Thursday, May 1, 2014

Staying Alive or?

Before we start, I just want to recommend you to this song 


Do you feel like you are living everyday or merely just staying alive? 

Do you execute your routine work everyday or wander off doing something you've never done in your life?

Coincidentally, the topic I am writing on today similarly depicts The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Check the movie out and watch it if you can. I was introduced to the movie by a friend of mine. 

Some synopsis about the movie (no spoilers),
Walter Mitty was an average guy with a job working for a magazine that nobody would really lay their eyes on. He always day dream (we see in the movie of what he daydreamed every time). Interesting enough, his daydreams were always so dam convincing that even I thought it was real. One day, Walter Mitty had some problem with getting the negative required for the last issue of the magazine cover and he had to find the photographer in order to ask him and to retrieve it. Thing is, the photographer is always mobile and on travel. He looked up and found out the last location of the photographer and set on to travel to find him. En route, he met lots of obstacles and funny moments (daydreams). In the end, he managed to find the negative and he handed it up. What he never knew was the photo of the negative... till he saw it at a store. 

The song "Stay Alive" above is the first credit soundtrack for the movie. I liked it when I first heard it. After watching the movie, it kept me thinking, what if really we did things differently than what we are doing? For me, I will constantly imagine stuff like "what if I did this to just now?" and after that I will be like "Damn, I should have done it!". If we would done things differently, surely it will be a thing worth remembering. 

How about you?