Friday, February 21, 2014

[clarification] my university

Enough is enough.

Sometimes that is what you have to say when things are getting annoying. I know that my university isn't that well known or popular, whichever fits in your dictionary but enough is enough. By saying that, it doesn't mean I am mad or angry or anything that relates to violent. I am just tired of explaining things over and over again (some might say I'm lazy but imagine explaining it again and again to different people, yeah, you'll get tired). Even my mom still can't spell the acronym of my university right (UPM? UMP? dafuq?). 

Ultimately, I don't blame any of you. 

little bit of history 
Me myself I don't know what the fuck is this university when I first got the offer from UPU (Unit Pengambilan Universiti, read as University Enrollment Unit?). My first decision was I will not go to Pahang. Not one bit of chance. Long story short, I am here and I was wrong

How do I begin? .... Right.

the university
My university's name is Universiti Malaysia Pahang, UMP (named after the state, obvious) and I don't study/live in Kuantan. My university has two campus, one at Gambang and one at Pekan. 

left marked is the Gambang campus where right marked is the Pekan campus

I bet you can noticed already that I am not living nor studying in Kuantan, which is considered metropolis (kind of) although it is not as luxury as Kuala Lumpur. 

I am studying my Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in the Pekan campus, the soon-to-be main campus of our university (probably 10 years ahead). There are only three faculties here in Pekan, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering. Therefore, hot girls here are quite limited (close to none). Pekan is the nearest town to this campus and there are really very less entertainment to be found here. There are however, McDonalds with McCafe, KFC and PizzaHut available here. A&W just closed down weeks ago (at the time of posting). Surrounding the campus are villages and small neighborhood.  To think that this was Najib's kampung, he certainly know how to be grateful

On the other hand, our current main campus, the Gambang campus holds another five faculties. Computer, Chemical, Technology, Civil and Industrial Tech. Now, this is where all the girls are. We, Pekanese (Pekan students call themselves this), envied guys at Gambang campus cause they have so much of eyegasm there. Not to mention, they have closer distance to the Kuantan, good food and the ease of going back to hometown (the bus stop is basically just opposite of the uni). 

There are just too many pros and cons to be covered here and to be known to you since it will be a redundant information for you anyway (my initial plan was to get you to know my university generally). FYI, Gambang campus has no COWS. 

the hostel
Now let's proceed. There are four residential college (kolej kediaman, KK) in the Gambang campus namely KK1 to KK4. At the time of speaking, there are only one residential college in Pekan campus which is KK5. KK512 (named after the amount of student it can store, what a brilliant way of naming!) was said to be available at Sept 13' and I am suppose to live there. However, due to the Malaysia working style, KK512 is still vacant now and is rumored to be done in August 14'. There are still another hostel available to the Pekan students which is called UMP@City/Bazaar where 8 people shares one room, kinda like National Service. I am currently living there. 

Living here at Bazaar seems to be the best choice I've made so far (however I'm only here for 2 days only). Chinese food, fast food, variety of food, shower's great and its chilly here. I had lived in KK2 (Gambang) before this and I got to say that is the worse as we need to travel in between campus and the journey usually take up to 1 hour. Worse of all, I have to wake up two hours before class! Now I only have to wake up one. Jeng jeng jeng, +++!

sign of appreciation
If you really had the time and patience to go through all that, I really appreciate it. You finally unlocked the "UMP GENERAL KNOWLEDGE" Badge! HAHAHAHAHAHA. To be honest, I really do feel I have only touched the surface about my university (there are other shit things you didn't know, but which university doesnt? UCSI = U C SHIT INSIDE). I hope that I really don't have to repeat again and explain myself. Let the post do the talking! 

Cheerios. Sorry for the lack of photos. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tesla Model S - Table Changer in the Electric Automotive Industry

I believe that this car deserved to be known. I am not saying that it is an unpopular car (at least not in North America). I really believe that this car will turn the table around in the electric automotive industry. 

Ladies and gentlemen, the Tesla Model S. 

Quite a stunning beauty, no? You don't really need to be a car enthusiast to praise a car's beauty, or unless you are a girl who literally cares nothing about a car (other than the fact it rolls and has an automatic gear). 

The Model S first caught my attention when I was.... urhh no I don't remember but it was a "love at first sight". I was amazed, stunned, astonished and dumbfounded (perhaps a little over exaggerated but you get the point). She has an amazing aerodynamic shape which really made her look extremely sleek and quick. She runs by using electric power (which means no emission of dangerous gases, note the absence of the exhaust pipe @ the back?). 

She has a 17" touch screen with internet connectivity which is basically the main control centre for the car. My friend initially thought that I liked the car because of the touch screen, meh!

She has a computer screen as the dashboard too (which shows speedometer, power consumption/regeneration level, media, calls and other stuff). 

where did the engine gone too?!?!

I'm sure by now you should realized that electric cars don't run on the traditional engine that is in your dad's Myvi, simply because they do not need the carburettors, radiators (the one that cools the engine) and what not to run the car. Absence of the parts make up for additional space for the ladies to shop for groceries and clothes. 

This is the base of the Model S, and this is really all that moves the Model S. Note the silver plate, it is actually the battery that powers the Model S. 

Bad news is, it's really only available in the North America, Europe, China and Japan. There are no news that it will be available in Malaysia any time soon and even if there are, handling the charging stations here will be a headache. Oh, did you forgot that electric cars need to be charged as well? Tesla built supercharging stations around the state in NA so that the Model S owners will be able to recharge their battery. It is free for now, not too sure in the future but it runs on solar energy anyway which is super green to our environment.  

Interested? Click here to find out more about the beauty! 

the fact that even the logo is cantik, no wonder their cars are so nice!

If there are chances, I would really like to own her smiliesmiliesmilie