Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's been a while..

Sorry for not posting so long. I have been rather busy these days. Well....maybe not that busy but I'm just lazy. I was suppose to start my revision after the holiday I even have to continue writing on this? XD

So tomorrow majority of us are going to SMK Pandan Mewah for a talk about "Teknik Menjawab Soalan Pendidik Moral". It was pretty awesome one because there are many schools which will also be there. Probably I get to meet some of my old buddies? But I don't think we will even greet...somehow we're like strangers. Probably some of them totally forgotten about me too =/ 
No matter how, there' still tuition friends. I'm definitely sure I will enjoy my time there. Probably also by criticizing their school's interior. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA!