Thursday, October 29, 2015

Life after test

Just finished all of my mid semester tests, it was still OK. I wouldn't say I did well in all, but I definitely did my best in all of them. It just seemed to me that it does not really hit me that hard knowing that I will not score high marks in all of them. Don't take me wrongly, I am not saying that I purposely did bad. It's just that it indicates room for improvement and that my understanding is insufficient. Need more to work on. I think it feels better as compared to last time where I would think about it over and over again and became frustrated with the mistakes I made. 

Coming into degree life, grades seem to be a lesser concern as compared to when I was in diploma. I came into light that CGPA does not play a big role in securing a job anymore nor it indicates a high level of wisdom directly. Wisdom is different from intellect. One who is wise is intellect, but one who is intellect may not be wise. They are sort of the same like breathing and respiration. Besides, scoring a high CGPA is kinda easy if you know the ways.

Back to me, since mid semester tests are over all that I will do now is go to classes, finish up the assignments and wait for my mid semester break! I can't wait to get some holiday, though this time going back would make me felt slightly gray. Three of my friends had gone to UK. Things aren't the same anymore. Well.... gotta move on anyway.

Next Tuesday will be our first official meeting with the committee for the national event. I try to make it an unorthodox one, so that everyone could enjoy a little bit of fun with differences. I hope that it will turn up well and everybody can work together in a team. I am still learning on how to manage people now. Lots to learn, my young self. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Exciting times

Negative aside (from last post), I am really exciting about getting this major national event that will be going on next semester. Somehow I was appointed (more like self-elected I guess) to be the program director. It is a lot for me to manage because there is a lot of people who has far more experience and capabilities than me. I have to keep up with everyone and manage properly if I want this program to run smoothly. Many bigshots are involved and I seriously do not want to fuck this up. 

There are six months to go from now and I have not even get approval from the university to get this started. Mid semester tests are scheduling itself to hit me hard, especially Applied Thermodynamics. That will be the most killing subject of all and its next Friday. I really hope that I can cope well with that subject. 

Did I mention that this Sunday I will be having my convocation for my diploma studies? Even more things going on. But at least it will be a fun day to take all the stress off for a while. I have been in stress for a few days now. There will be times where I feel like I have an infinite number of things to do and I need to do it immediately but I do not know where to start. The national program took a huge chunk of my brain and time. I would begin doing all my assignments and home works as soon as possible. Somehow it felt like the scarcer amount of time I have, the more efficient I become. I just wish I didn't miss anything......

Gambatteh kudasai mina-san (including myself)!

What I dislike most

There are a lot of things that I can go along pretty well, but not this. I hate it when people are making me late for something. I like to be punctual. I seriously like to be punctual. I will want to go to certain event 15-30 minutes earlier than what it should be. Especially big events. And classes too, I like to be early if not on time. Punctuality means more to me than anything, and being on schedule! Therefore when someone is somehow dragging me behind I can get really pissed off to the point I will be on the verge of exploding. 

I think there is something that I need to correct. I cannot be submissive all the time, I need to fucking voice it out. Someone is really gonna get hit hard from me if I did that. I'm scared that I will be Hulk and literally destroying friendships all the way. 

Why can't people just be more proactive and punctual? If you wanna be laid back and chill, by all means please do but only do it when it affects yourself and not others. I'm tired of this shit. Seriously tired.