Sunday, September 1, 2013


It has come to my final week in KL. Surely gonna miss it. 

It is good to be back at your own home, lying on your own bed, smelling your own stinky pillow and blanket. It is good to be back and hang out with old friends, old sports (hah, Gatsby!), blowing waters and talk about others whether its good or bad. 

Well, of course I did not just spend my holiday playing. I found a job right after I came back not long, a telemarketing job. It was a sales-kinda-thing which initially I thought I would never touch after my encounter with Courts Mammoth. Sales sucks, especially when the art of persuading comes in. I can't say I hate persuading people, but I rarely "begged" people into something. Well in the end I did what I didn't plan, and the results were spectacular. 

The job pay is good I'd say, like really good! *to not be exposed here cause salary are extremely EXTREMELY sensitive issue, trust me I've been through that before*. Job was rather easy, just sit infront of the computer and make sales call. But before that there was a training provided to prepare us the basic product knowledge and such. Still OK-lah. Colleagues were rather funny and friendly I would say, once you get to know them. Although there had been some office politics, I am still able to maneuver around safely. It gets even better when the "politician" was off the team and I was able to work more efficiently later. 

I learned a lot during the two months in the company. And they even provided a special communication training from INTI International College (cert was provided as well, how cool is that?!). All in all, it was really a good company with good boss and colleagues. I would surely love to go back and work as part time next semester break :). 

Post about work as requested (late abit, sorry ah) by my dear friend. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Yo wazzups,

So I was thinking just now in the car while I'm driving. 

What is the most important thing in your life?

What are the things that matters most if you lose them? 

Who you can't afford to lose?

Seriously. Take your time, probably grab the pillow and make some brainstorming when you are on the bed. Think of what have you been doing your whole life. Think of the people that revolves around you, be it your families, your BEST friends, your friends, colleagues, lecturers and teachers and if you want, your ex too-lah ok. 

Which of them are the one you spend your time with most and probably WILL too in the future? They are the one that is important to you. Period. 

Some people take their friends for granted. Don't worry, it is quite normal actually. We all do some things for granted. e.g. the toilet roll. (inb4 you wash your asshole, k) So what most of them did not do was appreciate them. Until they lost one part of their life (be it family member or close friend). Be reminded that we are all human, and we don't live forever. We'll die. That is part of life and also the order of nature. We live, grow and die. 

 So it wouldn't take too much of a time to say, maybe, start paying attention to your surroundings?

Those who are close with me and hang out with me often knows what kind of friend I am. In my own way of interpreting myself, I am really outgoing and lively in my own group. I like to crack stupid and lame jokes (JAMES HAHAHHAHAHAHHAA) to my friends just so they make the -_- look to me. Well, some of the jokes were laughable but rarely-lah. To me, whether you are a big lame joker or a stupid laughing stock, what you do directly flow inside of your friend's mind. They may remember you for who you are with them, but not who you really are, unless you are really who you are with them. 

But with new strangers, I am totally aw-ke-ward. But that's alright, improving on that...

As I was saying, blood bond and friendship are the one that can bring you throughout your life and the best thing is, IT IS FREE. Walao, Malaysians heard free ah all sure queue kao kao for it (or if its a minion). But seriously, don't just "live through your days"  but rather "live meaningfully each day". Don't be a slave of life. 

For a "chao kuey teow" to manifest its tastiness and nice fragrant, you will need the basic materials. For a skyscraper to stand firmly, it needs a good foundation. For a life to be beautiful, you will need two ships. 

dude, friendship and relationship-lah. not those ships that sail in sea. HAHA- TEEHEE.


Monday, July 8, 2013


Just gonna be a little quick insight from me. 

What do you think about death? 

What do you think about dying young?

What do you think about dying young with wealth?

I have been thinking rather a lot recently about this. It's not that I want to commit suicide or something, but death is just a painful truth and life is a beautiful lie. Nothing is permanent in this world except change. Everything changes and you can do nothing to stop it. It is the part of life. 

Most people take death as a negative result, the termination of life. I personally think that if we looked at the bright/positive side, death isn't that bad after all. Death can stop the person from suffering if he is having a chronic disease. Death can be a gift from God to join him (not being a  Christian here, just superstitious). Death could be the termination of all the lies we have lived in for all the year we are alive. 

At some point of our lives, we will die. It isn't something that you can change. Not if you found the Elixir of Life. In every events of our lives we should take things positively and optimistically. Take failures as experiences and embrace your superiority. I constantly remind myself to accept other's critics (although I still struggle with this issue) and correct them. Take what is bad and turn it into good, throw it away if you can't. 

Remember that everything in life is temporary. So all your electrical gadgets, money, property and cars will disappear one day. What remains in life is family, friendships and memories. Don't lose yourself with apparel of wealth. You can't bring it into the coffin. The only thing you can bring into the coffin is your body and the cloth you are wearing. So please, life is too short. Go out there and build memories with your family and friends. In the end, they are the ones that will walk you through the funeral ceremony. 

Food for thought. Cheers fella. 

Thursday, June 27, 2013


The topic today is trust. 

Having to trust someone is not easy, but to have someone to trust you is harder. And it goes like that every where in life. 

Let's pick an example from a first person shooting game (CS, BF, COD, you name it). 
If you would trust your partner that he'd cover your back, you won't even think of looking back. Same goes to your partner. He trusts that you will cover his back too. Here we see a mutual understanding, even it won't be beneficial at all times. AND even if you died of backstabbing (attack from behind), you wouldn't blame your friend as you trust that he did his best protecting your ass. After all, you'll be respawn back in no time. It is just a game. 

What if it is not a game? 

Now that's the real question. What if you are a SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) team and the success of your mission depends entirely on your team working? Enemies attack from all direction and you need to trust that each of your team members will cover for you, as they expect the same from you. One slight of mistrust and you turned to check your own back, you might just jeopardize the mission and the lives of your entire team. It's life here we are talking about. REAL LIFE. No respawn. 

What I'm trying to say here is that (which is pretty obvious if you asked me) trust basically holds the world together. 

If someone trusts you, don't lose it. Don't take "I trust you" lightly. It might not be as affectionately as "I love you" but it certainly sounds better than "I hate you and I don't want to see you for the rest of my lives and the next because you cheated on me and I'm so dumb believing you." 

Trust is important too in friendship or in relationship. Though I think it serves a much greater purpose in relationship as both sides are expected to spend the rest of their lives together (so the "I hate you and I don't want to..." above will really affect your relationship very much).  

Oh and another thing, when someone trusts you, you should never doubt them even for a moment. They have offered you something that is priceless and in what position you think you are to doubt them? You think you who? God ah?  So son, just don't. I still remember that moment when someone told me that they trust me. Although I felt a burden clinging on my shoulder but at the same time I felt happy. An indescribable feeling, I'd say. 

The thing with trust is that you must always remain considerate. It is a hard thing to do, being considerate, but it sure does a great job in making people feel good about it. In fact, it made them felt SO good, they did not realised you are being considerate. But again, since you are a considerate being you won't mind people ignoring your considerateness. If everyone adapt to being considerate, the world would totally be a better place to live in.

I shall end this post with a simple quote. 

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Monday, June 24, 2013


Haze, the haze! 

It had became an annual thing they said, the haze. Though I could not recall few years back that we had haze here in Malaysia. I remember once when I was still Standard 5 that we had terrible haze (possibly, same as current situation), schools had to close down for a few days. A happy kid I was and I was lazy and fat too. God! Who doesn't LOVE holidays?!  

Schools declared holiday for Johor, Melaka, KL and Selangor. I believe that working adults won't be getting any holidays and I don't know why. Probably because they are paid and companies think that it is utmost crucial that they attend to work rather than their health. Still, school teachers might get a few days off since their students won't be attending school. Privilege, I see, not entitlement. 

Anyway, be careful of the haze. Don't take the "clouds" lightly. They might blurred your vision and cause you an accident. But fingers crossed you won't.