Thursday, December 31, 2015

Wrapping it up

As 2015 is coming to an end, there is a need for me to review what I had done throughout the year that I could still remember in my mind. First off, Redang island was all about fun as I get to travel with many of my uni mates the first time. Snorkeling was amazing too. Definitely a must go again. I also did went to Ipoh the first time in my life (as I could recall). Curry mee there was awesome. Def a must try. I came to know a lot of good people through one of the event I am organising. It's called TRIUMP. Lots of amazing people and I've learned quite a lot so far despite the event being few months away. Now whenever I think about it I have this little fear inside me that it will flop. But again, I did know many good people. So its still a plus for now. Reentering UMP probably weren't the best idea, but the most plausible idea that I had with the ever increasing cost of life. It's decent uni but sometimes shitty management. I suppose each uni has their own problem. The feeling of wanting to grad early and staying for studies gets mixed around pretty badly. I want to get out quickly, but I want to enjoy uni life. I guess thats the dilemma. 4 more semesters to go. I've tried to go through assessment for AIESEC in the beginning of the semester but unfortunately I got turned down due to my personal traits and I think it's pretty true. The interviewer told me I had long term commitment issue. I have always had this 3 minute heat kind of thing where I get all excited about something but after a while later will loses interest at it altogether. It's bad. I guess that's why I don't get a gf, or maybe ik just plain bad. 21st birthday was sucky. I sure hoped better tho. But I appreciate those few that remembers and sent me wishes. Thanks for the cakes as well. Having birthday means you get to talk with your friends who hardly talk with you. It's the time you feel special for a moment because its about you. Truth is its not. Lol. I just miss everyone being together. Really miss u everyone. Why can't we just be like old times? I guess I've really fucked up the group. It's inevitable that it will fall one day. I can see many are already splitting and joining their uni cliques. They are more fun, more close and what not. I guess I'm a little bit jealous they got your attention. Few are like this. Imagining how my future will be is hard. I'm contemplating my engineering life and piloting. I don't have money for flight school and I'm literally half way down the engineering mud hold. I've thought of entrepreneurship and what not but where's the idea? It's all so dark for me.. And I don't want to wind up bring average, earning average income working 9-5 and sleeping on the weekends. No I don't. Overall 2015 has been a bit of a loss for me. But all hope is not lost. 2016 will be better. They should do. We always hoped for the best cause hoping gives us strength. The stars always gives me an amazing feeling. I've always seen that same stars every time I gaze at the skies. Really would like to share the experience with someone. Just stargazing and talk about life and stuff. No boasting, no lies, just life stories. P.S. wrote this all using my phone. Sorry if typo. Happy new year everyone!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Who Are You?

I am nobody. I felt immensely dwarf as I did not contribute anything towards the society. I am nobody. I felt empty inside of me and wonder why I am here, what is the purpose of me here. I am nobody. I could not influence anyone if I am without the identity and position I possesses. I am nobody. I could not find aim in what I do, dwelling in the amount of choices I am presented, only to find that none of it relates well to me. I am nobody. I am unsure of my future, what it holds, what it awaits me and wonder would I regret in the future for what I did and did not. I am nobody. I am among the billions trying to make their way in the world, to survive the cruel world of politics and cynicism. I am nobody. I felt lonely every night before I sleep even when there are so much other things to put thoughts on. I am nobody. I am afraid of being too close to someone and hurt them while I am still finding myself. I am nobody. I hold too much hope for myself. I am nobody. I am imperfect, unskilled, immature and unwise. I am nobody. I expected too much of myself and I am obviously overwhelmed by the task I appoint myself to take on. I am nobody. I am nobody. I am nobody. 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Life after test

Just finished all of my mid semester tests, it was still OK. I wouldn't say I did well in all, but I definitely did my best in all of them. It just seemed to me that it does not really hit me that hard knowing that I will not score high marks in all of them. Don't take me wrongly, I am not saying that I purposely did bad. It's just that it indicates room for improvement and that my understanding is insufficient. Need more to work on. I think it feels better as compared to last time where I would think about it over and over again and became frustrated with the mistakes I made. 

Coming into degree life, grades seem to be a lesser concern as compared to when I was in diploma. I came into light that CGPA does not play a big role in securing a job anymore nor it indicates a high level of wisdom directly. Wisdom is different from intellect. One who is wise is intellect, but one who is intellect may not be wise. They are sort of the same like breathing and respiration. Besides, scoring a high CGPA is kinda easy if you know the ways.

Back to me, since mid semester tests are over all that I will do now is go to classes, finish up the assignments and wait for my mid semester break! I can't wait to get some holiday, though this time going back would make me felt slightly gray. Three of my friends had gone to UK. Things aren't the same anymore. Well.... gotta move on anyway.

Next Tuesday will be our first official meeting with the committee for the national event. I try to make it an unorthodox one, so that everyone could enjoy a little bit of fun with differences. I hope that it will turn up well and everybody can work together in a team. I am still learning on how to manage people now. Lots to learn, my young self. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Exciting times

Negative aside (from last post), I am really exciting about getting this major national event that will be going on next semester. Somehow I was appointed (more like self-elected I guess) to be the program director. It is a lot for me to manage because there is a lot of people who has far more experience and capabilities than me. I have to keep up with everyone and manage properly if I want this program to run smoothly. Many bigshots are involved and I seriously do not want to fuck this up. 

There are six months to go from now and I have not even get approval from the university to get this started. Mid semester tests are scheduling itself to hit me hard, especially Applied Thermodynamics. That will be the most killing subject of all and its next Friday. I really hope that I can cope well with that subject. 

Did I mention that this Sunday I will be having my convocation for my diploma studies? Even more things going on. But at least it will be a fun day to take all the stress off for a while. I have been in stress for a few days now. There will be times where I feel like I have an infinite number of things to do and I need to do it immediately but I do not know where to start. The national program took a huge chunk of my brain and time. I would begin doing all my assignments and home works as soon as possible. Somehow it felt like the scarcer amount of time I have, the more efficient I become. I just wish I didn't miss anything......

Gambatteh kudasai mina-san (including myself)!

What I dislike most

There are a lot of things that I can go along pretty well, but not this. I hate it when people are making me late for something. I like to be punctual. I seriously like to be punctual. I will want to go to certain event 15-30 minutes earlier than what it should be. Especially big events. And classes too, I like to be early if not on time. Punctuality means more to me than anything, and being on schedule! Therefore when someone is somehow dragging me behind I can get really pissed off to the point I will be on the verge of exploding. 

I think there is something that I need to correct. I cannot be submissive all the time, I need to fucking voice it out. Someone is really gonna get hit hard from me if I did that. I'm scared that I will be Hulk and literally destroying friendships all the way. 

Why can't people just be more proactive and punctual? If you wanna be laid back and chill, by all means please do but only do it when it affects yourself and not others. I'm tired of this shit. Seriously tired. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Everybody, Nobody?

Hi it's been a long time since my last post. Laze and procrastination got the better of me. I'm in a new semester now, looking forward to do awesome stuff!

Anyway let's get back to the post.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of people we see everyday. From the moment you woke up, you would have saw your parents and siblings. On your way out to go to school or work, you might have encountered your favourite/annoying neighbour. Reaching school or workplace, you probably bumped into your best friends, good colleagues and acquaintances that you aren't familiar with but would greet anyway. Along the way there are people that passes you by that you do not even know them. Typical morning.

Heading towards lunchtime the clocks starts ticking to everyone's favourite number. You and your colleagues decides where the best to have lunch today, not the café that all of you visit everyday but ends up there anyway. You pitched the idea of having mamak today but was quickly rejected. Clock hits one and everyone packs. It's the café again.

You orders your favourite green tea latte from the barista you always have a hit on, named Amy. She probably has years of experience brewing coffees that you never know of because you are too busy staring at her. Again, you see lots of strangers coming to this café for lunch and not know a single thing about them, aside of them having lunch, obviously.

I'm gonna stop here, but you get the gist of it right? We see a lot of people every single day but we do not really give a damn about them unless we are attracted to them. I'm not sure whether it is normal to be like that or not, but I guess it is since we do that every single day. Hundreds pass by us and we just don't give a damn.

Everyone has a story. That auntie that sells currypuff at the train station? She probably sells food to support her children's education. Not that you care anyway, if all you do was buying currypuff from her. That waiter that served you your breakfast? He probably working part time because he has a sucky mother that does drugs and is in the rehab but gives you the best service there can be anyway. We don't care, we just want best service or complain.

Knowing that everyone has a story, whether its good or bad sometimes can make us feel smaller, in the sense of being humble. I know modesty is not really part of my forte but I'm trying okay? When we know that others are in a more dire situation than ours, we tend to feel sympathetic towards them (if you don't then... are you human?) and consciously try to make them feel better. That is good right? We need more of those in this country/century/era. People making people feeling better! Try by saying thank you the next time you meet that currypuff auntie.

A simple thank you with a look in the eyes and smile means a lot to that person!*

*Let me elaborate a little about this. Whenever we receive changes after paying for a meal, we tend to look at the changes and say thank you instead of looking at the waiter. It's common and I guess this is due to how we are raised up believing in materialism. Next time, when you receive changes look straight up at the person's eyes and smile then say thank you very much! You will receive a priceless reaction, for most of the time. Some waiter aren't accustomed to this treatment and will feel weird or act don't care at all. However I believe if everyone does this, then they would feel more comfortable knowing someone actually appreciated their effort.

Of course this does not limit to only saying thank you. We take a lot of things for granted. We care less for other people because of what we think we are. We think that we are the main character of our story simply because we see everything in our life in a first person view. Try looking at someone's point of view then you will realize that there are actually other human in this world other than yourself. So stop looking at yourself so highly and think you are so special because all of us are.

I want everyone to care for everyone, if that makes sense. I think that is the least we can do in this cynicism society.

My brain can only elaborate so far and hopefully you can get what I mean. I tend to deviate a little from what I think and what I actually wrote, but I think this piece is pretty spot on. Cheers!

This post only reflects my own opinion, and in a way to remind myself to do what I wrote in the posts. Shall you have opinion, be it concur to mine or not, do leave a comment. Let's have a healthy discussion.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Parking apps

Last year I discussed with my friends about this idea that I had in mind. It is a parking apps where you can get real time information about the parking space availability at shopping malls. How many of us drove into the parking lot only to round for fifteen minutes before parking? It is annoying and kind of a nuisance. Especially when you are in a rush. I was thinking something like paying through the apps so upon exit you just have to use your phone to checkout from the parking lot. Pretty easy, you don't even need to queue for the ticket machine.

Image by Vulcanpost

This team ParkEasy had done it. Their apps can find the spot and book it for you directly. Far more superior but requires more hardware to execute. It is a good idea and best of all it's developed by Malaysians! They are currently working on with the challenges and whatnot, but I hope to see it implemented soon! *Do click the link to read the post covered by Vulcanpost*

Actually I have started to do my own apps in January but that is just a minimal one that displays parking rates at certain shopping mall. Far from what I imagined due to my limitation of knowledge. I am not in IT so there is little exposure about apps developing. Somehow I feel that this ParkEasy is gonna be the next big thing because not only that it helps by reducing the time to find carpark, it also reduces the amount of fuel consumption. Imagine going in the parking lot and find your booked slot immediately, that is much efficient that driving around looking for an empty slot!

I am looking forward to seeing this soon, hopefully to be available in KL first (duh!).

Monday, May 25, 2015

Alternative you, same universe

//bathroom thoughts, w/o proofread.

Have you ever thought that you were different when in a different group? Surely you have thought about it and experienced it before. It's not a really weird thing to to act differently in groups that you are not familiar or uncomfortable with. It just occurred to me that when you are acting differently in a certain group (whether you are really uncomfortable or not), is that your fake self or true self? 

You're confused? I am too.

Say you are in a group of friends that you know for a very long time and there is basically nothing that you do not of each and everyone of them. Surely it is clear that one should feel absolutely comfortable with this kind of group. You can talk and do whatever you want to these "besties" and no hard feelings will be felt. Pretty cool.

Put yourself in another group of friends that you have known for maybe few months, just barely know past each other's secondary school education. You might feel some slight of awkwardness and you tend to hold on what you want to say, fearing that you might hurt other's feeling. 

It seems to everyone that we are ourselves when we are with our comfort friends and less ourselves when we are not. However. somehow I feel that in both of these situation we tend to lose a bit of ourselves, even if it means to be with friends you've known all your life. 

Consider this, you are letting go too much when you are comfortable and holding up too much when you aren't. 

How much of us, is really us? Is 90% of the you, you? Do people actually know how to differentiate the you in the comfort group and the you in the other? 

When your comfort friends saw you with your new friends, they might be like "oh how come he is so submissive? That's totally not him!", or when your new friends saw you with your comfort friends, they might be like "oh my god, I didn't know he was like that!". 

You might be thinking, surely, the comfort friends knew you more than the new friends do. Therefore they know the "real" you more than your new friends do. Most of us tend to think like that. We consider time as a quantity to measure how much someone knows us. 

Frankly, time doesn't. 

It usually involves several factors such as love, care, bonds and more. Sometimes there are friends that you knew for a long time but yet you can't fully grasp what they would do. We can't always say that we are us when we are with our comfort friends. It isn't. 

So when are we, we? 

If there is an answer to it, I would say its solitary. Solitude is a great way of expressing yourself. Without the influences of both side of the straw we can really explore the inner self and be ourselves. It is no surprise that some solitude goes a long way in discovering yourself. Before we acknowledge that others know the real us, do we really know the real us? I doubt. Sometimes I can't even figure out what I want (heart vs logic brain). You might be different though, I don't know. I'm no scientist. But one thing for sure, the real you is inside of yourself and only you can fully appreciate yourself. 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Making decisions

//no proofread, read with open mind! 6-8 minutes read

We make decisions everyday, whether you realise it or not. What's for lunch, where to have it at, who to have it with and et cetera. These trivial decisions are often overlooked and doesn't really impact our lives all that much (not that having hamburger for lunch will decide who your fiance is). How about those life-changing decisions that you have to make? Those two choose one decisions? That's ought to give some thought about it.

Making these important decisions sometimes got me scared. What if things gone south and I should have chosen the other option? Which outweighs the other? I should had hoped for a fortune teller. 

(images from

Remember the saying that if you are pondering about something, toss a coin and at that moment when the coin is in the air turning its head and tail around, you'd actually know you wanted? That works most of the time but you seriously can't make a decision that would change your life course with a coin. 

I am not here to offer you a solution but just wanted to share some of my past experience (not that its any remarkable).

This year's Chinese New Year was a notable one. I believe I'd remember it and would talk about it endlessly. My new semester begins early this year, which is on the fifth day of CNY (I get to spend the whole CNY in 2014 before my semester begun). I had to go back on the first day of semester because I need to register for my degree. It requires me to attend personally as I need to hand in all the documents plus settle paperworks and obviously my parents cannot do that for me. I was in between of choosing to stay over at the hostel or go back and enjoy CNY visitation with my dear friends. Needless to say I chose the latter because my subjects weren't arranged yet due to credit exemption issues. *plus slight bias towards my personal amusement*

I followed my dad home and I was excited to finally be able to visit more houses with my friends. Unfortunately it was a Monday when I got back to KL and most of my friends were not free till the weekend. So I thought I'd endured the few days and wait for coming Saturday.

Somehow I wasn't feeling well the night after I got back. Feeling sluggish and slight fever, I thought my body lacked water and was just dehydration. I was wrong. Turns out I contracted dengue fever, for the second time. 

My first time was in 2007, on Malaysia's 50th Independence anniversary. I remember that pretty well, very well in fact. Our school got invited to be part of the celebration of the Independence Day so my class were selected to be part of the marching etc. I was very excited as well cause we can skip the class for a whole month (or more) because we need to practice for it. I thought this might be a good opportunity for me to court girls get to know others and make memories out of it. Unfortunately I got bitten by a bloody mosquito and stayed at hospital for a week. Needless to say I was unable to join the team and spend my unfortunate days in other classes with my other friends. I was deeply saddened. 

Back to the dengue fever this year, I somehow wanted to curse the hell out of whole generation of mosquitoes. I missed the visitation with my friends, spent a week or more at the hospital, missed my classes and even get to stay at the ICU for a day or two, JACKPOT! I regretted my decision of coming back but my friend and families convinced me that I would otherwise spend my hospital days in Pahang and would trouble my parents to come all the way to fetch me back to the hospital in Ampang. It would seem that I was bitten in my uni. 

Got back on the third week of the semester, struggled a while and got back on track afterwards. 

If there's another decision worth mentioning is my decision to admit into UMP, a public institution in Pahang. You might recall the anti-witchcraft or the anti-hysteria kit. Yup, that's my uni. I did not know I enrolled in Hogwarts. 

Back in 2012, I was offered Diploma in Mechanical Engineering at Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP). I remember the date was 7th of May because that is the day of my friends' birthday. Alas, I was disappointed. To be honest I only applied for UPU hoping to be enrolled in one of the most prestigious engineering public university in Malaysia, UTM. Its well known and is one of the oldest higher education institution in Malaysia. I thought that I would never accepted the offer and turned my head to UTP, of which I had already applied and interviewed for. On the day of the interview I did not perform, I was nervous. That caused me to be turned down by UTP in the end. 

I could have chosen to be like others; taking foundation or A levels (STPM is not my thing at all) and proceed to any other private institutions. But I wanted to save money for my parents. A degree in public institutions generally cost around 10k or less. I remember HELP university offers degree in mechanical engineering for 60k+- with certificate from University of Hertfordshire*. I was seriously considering that. Seeing the fees and weighted my options, I chose the path that I did not know what I was into. I enrolled into UMP on 16th of June with a high school mate of mine. 

It has almost been three years now and I am ending my first semester of my degree here soon. Finished my diploma and waiting for the convocation in October. I'd say I wouldn't regret coming here because I get to know some excellent mates albeit annoying ones and also some of the most knowledgeable lecturers I ever seen. I do believe that this decision is much more fruitful and has a better ending than the dengue case. 

There's a downside to everything but if we managed to see it through we'll be alright. 

This reminds me of a story from a book. 
A young man was living in the valley for a long time and always longed to go to the peak. One day he courageously took the first step and embarked towards the peak. Through hardships he finally reached the peak but it was night already. He was disappointed and said "Missed it!", only to hear a voice nearby saying "Missed what?". He saw an old man and said he missed the sunset view from the peak that he was anticipating. That old man laughed and asked him to look at the skies. He was in awe. It was full of stars.

Those that felt familiarity, this is a part from the book 'Peaks and Valleys'. Got it as my birthday present from a very dear friend of mine. 

This post has been a long one and thank you for staying till the end, hope you enjoyed it!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


//no proofread, grammar mistake prone, read with bliss. 

I start to acknowledge that I have some kind of condition that had plagued me for a while. I'm not sure when this condition started but it surely did bothered me during my university life. I don't exactly have the whole idea of what caused it but my best bet would be anxiety. 

I have this condition where I know that I am capable of doing something but when it comes to really doing it I sort of lost the touch and flunked it. When I told my friend about it she was like "you don't seem like the one who would flunk". More or less that's what she said. 

I am particularly good in my studies, not the best, but just good. Not trying to brag but I would attribute that to my past efforts and teachers. I like to keep a very high concentration in class and participate if possible. I like asking questions sometimes just to feed the clueless worm inside of me. However when it comes to assessment, I can't seem to get my souls in place. At least for some of the subjects.

There is an 'afraid' inside of me. An 'afraid' that essentially causes cracks and dents on my foundation. "I'm afraid that I can't answer the question.", "I'm afraid that I can't remember the facts", etc etc etc. I believe most of us experienced before the fear in the examination hall where you just go blank and your heart starts to fall apart. I guess I could relate that with anxiety, the anxiety that I would fail and not be able to score. 

When our life are controlled by test marks, bands, GPAs and CGPAs, we let them control our mind on how we look at things. What is the purpose of higher education? Heck, what is the purpose of education at all? You can Google that and I can surely say it does not talk about marks at all. 

In the current world, the best of the best wins. Whether its the high-paying job you've always wanted or the perfect company to work in, they always want the best, so as you. But how to be the best of the best? Apparently one of the winning criteria is having a high CGPA. That is why people would cheat and beat to get them. 

I have let myself to dwell in that concept and constantly tries to strain myself to be the student that has high CGPA. I guess that's the pressure that I sustained throughout the years and finally caught up with my condition. Idk, I'm no doctor or psychiatrist. 

Students like us are expected to learn about difficult subjects in just 14 weeks (belum minus holiday lagi) and goes through assessments by assessments before waking up to the final examination at the end of the semester. I'm not trying to overthrow the education system but let's face it, most of the time we do not even remember what we learnt on previous semesters (unless we need it in the current semester!). 

Maybe that, coupled with peer pressure and personal pressure that I had developed such condition. Maybe I need to be more lenient with myself. Maybe I need to start working hard but steadily. Maybe I need to look at my purpose of study again. Maybe I need to start sorting my priorities. I guess its good to do a checklist of yourself on yourself from time to time, just to make sure you are on track... for whatever road you are on. 

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Wishing is a Dilemma Process

Wishing is a Dilemma Process (4 minutes read)

Images credit from

Cakes with lighted candles in front of you, songs being sang, lights and fans off, standing in front of your friends. This situation seems familiar to you? You must have guessed it correct, yes, what I described earlier is a scene of a birthday celebration. Your birthday celebration.

About a month ago three months ago, I celebrated my birthday together with my friends at Padi House Sri Petaling. As usual, we had lighted candles on the cakes and birthday song sang by everyone. It is traditional to make wishes before you blow the candle so I made one. I was finding what to wish, only to decide that I wish to be able to pass the cadet programme this year (now that I've said it out, will it not come true?). I figure that that was the thing I want the most at the moment (besides all the superficial and vain stuff). After a while, I gave some thought on the ‘wishing’ process. What are wishes? Why do people wish?

People wish for something that is not possible to attain at the moment or something that is impossible to attain at all. That is why people wish. We wish for things that are out of our reach, out of our grasp because it is unlikely for us to have it. I wish to become a millionaire. I wish for a successful career. I wish to be respected. I wish to have a Victoria’s Secret model as my girlfriend. The fact that it is unlikely for us to achieve at the moment that we had to wish for it, only to hope that it will magically happen.

I wish to become a millionaire but I never save my money. I wish for a successful career but I never bother to improve myself. I wish to be respected but I go around and mock everyone. I wish to have a Victoria’s Secret model as my girlfriend but I do not go outside and approach people because I am scared. Things like this made me have to wish for something so that it will be presented to me by someone (maybe God?) like raindrops falling from the sky.

No, it will not happen. Wishing for something and yet you do not work for it equals to zero progress. It is a relatively simple equation. Action = Progress. You want something? Work for it. You want to be a millionaire? Start reading business and finance books, work your way up. You want to have a successful career? Build networks. You want to be respected? Volunteer for the society. You want to have a Victoria’s Secret model as your girlfriend? Be outspoken, courageous and ask her out. (FYI, I’m just making an example)

What I am trying to say is that one should not just wish for something and not do anything to make the wish happen. There is no such thing as being successful someone without working for it. It takes real hard work and perseverance to achieve something. Wishing for something to happen is real shithole. It makes us complacent, lazy and stupid. It makes us feel that we deserved it and when we do not; we whine and complain to the person around us, spreading the negativity.

The next time you are required to make a wish, don’t make one. Rather, build a goal for yourself. Make it achievable; and most important of all, work hard for it! Cause the moment you achieved something you wish for, it is the best feeling in the world.

Now, don’t you agree that wishing is a dilemma process? Should you wish or should you not?

Monday, January 19, 2015

Guide to Apply for UPU

To all my friends who just finished their SPM, do note that the application to public university (like UM, UPM, UTM, UPNM) is starting from 19 January to 6 April 2015. You can apply for asasi (foundation programme) and diploma at respective public university. Then, you can proceed to get your degree at the same public university (easier to enter once you are their student). Contrary to popular belief, you do NOT need STPM to enter public university. This will save your parents lots of $$$$ because public university fees is cheap. You can get an engineering degree for less than RM10k (UTAR also almost RM50k). Cheap as hell. So how do you apply?



Buy the "Nombor Unik ID" at Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) near you. The bank's logo looks something like this. 

Tell them you want to buy pin for UPU, the staff will automatically understand what you want and will give you a slip. Fill in your name, IC number and stuff. Pay RM15.60 to the staff and they will print something on the form. REMEMBER TO CHECK YOUR IC NUMBER IF ITS THE SAME. WRONG IC NUMBER WILL MAKE YOU UNABLE TO REGISTER AT THE UPU WEBSITE AND YOU NEED TO BUY THE PIN AGAIN! The slip when printed is something like this. 

Then, thank the staff and go home. 


Head on to and you will see a screen like this.

Click "Klik Sini Untuk Mohon". Obviously, duh.

Click on the greyed bar for Jenis Permohonan.

Select "Kemasukan ke IPTA". IPTA means Institusi Pengajian Tinggi Awam or AKA public universities, local uni, government uni. 

Select "Lepasan SPM/Setaraf" (for those just finished SPM).
Lepasan STPM/Setaraf is for those just finished STPM, Matrik or Diploma.

So SPM/Setaraf is Kategori A. Read others if you didn't take SPM in 2014.
Click "Permohonan" under the "Sistem" tab on the left. Something like this will come up.

Fil in all the details and the "No. Unik ID" is the number you got from BSN slip. Click Seterusnya.

The page will bring you to another page that will need you to fill in all the details. Unfortunately I cannot go beyond this point because I do not have No. Unik ID at the moment (I'm gonna apply for STPM/setaraf soon). Fill in all the details at the remaining pages and remember, DO NOT SAHKAN AND HANTAR YOUR APPLICATION. ALSO REMEMBER, YOU CAN ONLY MAKE THREE TRIALS OF KEMASKINI (means you only can update the details three times) SO MAKE IT COUNT. Fill up as much as you can. 

Next, you will end up at a page where you need to select eight institutes and choose your course. You may need to take note of these words and stuff.

1) Asasi means foundation.
2) Do NOT choose UiTM and UIAM if you are non-Muslim. You can never enter these two university unless you took Bahasa Arab, which I doubt you did. 
3) Be mentally and financially ready to enter any of the eight choices of university and choice you made. If you chose UNIMAS (Sarawak), you must bear in mind you may be offered your course there and air tickets will be a problem. So choose properly. 
4) You must choose at least four university of your preferred course. Remaining four (total eight) is optional. 
5) Take note of this photo.

(original link:

6) Read the words inside the red box carefully. Kepujian means Credit (grade C). 
7) If you are not Malay or orang asli, you are BUKAN BUMIPUTERA. Vice versa.
8) "SEMUA PROGRAM DI UITM, PROGRAM ASASI DI UIAM, PROGRAM ASASI SAINS DAN PROGRAM ASASI ALAM BINA DI UM, PROGRAM ASASI DI UNIMAS, PROGRAM ASASI DI UMS TERBUKA KEPADA BUMIPUTERA SAHAJA". It means, all UiTM courses, foundation courses in UIAM, foundation in science and alam bina foundation courses in UM, foundation courses in UNIMAS and UMS only opens to Bumiputera! If you are not bumiputera, don't bother apply. Confirm won't get.
9) Other than that, yes, you can apply.

Other things that you need to know:

1) How do I know how many public university are there?
There are twenty. 

2) How do I know more about each of them?
Pick the IPTA (university) that you want to know about.

3) How do I know what courses they offer?
Select IPTA, category and aliran (science or art stream).

4) How do I know the course's requirement?
Select IPTA, category, aliran and the faculty. 

4) I have more questions to ask...
Read UPU's Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) 

or call their hotline (03) 8870 6767, (03) 8870 6777
or email them
My best advice is to call them up whenever you face doubts or problem. 

5) ... but I do not know how to talk over the phone..
Email me or if you have my fb, message me. 

6) Usually when will the results announced one ah?
When I applied back in 2012, it was May 7. So I would say around May cause the class will commenced in late May/June. 

This is as far as I can remember and the info I can get from the website. If there is anything that I wrote wrong, gave the wrong info please do correct me by emailing or message me. Some of the info I wrote based on the info I got in 2012 when I first applied for my Diploma course. Anyhow, don't worry, you have three months to do all these but that does not mean you should procrastinate! Do it slowly and steadily. Ask questions if you don't know or unsure! This is your future we are talking about.

By the way, I think USM has their own special intake so its not possible to apply through UPU. Go to USM's website to find out more. 

I will update this post from time to time, should I find more info to share or information that is wrong. 

I wish you all the best and good luck!