Monday, January 19, 2015

Guide to Apply for UPU

To all my friends who just finished their SPM, do note that the application to public university (like UM, UPM, UTM, UPNM) is starting from 19 January to 6 April 2015. You can apply for asasi (foundation programme) and diploma at respective public university. Then, you can proceed to get your degree at the same public university (easier to enter once you are their student). Contrary to popular belief, you do NOT need STPM to enter public university. This will save your parents lots of $$$$ because public university fees is cheap. You can get an engineering degree for less than RM10k (UTAR also almost RM50k). Cheap as hell. So how do you apply?



Buy the "Nombor Unik ID" at Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) near you. The bank's logo looks something like this. 

Tell them you want to buy pin for UPU, the staff will automatically understand what you want and will give you a slip. Fill in your name, IC number and stuff. Pay RM15.60 to the staff and they will print something on the form. REMEMBER TO CHECK YOUR IC NUMBER IF ITS THE SAME. WRONG IC NUMBER WILL MAKE YOU UNABLE TO REGISTER AT THE UPU WEBSITE AND YOU NEED TO BUY THE PIN AGAIN! The slip when printed is something like this. 

Then, thank the staff and go home. 


Head on to and you will see a screen like this.

Click "Klik Sini Untuk Mohon". Obviously, duh.

Click on the greyed bar for Jenis Permohonan.

Select "Kemasukan ke IPTA". IPTA means Institusi Pengajian Tinggi Awam or AKA public universities, local uni, government uni. 

Select "Lepasan SPM/Setaraf" (for those just finished SPM).
Lepasan STPM/Setaraf is for those just finished STPM, Matrik or Diploma.

So SPM/Setaraf is Kategori A. Read others if you didn't take SPM in 2014.
Click "Permohonan" under the "Sistem" tab on the left. Something like this will come up.

Fil in all the details and the "No. Unik ID" is the number you got from BSN slip. Click Seterusnya.

The page will bring you to another page that will need you to fill in all the details. Unfortunately I cannot go beyond this point because I do not have No. Unik ID at the moment (I'm gonna apply for STPM/setaraf soon). Fill in all the details at the remaining pages and remember, DO NOT SAHKAN AND HANTAR YOUR APPLICATION. ALSO REMEMBER, YOU CAN ONLY MAKE THREE TRIALS OF KEMASKINI (means you only can update the details three times) SO MAKE IT COUNT. Fill up as much as you can. 

Next, you will end up at a page where you need to select eight institutes and choose your course. You may need to take note of these words and stuff.

1) Asasi means foundation.
2) Do NOT choose UiTM and UIAM if you are non-Muslim. You can never enter these two university unless you took Bahasa Arab, which I doubt you did. 
3) Be mentally and financially ready to enter any of the eight choices of university and choice you made. If you chose UNIMAS (Sarawak), you must bear in mind you may be offered your course there and air tickets will be a problem. So choose properly. 
4) You must choose at least four university of your preferred course. Remaining four (total eight) is optional. 
5) Take note of this photo.

(original link:

6) Read the words inside the red box carefully. Kepujian means Credit (grade C). 
7) If you are not Malay or orang asli, you are BUKAN BUMIPUTERA. Vice versa.
8) "SEMUA PROGRAM DI UITM, PROGRAM ASASI DI UIAM, PROGRAM ASASI SAINS DAN PROGRAM ASASI ALAM BINA DI UM, PROGRAM ASASI DI UNIMAS, PROGRAM ASASI DI UMS TERBUKA KEPADA BUMIPUTERA SAHAJA". It means, all UiTM courses, foundation courses in UIAM, foundation in science and alam bina foundation courses in UM, foundation courses in UNIMAS and UMS only opens to Bumiputera! If you are not bumiputera, don't bother apply. Confirm won't get.
9) Other than that, yes, you can apply.

Other things that you need to know:

1) How do I know how many public university are there?
There are twenty. 

2) How do I know more about each of them?
Pick the IPTA (university) that you want to know about.

3) How do I know what courses they offer?
Select IPTA, category and aliran (science or art stream).

4) How do I know the course's requirement?
Select IPTA, category, aliran and the faculty. 

4) I have more questions to ask...
Read UPU's Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) 

or call their hotline (03) 8870 6767, (03) 8870 6777
or email them
My best advice is to call them up whenever you face doubts or problem. 

5) ... but I do not know how to talk over the phone..
Email me or if you have my fb, message me. 

6) Usually when will the results announced one ah?
When I applied back in 2012, it was May 7. So I would say around May cause the class will commenced in late May/June. 

This is as far as I can remember and the info I can get from the website. If there is anything that I wrote wrong, gave the wrong info please do correct me by emailing or message me. Some of the info I wrote based on the info I got in 2012 when I first applied for my Diploma course. Anyhow, don't worry, you have three months to do all these but that does not mean you should procrastinate! Do it slowly and steadily. Ask questions if you don't know or unsure! This is your future we are talking about.

By the way, I think USM has their own special intake so its not possible to apply through UPU. Go to USM's website to find out more. 

I will update this post from time to time, should I find more info to share or information that is wrong. 

I wish you all the best and good luck!