't have tuition in the afternoon later. Cause I know, once I bath I can't sleep anymore :(

Alright..back to the main topic. By the time you guys read till this part, I guess the new song will be playing already. The thing is, anyone know what's the first song name (its a playlist)? No don't ask me "You put it yourself you don't know but you want to ask people?". Yes I put it there, but that was a rip-off code from a blog skins XD. I was previewing new skins then suddenly heard this song. It's quite nice (don't tell me my taste is bad. THIS is my taste) By the way ah, the second song is quite good too. What's the second song name? 

I guess from the photo you can already see the code bender is a kpoppy friend. And, she intend to be a part of korean community by calling Shinees, oppa -_-          Yeah noona? -_- 

Then I came across this skin. 

I won't be normal if I used this skin right? So I send to Tsu Ann but apparently she is in prefects camp now. Wait till she get back and see what is her comment. But I can already imagine. "Yuck! You call this a skin!?!" Hopefully this won't be her answer. I would actually imagine something like;
and there goes her ahjumma laugh. 

That is quite about all of what inside my mind. So if you may excuse me...big boss wanna go bath now ₩.

If you're doing something big, throw your ego aside and start asking people. 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

When people first heard this song, people will go "victoria, victoria daridiridara du". But the correct pronunciation is oetoriya. Apparently the O and the E is silenced..and somehow got replaced with a "V"? Anyway, enjoy the song! =D

If it's not too late to appreciate the song now, then just to tell you I actually like the song quite well. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Har hmm...not to self-praising or whatsoever but I think I have some ego problem. All man does. But whether it's serious or not is another different case. So I went to go and search for "cure for ego" and it came up what touch with god la this la that la. Religion stuffs, you know? I don't deny the fact that maybe that would help but seriously? Not my type of solution with this kind of problem. 

There were one said, to cure your ego you have to find a person who is superior than you, more powerful than you and excels you in every field. That why, you would lower down your ego when you met them, not surprising if your ego boosts up when they are gone. But this is something that is relevant though. It's true. When you are dealing with someone far more better than you, you will feel humble and such (if you still feel ego in such condition, you're a bad ass!) That is why, this solution won't help either. Not that nobody is better than me, but it just WON'T WORK! 

So I googled up for narcissist. NO.....I'm not that serious until becoming someone who loves himself right? That's TOO much! A big no. I'm giving this up! Perhaps I'm not ego afterall......

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Brian's house

Yesterday, which happens to be Valentine's Day, we were all summoned to Brian's house for his birthday celebration. Yeah, it somehow happen to be Singles' party, for most of us there. Sorry, no photos again, but I took a lot of photos randomly at Brian's iPhone. I don't think he know it, so..haha! Let's just wait till he went mad and ask me why I took so many random photos. 

The food was still acceptable, though it isn't what I thought it would be. But still ok la. I appreciate your food, Mrs. Ong. The kuetiao goreng was all nice and stuff, the colouring was fine too! Dark keutiaos are often mistook as pan mee. The curry kai was ok too. The cake? Didn't manage to try it. I'm sure it taste fine with your hair. 

Wah..have you guys heard of Secret Garden? I didn't know the show was nice. The funny thing is, it's funny! When we watch this drama in Brian's room, yee yan and tsu ann keep on making "eeeee" "yerrrrr" and some other voices you don't wanna hear loudly. Their reaction was very big whenever there's "an action" between the guy and the girl. For god sake, it's just a drama. Written script! AND UNREAL!! Haha!

Uhh okay..when the time reaches almost 12, everyone almost went back except a few of us that stayed for overnight. I don't know what I do until almost 2, but as I remembered I only walked around watching poker and call of duty. When I was going to sleep, an was playing Resonance Fate. Luckily he got the sound down, if not we are so gonna bust his ass up. Oh yeah, did someone setup an orchestra yesterday night? I think not?!!

The next morning, Mun Seng and I woke about 6.30 and went down to get ourselves prepared for work. About 7.30 we went out along with Alvin (he's going for soccer) and seperate on a T-road. After work I come back straight sleep zzzz....zzz.....zz.....z

Saturday, February 12, 2011

My KOKO might be back..!

Hahahaha! I asked Pn. Shuraida about my koko book. She said that I could photostat the attendance part and the overall marks part. But she said that there were someone send her a koko book this week. Probably mine, HOPEFULLY mine. I'm gonna see her next Monday. If not mine..then..I just photostat ba. Sudah takdir sudah suratan!

If what lost can be retrieved, can you be mine?

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Some time to rest. Actually, I rest EVERYDAY. Just that today I didn't have to do any homeworks. All of them considered settled but only left sejarah and lisan. Aiya! Don't care la. It's weekend already, no point being hardworking and all. Yes, I am THAT kind of guy. I'm lazy. Ever since the holiday passed, I feel like I'm getting lazier and lazier. My brain is getting slower and slower (perhaps the trauma after that incident?) and my emotions went uphills and downhills. 

Today is the 8th day of Chinese New Year, or 1 week after Chinese New Year started. I don't know why, but we have to "bai ting kong" tonight. Seriously, my mom sell praying stuffs I also don't know le! Hehe. Aiyo don't care la. It's not my expertise. But I do have a few tricks behind my sleeves...haha! I think my mom is gonna start burning those paper money and stuff. Then pray. Banyak banyak wang, sihat sihat semua, pelajaran baik baik, kerja naik jawatan and all those things la! I also not excluded, but I wished for one extra thing. Everyone happy then good. =)

Ah. Next monday is Valentine's Day already. Any plannings...? Haha! Have you bought your gifts and chocolates already? Are you planning on a romantic dinner with your other half? I doubt any of my friends will plan a romantic dinner...I hope I was right =.=". But if you HAVEN'T, don't worry. The Moral society and basketball club will be selling flowers and chocolates. I think they will provide the transportation too. So, getting your money ready is probably the first thing you have to do starting today!

Ciaosssss (sorry no photos, wall of text again :{)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

CNY House Visiting aka bai lian!

Ah. The visiting was pretty much exciting! We start off with Mun Seng's house as our first station, then Pang, Lum, Nicholas, Joon Leon and finally Brian. We shorten the list by A LOT (originally I think it's 15?) because we lack of time and some of their houses weren't available. Shame on them! 

The highlight of the day was not really that..HIGHLIGHTED. Just trapped in the lif for 30 minutes. No big deal *whistling*. All thanks to Chun Weng LAH!! Pang's apartment lif is already reaching its lifespan (almost a decade old) plus Chun Weng and also few others jump on it before it start (and as soon as it started). Suddenly, DANGG!!! The lif stopped. Okay. This is some seriously sh*t now! I'm STUCKED INSIDE THE LIF ALONG WITH ANOTHER 8 PEOPLE. That lif isn't quite big. So we are kinda like suffocating and dying for air. It was hot inside. 

Then a few of us tried to open the door and succeed after numerous trials. But, there's still a steel door there (we're kinda stucked at the first floor). No matter how hard we tried, it won't budged! It's because it is locked up there. Need some kind of key. After about 5 minutes of yelling and so. Finally someone came to help. It was quite relieving when the first woman said "I will call the security". But after like 5 minutes no news from her. No security or whatsoever. Then, another uncle came by. He said hold on. He go get some stuff to try and open. When he brought his tools, also can't open. Then got two aunties begin to come and start saying useless stuffs.

One of the auntie said "I thought it so loud ah, people fighting." What the sh*t is wrong with you? Somemore she said that THREE TIMES. Oh gosh, if you thought it was people fighting then ok la. You don't have to REPEAT and REPEAT and REPEAT. WE KNOW. OMG. FISH YOU SERIOUSLY!

Another auntie said "Confirm ah these kids play play the switches. Cincai press. That is why the lif will stuck". This auntie either seriously had her surname as "Lai" or she have some serious problem. God knows what her problem is. Luan luan fitnah orang. You THINK WE WANTED THIS?! FOR GOD SAKE!! 

But the uncle (that brought the tools and helped us) was really great, other than having to smoke when we are dying for oxygen inside =.=". After about another 15 minutes, the maintenance guy came. An indian. He come, put the key inside the steel door and voila. It worked like charm. 

Sadly, Nicholas had his umbrella fell down to the first floor and also his HANDPHONE too! But after we got out from the lif he go back to the first floor to take. His phone is still working though, amazingly. 

Here is the video I took inside the lif. You can see how havoc it was!


It seems that finally the holiday is coming to an end. FINALLY!! I could use some social networking face to face instead of the fagbook. I need to see someone seriously. Someone alive that could talk with. I have been facing this pile of shitness since the day it started holiday (but thank god I manage to rest well this holiday). 

So? I think it's time to really upload some photos before you start to die because of my wall of text. 


Alright boys and girls. I bet you didn't see this coming! Behold..the mighty man with hairband! *this was taken last christmas!*

yeah. sorry I haven't shave that time. and my hair was pure messy. forgive me lord!

Oh yea another photo from the other day we went to Brian's house to do Moral project. Apparently..we didn't quite utilize our time there...

as you can see. you may call 999 to catch them now. 

but weng kai is still doing his moral. its because he came later than us! we've already finished what hes doing now.

god knows what pang's doing and what cheok's imagining he's doing. amen!

I guess that's all for now. Just some simple update to keep you fresh and to tell you this blog isn't quite dead, yet!. Ciaos amigos! Have a pleasant day today!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!

Hapi cainis lew liar~
or should I rephrase it to,
Happy Chinese New Year? Haha!
When I saw my msn, seriously. I'm very sad. WHERE ARE ALL THE PEEPS?!
Now I know how lifeless I am. I have no kampung. I play games all day long. I stay infront of my TV and PCs all day long during cny. I wait for somebody to online all day long. I wait people to online to dota all day long. I'm useless.

Next time, when I have a family. I will move away from KL. Go to Canada/US/Australia/Singapore and stay at there. Just so that my children in the future won't be suffering the same thing I am suffering right NOW! How terrible that feels. Urgh...Damn!

For those of you who went back, going back, going to go back, congratulations. You probably enjoying/going to enjoy your time there. 

Not to mention, the problems I'm facing now. Nothing to do so can only think of that problem. How to solve it. How to deal with it. How to face it. Owh god please help me =.=" I feel like I could die because of thinking about it. I feel like going crazy. 13 point. 

Talking about new year, have you started gambling? =)