Saturday, April 19, 2014

Big things starts with a small step

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Rome was not built in one day. 

Realise that success is not a tomorrow-due-assignment. 

Success is the end product of continuous small steps.

Success is not measured by wealth, reputation or status. 

Success is achievable by everyone, provided with continuous effort and dedication coupled with perseverance. 

Success requires sacrifices to be made.

Success is not without the presence of risk.

I am by no means a successful person but I am also pursuing the trails of success. Little things matter the most whether it is in relationship or in real life or in chasing success. You can touch a person's heart if you pay much detailed attention to them. Similarly, you are on your way to success if you take note of the little things that will bring you there.

Don't ask what success is because success has no real definition and it varies from one individual to another individual. Only you know what is your own success. You must dare to dream big and take the risk to be successful. Day dreaming plays a role too. 

Although the word success is already a meaningless cliche nowadays, it won't be once you realise what your target is. 

And oh, this reminds me of my MUET Section B essay. 

Only a short entry today. Mind is blank in the morning. 

This post only reflects my own opinion, and in a way to remind myself to do what I wrote in the posts. Shall you have opinion, be it concur to mine or not, do leave a comment. That way we' all learn!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What do we fear most in life?

Do you know what do people fear most in life? It is not as obvious as the fear of disgusting insects or the fear of a poisonous spider. Rather subtle, what most of us fear most. We feel reluctant when we face this fear, which is much different from the usual fear we encounter. Which is also why this fear is unique, a life changer, if you managed to overcome it.

The fear is none other than;

Spot on. Change. 

Human are generally afraid of changes. I can guess why some older generation feel reluctant when you hand them your smartphone, or why do they have the same sort of behavior towards new technology. Same goes to teenagers, why do they always stick with what they do, or why they always stick with the same type of working style. I can only conclude that we are generally afraid of change. 

There is one quote I remember, though probably not the full one but the meaning is there. 

"There is nothing constant in life, the only thing that is constant is change."

Change is constantly there, or in other words, there will always be change. We can try to deny it, we can try to ignore it, or we can learn and embrace it in a positive way. No one really likes changes (I could only think of entrepreneurs when it comes to favour changes). We like to dwell in our own sweet and comfortable way. Most people force change upon them, but it's good if you can take it optimistically. Heck, we can even improve ourselves that way.  

Entrepreneurs often like changes because they have their own perspective of change. They see it as a new way to challenge themselves, a way to gain knowledge and improve themselves. This is a trait that we should really follow, if we want to chase success. A change of environment will train our adaptability. A change of a group of friends allow us to network to different people. A change of appetite would probably result in a very bad diarrhoea, but it's ok, you will know what food to avoid next time you are somewhere in Vietnam (random fact). 

What I am trying to propose here to you is that change is not always bad. It's only that we see it in an inverted way. A little change in perspective would change how you look at the world. Learning is a continuous process, and so does change. It never stops. 

This post only reflects my own opinion, and in a way to remind myself to do what I wrote in the posts. Shall you have opinion, be it concur to mine or not, do leave a comment. That way we' all learn!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Specifi... what?

It's specificity. Thanks Arthur, for pointing it out to Eames and the rest of the readers. FYI, the sleek guy one the right is Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and the casual man on the left is Eames (Tom Hardy). You might recall Eames being Bane in the Batman trilogy... or not. Well, he did covered most of his face anyway. 

Back to the topic.

When we were small, teachers would ask; "What is your ambition? What would you like to do when you are an adult? What are your dreams?". And courageously and unknowingly we would answer; "PILOT! DOCTOR! POLICE! LAWYER!" and so on so forth. It was simple. As simple as ABC.

As we grow older, things start to change. Teaches now, asking the same questions would require us to answer differently. If you reply with the same answer as you did when you were small, you are not being specific. "Which airline of pilot you want to be? What position? What field you want to specialize in?". Questions like this requires us to think deeper and in some way, it is a trick to show how committed are we in pursuing our ambition. If you couldn't answer the questions, obviously you are talking shit about your ambition. And, don't talk shit.

It might be pretty obvious to you, but it wasn't to me till I entered university. Everything requires specificity. You might think it only applies to the engineering disciplinary, but you are wrong. Every profession requires specificity. It defines something with great detail and to show how much of understanding you have towards the same thing. If I were to take an engineering example, we need to define which type of material to use for constructing a beam. If steel, which steel? Low carbon? High carbon? Its percentage? If aluminium, is it alloyed or pure aluminium? If alloyed, what composition of materials inside the alloyed aluminium? 

Get what I'm trying to say?

You can try to be a little more specific in what you say next time. Your friend definitely would appreciate that. Though, please, keep it short and concise. Nobody want to hear what you have to say if you are being too damn specific in a simple conversation. You are making yourself seem to be giving a 6-hours long speech. =|

This post only reflects my own opinion, and in a way to remind myself to do what I wrote in the posts. Shall you have opinion, be it concur to mine or not, do leave a comment. That way we' all learn!