Wednesday, March 30, 2011 ha moo!

For the past few days I have been mumbling myself with the Secret Garden tongue twister. Heck! It's quite fun if you can memorize it from the start till the end! The tongue twister goes something like this..

kim su-han-mu guh-bu-ki-wa du-ru-mi sam-chun-kab-ja-dong-bang-sak chi-chi-ka-po sa-li-sa-li saen-ta wuh-li-wuh-li sae-bu-li-kang mu-du-sael-la gu-ruum-ee huh-li-kae-een dam-byuh-lak suh-sang-won go-yang-ee ba-duk-ee-nun dol-dol-ee

which translates to

Kim Soo-han-moo : it’s Hanja literally means surname ‘Kim’, ‘Age-is-Infinite’.
Keo-bu-gi-wa du-ru-mi: the tortoise and the crane (bird, not machine), 2 of the traditional 10 symbols of longevity.
Sam-cheon-gab-ja Dong Bang Sak: long time ago, there lived a guy called Dong Bang Sak in China. He lived for sam-cheon-gab-ja = 3000 x 60 = 180000 years.
Chi-chi-ga-po: name of somebody who lived a long life somewhere in Africa *lol*
Sarisarisaenta, Woriwori, Saepeurika: names of legendary people who lived a long life *rofl*
Moo-doo-sael-la : konglish for Methuselah, who lived for 969 years, according to the Bible’s Genesis 5:27
gu-reum-yi: ‘clouds’, ‘cos they symbolise a never-ending existence; in a way, lives longer than Methuselah ^^; thus it’s better to be a cloud than Methuselah
heo-ri-kae-in: konglish for ‘hurricane’, shows the meaninglessness of clouds’ existence if they can be blown away by hurricanes, thus it’s better to be a hurricane than a cloud.
dam-byo-rak: ‘wall’, showing the meaninglessness of a hurricane if you stay intact despite being blown, thus it’s better to be a wall than a hurricane.
seo-saeng-won-ae: ‘mouse’. Drills holes in wall, causing weakened wall to collapse in a hurricane, thus… it’s better to be a mouse than a wall.
go-yang-yi: ‘cat’. (You get the drift)
ba-duk-yi-neun: ‘dog’
Doldolri : doggie’s name..

So when you see I'm all by myself talking, I'm actually mumbling this tongue twister :D

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Yoyo, like I promised. The KLCC post :)

So in the morning I woke up at about around I think hmm........7? Reach school and saw a few of them already waiting at the canteen. Good thing I wasn't the last, but I regret so much I went so early! The bus won't come till 8.30, which would actually gives me another 30 minutes of good sleep at home =.= (if I go at 8 lar!) 

I didn't take much photos..although there's a photo album to it which Lik Hui or something took it. I lazy to copy them here. Sorry MIANHAE =)

So...skip all boring part and lets go to one of the highlights that day. When we reach the upper floor (which Petrosains located), we camped at the outside of the elevator. When the elevator reaches and opens, we pushed XXXX inside..cause we already know that inside the elevator is our friends..but what we didn't expect was there's ANOTHER stranger there..AWKWARD!!! XD

Petrosains was ok. A lot of interesting stuff inside. A lot of...boring stuff too! I love the earthquake simulation though hahahaha! Other than that, I was surprised that the space section have iMac. Seriously! SINCE WHEN THEY SO RICH ONE?! It's not one, or two ITS LIKE 10 FRIGGIN iMAC THERE! Ok la maybe people sponsor. =.=

Aquarium was ok also. The fact that it's BORING and SHORT, the other things were cool too. The fish, spiders and crocs. 

After that we went to the entrance to wait for our bus. I took a few photos here. 

We saw a few students/people drawing the building up front. Probably assignment? Future architects! 


the best =P

and of course!

the KLCC :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Oh my gooddddddd. I'm gonna post my KLCC trip later but now WALAO EH. Today we did formasi and guess what, it's so damn fun!!! 

It was as funny as the photo (if you don't find it funny then, you're emotionless). It was the first time though. Maybe next time I should video it and put in facebook. HAHAH!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Something to share

Can't get it? HAHAHA. 

Reggie: Learn How to boot leg
Reggie: You are idiot for try ing!

School camp

Haha! It seems that the school camp didn't let us all down. The camp was quite alright, other than that the management is little bit loose. Compared to the other years, this year they are not that quite strict. I still remember last camp, whoever that did not tuck in their shirts will denda. But this time they only mention it once, no enforcement was made. Still, there is a significant number of people who did tuck in. And of course, I'm one of them. LITERALLY XD!!

So ah..the most interesting part was the jungle trekking. Yes, it's VERY tired. We had to walk from school to Bukit Saga and from there trek the jungle for about 3 hours+. The jungle was still quite ok when climbing, but when going downwards it's seriously takes patiences. Not as easy as we all though it would. Apparently, there were teams that went the wrong way. We weren't one of them. We came in as the second from the last. The only reason why we were in that position is because there were one girl from another team that cramped. Not to boost my team or anything, but we stopped because of this. Then after a while our teammate pulak got problem. That morning she did not eat anything. Even after I talked her a while. She still won't. Perhaps she wants to keep fit? =.= NO THIS IS NO THE CORRECT WAY FOR YOU TO KEEP FIT. She messed up the whole team's speed. She had to stop in intervals to catch her breath. We can't really blame her, probably this was her first time. After all, we're one team. 

Next would be the Malam Kebudayaan. Ahhh..we messed up a lot here. Not enough of preparations been done. We DIDN'T EVEN PRACTICE FOR ONCE! Only some explanations and so on. We danced Sorry Sorry (yeah I messed up too HAHAHAHAHA), Gee, some break dance some shuffle and some ballroom dancing! The ballroom dancing was suggested by someone (I forgotten who). Seriously, I thought of changing partners during dancing but...well don't even mention it again shall we? =P
We're not the only one messing this up too!

And the last thing..the only memoriable thing was the ending, when we all sign on the camp T-shirt that provided. I managed to get a few of the teacher's sign =P. Of course, my friends too. I had to go back early because my sister came, that's why I didn't manage to write on some of their T-shirts. Such a regret actually. But don't worry, there's still tomorrow! Tomorrow we will be wearing the camp shirt and I shall bring marker again!! Muahahahahahahahaha.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Few days

Two days ago in school we (the one that is going to camp this saturday), were all called to canteen for some briefing. For those that goes to camp every year (like me, except Form 1) hear this briefing over and over and OVER again. It's almost the same thing, what to bring etc. So apparently this year we're having our camp at SCHOOL. Yes, at school. Probably this is the only camp that don't really suffer much because the school's surrounding is quite comfortable. But the bad thing is the toilet, thinking about it makes me sick. No matter how, there's no lake or river here. No that "feel" of camping. Still, we have jungle trekking @ Bukit Saga. 

So when it almost reaches 1, teachers let all of us to go and get our bags and stuffs then come back down to canteen. I didn't went up because I was carrying my bag all along. Not too long later Lum came down. He said there got few girls that their bags got stolen by the students in our school. Shame on you! What for stealing people's bags? Still in primary school ah? =.= Or is this a way to kao lui? << heard from someone LOL.

They say the girls are quite OKAY. Ok la, I try myself to cope with them a little. Pretend like all hype up and wanted to go see the girls (actually a bit la, man's instinct). Then it's actually almost 1.10. I need to go to the Kamar Bicara and place my buku pemantauan and do my daily checking routine on the other classes buku pemantauan (yes, this is a new thing to me. LOL). But the thing is, those girls were in kamar bicara too. Well, just a way to see if they are lying or not. I went inside, and start checking. I catch a glimpse on one of the girls, really OKAY je la. Random girl la. Not any extraordinary. After checking go back canteen and continue the briefing.

After that we go marching. I mean, THEY. I'm the one commanding XD. 
Then I came into a conclusion that we should join the zone/district competition. That is why today I searched for Khuzaifah to give him to list. Apparently we are going to be power rangers with St John. But just now I only know that St John can't gabung with other persatuan? I don't know now but I don't really care already. I have already gave the list to Khuzaifah. Lantak lah the officer.   

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Previously the header really sucks a lot. It's about a chinese drama called "Next stop, happiness" or "下一站,幸福". Not that I don't like the drama (I never really did watch anyway) but the header really don't fit up my expectations. Tell me I'm choosy. 

So this is actually better but the background isn't the original one. I picked up the background image from google image. Tell me how it is, whether its bad or its nice. Somehow I feel like there is something lacking with the image though. The original image was better, but it takes very very very VERY long time to load. Don't believe? Go here.
Now there is another problem that arose. The header won't load, or it loads very long. Is my luck really that bad? Now I have to rip the codes and find something suitable to put at there, else it will become blank. Oh gosh! 


No, if you were ask yourself you are in the wrong blog. No you are not. This skin is just temporary. I hate the header so much. 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Finally, again!

Finally there is a Saturday that doesn't require me to go to school or waking up early. But it seems that my body are getting used to waking up early so here I am. Woke up at 7.45 in the morning and I'm feeling alive and kicking! This is when those idiomatic expressions kicks in. There is some use from them after all! Okay..stop your nonsense and start writing something that will catch your visitor's attention!

This it it again! The Pikom PC Fair that will held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) and this time it comes with a lucky draw. Hmm...I don't even know if the previous PC Fairs have lucky draw. Well, let's just forget about the lucky draw cause I never been lucky in these things before ever. 

The Pikom PC Fair will again held in KLCC on 15,16 and 17 of April. Those who want to go, might consider going on the last day cause on the last day it is usually cheaper than the first and second. The sellers don't want to bring so much of stock back home :P But it is also usually packed on the last day. 

Here is the links to the layout plans, if you are interested lah!

Conference Halls 1,2 and 3
Banquet Level 3
Ballroom Level 3
Exhibition Hall 1 & 2
Exhibition Hall 3
Exhibition Hall 4 & 5

Thursday, March 3, 2011

iPad 2

Ahh...this is something worth writing on. The new iPad 2 which just announced yesterday. It will not be on the shelves till 11 of March. Just a few days away, it's alright for those that are getting for it. 

So really, what's the new from iPad? Nothing much of what people expected. Before iPad 2 was announced, it was rumoured that it will have a higher resolution and probably with an SD card slot. that case, rumours are still rumours. 

What are the other new features? As we all know, the iPhone 4 is equipped with Facetime. iPad 2 isn't losing out, cause they have a front camera too for Facetiming. Yet, I don't get what is this different from the Nokia phones that have 3G. Facetime =/= 3G? Not? 

Another thing is the Dual-Core A5 chip. Well, as you all know everything related with technology is using a "brain" (or chip/processor) to run. Dual-Core means it could process twice as much and fast than a single core chip (which previously iPad was using). It is also said that iPad 2 will deliver 9x the graphical processing power, meaning everything will be faster in terms of graphic. Gaming would be much better I guess? 

For the smart cover, figure yourself. 

So what happen to the iPad? From RRP (recommended retail price) of around RM1499 for 16GB WiFi, it dropped to RM1199 in Apple store. So all second hand iPad now are around RM 1k or

AND iPad 2 comes with Black and WHITE!! OMFG WHITE !!!

Wall of text > click here.