Saturday, January 18, 2014

Don't get too attached to things

Don't get attached to things. That is what Ivan Vanko from Iron Man 2 said, of which the role is played by Mickey Rourke. You might remember him better from The Expendables? The guy that tattooed Rambo. Anyway that is not the reason for this post. 

Last week I have been to Singapore and I would really say the trip changed few of my perspective. Travelling alone does have it's merits, combined with the advice of an old friend. One of the things she told me is that she would not get attached to things, especially in love matters. Don't drag mud with water, she said. In Chinese it is 拖泥带水. It simply means that one should end things well and not leave any marks behind. Like, flirting around with your ex-boyfriend. In some way it also means procrastinating. Mind that making clear grounds doesn't mean you should isolate your ex-boyfriend/lover entirely, you can be friends too!

That enlighten me. You should have clear grounds of what to do and how to act. Dragging mud with water won't help anyone and instead it might just hurt someone else (if not yourself). NOT GOOD! I thought a lot during the trip and after the trip. I should do something, like making clear indications of my ground. 

This is just one of the few things that I thought would be useful so I wrote it down here. If anyone would see, yeah, you, hope it may enlighten you as how my friend enlighten me! 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

There's a time and place for everything - Just not now.

I just reminded myself of this sentence of which Professor Oak (from Pokemon if you haven't play them before, but who don't, right?) said when you tried to pull out a bike at indoors. Similarly I was thinking of my Chinese New Year clothes, whether which to buy. Honestly I think that buying some stylish new colourful shirts isn't too bad. But I'd like to dress smart, dress intimidatingly and of course dress impressively. I'd like to dress like Benedict Cumberbatch from Sherlock, with his black and white suit - w/o tie and with a pair of leather shoes. How I'd like his coat too. But that would be too much fanboyism and it is not too healthy apparently (most fans hate other fans that dress like their idol) and his coat are obviously limited edition. Really. Go and try to Google and you'd know.

I got the idea of dressing smart from my university friend. He once said, or I thought he said, or he gave born the idea to me that every single man on Earth (yes every single one including sissies) should get a full set of black and white suit. Regardless of events like prom, graduation, wedding dinner and what not, it is very well suited and very appropriate too, funerals for example. I went ahead and told my mom once about getting a full set suit (blazer, white shirt, proper pants - all tailor-made), she wasn't being very supportive. She told me "why you want to get one of those?", I was not too shock as I'd figure that my mom would pretty much question every time I do something differently.  I reason that it was a very appropriate attire that suit many events. She didn't seem to accept my reason. I am now wondering, would she rather me to ask for another watch or some other thing that I already have as my present? Oh I forgot to mention, it was suppose to be my birthday present.

Suit aside, I guess that "there's a time and place for everythimg - just not now". Right now probably I have no use of it, graduation's one year away, wedding? don't think so, funeral? hope not, class? presentation? probably overdressed and much more. Maybe I'll just get a pair of long pants and few shirts and a pair of Converse. Maybe I'll do this till I am 21 yo of which then I am all grown up and able to handle and see things differently. Maybe not, who knows. I'm already as uncle as I am right now maybe I will just grab em' next year?!

Nonetheless, I am on my holidays now and two weeks ahead we are going to celebrate our Chinese New Year. I wish all of my family and friends a prosperity and healthy year ahead.